VACUU•VIEW™ Vacuum Gauges

VACUU•VIEW™ Vacuum Gauges
The VACUU·VIEW™ line of chemical resistant gauges covers the
illuminated display in a compact housing that make them easy to use.
The VACUU·VIEW gauge features a capacitive sensor and a
measuring range from atmospheric pressure down to 0.1 torr,
making it an ideal option for work in the rough vacuum range.
The VACUU·VIEW extended™ model combines a ceramic
diaphragm sensor with a ceramic-jacketed Pirani sensor to expand
the measurement range from atmospheric pressure down to
0.001 torr. The VACUU·VIEW extended™ gauge is an outstanding
solution for work below 1 torr with aggressive chemicals, or in cases
where vacuum needs to be measured over a wide range. Example
watching over Schlenk lines, and monitoring industrial processes.
VACUU·VIEW extended
Measuring Range
0.1—825 torr
(0.1—1100 mbar)
0.001—825 torr
(0.001—1100 mbar)
Ceramic diaphragm, gas independent capacitive
sensor, Absolute pressure
Ceramic diaphragm sensor and ceramicjacketed Pirani sensor; Absolute
±1 torr/mbar, ±1 digit
0.01 torr—7.5 torr: ±15% of reading
>7.5 torr: ±4 torr (±3 mbar), ±1 digit
<0.05 torr/K
<0.15 torr/K
Temp. Range
10-40°C Operating Range
-10-60°C Storage Range
10-40°C Operating Range
-10-60°C Storage Range
Max. Media Temp.
40°C for continuous operation
40°C for continuous operation
Fluidic Connection
DN 6/10 hose barb
included DN 6/10 hose barb
2” L x 2.44” W x 4.06” H
2” L x 2.44” W x 4.06” H
Technical data subject to change. Refer to
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01525 382277
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