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Remove & replace Samsung S860 Lens
Remove & replace Samsung S860 Lens
Author: Lars Hedbor
Tools used in this guide
Metal Tweezers (1)
Phillips #00 Screwdriver (1)
Parts relevant to this guide
Replacement lens assembly (1)
You will be essentially stripping this camera down to its components in this guide, but you'll be saving yourself the
expense of a new camera.
Step 1 — Logic Board
Remove all screws along the edges of the camera,
using a #00 Phillips screwdriver.
The screws should be 4.3 mm in length.
Save them for putting the camera back together.
Step 2
Turn the bottom edge of the camera towards you.
Slide open the battery chamber.
This must be done to remove the exterior covers of
the camera.
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Remove & replace Samsung S860 Lens
Step 3
Carefully pull the back of the camera (the LCD
screen side) away from the front.
There are clips securing the top of the back case. Do
not be afraid to use the proper amount of force to
remove the back case.
Turn the camera to the front (the flash side).
Carefully remove.
There are clips on this side as well. Again, do not be
afraid to use force.
Step 4
Orient the camera so the LCD screen is facing you.
Remove any tape holding it down, and then lift the
LCD screen from the screen plate.
Lift the hinged lip where the ribbon enters the
connector. Remove the ribbon from the logic board
by pulling it gently away from the logic board.
Step 5
Remove all screws from the screen plate, using a
#00 Philips screwdriver.
The screws should be 4.5 mm in length.
Separate the screen plate and logic board.
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Remove & replace Samsung S860 Lens
Step 6
There is another ribbon attached to the logic board. It
is located on the upper left edge of the logic board.
Similar to the other ribbon, remove by gently pulling
in the opposite direction of the logic board. The
"ears" on the cable can be used to help pull it free.
Step 7
Using a #00 Philips screwdriver, unscrew the screws
connecting the logic board to the camera.
You should be removing three 3.32 mm long screws.
Separate the logic board and the core of the camera.
Step 8
To separate the logic board from the camera,
carefully pull the logic board away from the camera.
Be careful not to damage the battery compartment.
The battery leads are attached to the logic board, so
be gentle.
The USB connector is going to want to hang up on
the housing, but once you have that free, the battery
leads will slide out relatively easily.
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Remove & replace Samsung S860 Lens
Step 9 — Lens
Remove the last screw holding the lens assembly in
To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.
This document was last generated on Feb 23, 2012.
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