dante spiral - Carron Phoenix

dante spiral - Carron Phoenix
To maintain the appearance of this tap, ensure that it is regularly cleaned only
using a clean, soft damp cloth. A solution of warm water and a mild liquid
detergent may be used where necessary, and then the fitting rinsed thoroughly
and wiped dry. Abrasive cleaners, scouring cleaners and acid cleaners must not
be used under any circumstances. All bath cleaning powders and liquids will
damage the surface of your fitting even the non-scratch cleaners.
Avoid contact with all solvents and any harsh household chemicals. You will
damage the plated finish and void your guarantee.
In the unlikely event that you should experience any defect in the material or workmanship
of your mixer tap within 5 years of purchase, we will replace the faulty part free of charge.
Decorative surface finishes and valves are guaranteed for one year from the date of
purchase provided that our advise concerning care has been observed and no scouring
agents have been used. This is provided that the mixer or tap has been used for normal
domestic purposes in the UK and that the care, installation and maintenance instructions
have been observed.
Scuff and scratches caused by normal wear and tear, improper installation or accidental
damage are excluded from this guarantee.
You should retain a copy of your dated invoice as proof of purchase to validate any claims
under this guarantee.
No other warranties, express or implied, are made, including merchantability or fitness for a
particular purpose.
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[email protected]carron.com
Fitting Instructions
& Contents List
Please keep these instructions for future reference and request of replacement
O-ring kit
1427R+H (Hot)
/ C (Cold)
Fixing Kit
Please read these instructions before you install and use the tap. All
designs, descriptions and dimensions are subject to change without notice.
Flush the plumbing system before installing the mixer tap. This is to avoid
plumbing residues clogging the mesh of the aerated outlet, or possibly
damaging the valve’s washers. This is especially important where extensive
plumbing work has been carried out.
First shut off your water heating system then, with your mains stop cock closed,
open the lowest hot and cold taps in the house and allow to run until the cold
storage tank and pipes are empty. (The hot water storage cylinder always
remains full).
Tail pipes
Valve cover
In the unlikely event you find a part missing please contact our Customer Service Help line
on 01324-638321 for immediate dispatch of part.
First screw the threaded stud into the mixer body. Screw the flexi-tails
into the mixer body, and fully hand tighten.
Slide the plinth over the tails on the base of the tap. Pass the rubber
washer over the flexi-tails and threaded stud to form a seal on sink top
with the tap plinth.
Pass the flexi-tails and fixing stud through the sink top from above, and
place the mixer in position on the sink with the cold (normally) on the
right hand side.
Slide the retaining plate up the flexi-tails (ensuring that the raised side
is positioned downwards with the ‘O’ ring in place) and to secure, screw
the fixing nut finger tight. The ‘O’ ring will then fit between the plate and
the sink. Check that the mixer body is correctly positioned and fully
tighten fixing nut.
For safety, a non return valves is supplied with the flexible
connections. Therefore, this mixer is designed to conform to all UK
regulations .
The use of capillary fittings could invalidate your warranty.
Hot water should be connected to the left when viewed from the front.
Having first checked all new connections, turn on the mains stop cock,
close all taps except the new mixer and as the system starts to refill
check for leaks.
If the fitting begins to drip:
1) Turn off the water supply
2) Loosen grub screw under handle lever, remove handle and valve
3) Carefully clean seating, rubber washer and ceramic disc.
4) Replace valve and handle, then turn on the water supply.
5) If problem persist contact our help line quoting the product code.
Where an aerator is fitted to the outlet of the spout, it will need occasional cleaning.
This will be evident when the water flow slows down to an unacceptable level. To
accomplish this unscrew the outlet in an anti-clockwise direction and remove the
mesh. Immerse the mesh in a suitable descaling fluid overnight, rinse thoroughly in
clean water and re-install.
Maximum water supply pressure:
Maximum hot-water supply temperature:
Recommended hot-water supply temperature:
75 PSI (5 bar)
70 °C
65 °C
If these temperatures or water pressure are exceeded damage to the tap can
result. A pressure reducing valve may be required to be fitted in high water
pressure situations.
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