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univerge® sv8100 - G-Force Communications
The ultimate in unified communications
3 Introduction
4 System overview
5 Communication Servers
6 Handsets
10 Mobility - IP DECT, Mobile Extension & WiFi
12 Call Management
14 Other applications
15 Communications platform
at a glance
UNIVERGE® SV8100 Introduction
Why choose UNIVERGE SV8100?
Why choose NEC?
• A leading global enterprise telephony
solution provider
The SV8100 is a unique communication
solution for up to 512 extensions.
Its expandability means it can work at
any level, from a technically superb
phone system, to a truly advanced
unified communications platform.
Business performance is improved significantly by making an
entire workforce more reachable wherever they are based.
Part of the UNIVERGE 360 portfolio, the SV8100 creates
‘360-degree communication’ encompassing fixed, mobile and
converged communication such as e-mail, presence
and instant messaging.
Executives have real-time access to a full circle view of
their business; managers easily communicate with team
members and supervisors; sales people have immediate
access to the data and resources they need to do their
jobs anywhere they are.
• Empowering our customers through over
100 years of experience in IT and Networking
• Spanning the full spectrum of ICT products
and solutions
In short, it makes Unified Communication a reality.
• Invests over £2 billion in research and
development every year
Key features:
• Employs more than 150,000 people worldwide
• Embedded applications including ACD and
Mobile Extensions
• Japan’s largest supplier of telephony solutions
to the SME sector
• Unique interchangeable handset design
• Unique Netlink survivability between branches
• The only global company in the world’s
top 5 in both computers and communications
• Unique Bluetooth handset
• Environmentally friendly company policy
• Modular architecture for economical scaleability
• Unsurpassed UK technical support & logistics
• VoIP and traditional voice support
• A reliable, stable partner
• Aggressively priced
UNIVERGE® SV8100 System Overview
Powerful and versatile
The SV8100 is the ideal communication solution for almost any workplace
The Small Office - Aggressively priced compared to
other smaller systems, but with enormous scaleability as
a business grows.
The SMB - The SV8100 offers productivity and efficiency
tools that are usually associated with more expensive, larger
corporate systems.
The Call Centre - Powerful call management software
ensures customer service levels, and your workforce,
are optimised at all times.
The Mobile Worker - The built-in Mobile Extension feature
enables a user to be contactable on their office extension
number on their mobile phone from wherever they are.
Also, on-site mobile workers can benefit from the IP DECT
range, including new cutting edge security features.
Hotels & Hospitality - A range of specific features that will
enhance a guests’ hospitality experience, while at the same
time optimise staff efficiency and encourage add-on sales.
The Branch Office - These can benefit from highly cost
effective unique Netlink feature – allowing multiple systems
to operate as one. Netlink also offers multiple business
continuity options.
Healthcare Environments - Provides true reliability
where it matters most. Includes many bespoke time-saving
features including nurse call and text messaging to the
handset, enabling health professionals to spend more
time with their patients. Security features include Man-down
and location detection.
The Homeworker - The latest VoIP technology ensures
costs are minimised, and access to system features
are maximised.
Specialised Professions - Legal and finance professions
benefit from features such as call recording which is
effortless, easily accessed and completely secure.
UNIVERGE® SV8100 Communication servers
SV8100 Communication Servers
Robust, feature-rich servers for both VoIP and traditional voice communications
At a glance
• Offered in both 6 slot, 19-inch stackable
chassis & 9.5-inch 3 slot chassis configurations
• 512 IP stations
• Up to 512 TDM stations (19” version)
Business today demands efficient, seamless
communication that facilitates rapid decision-making
and customer responsiveness. UNIVERGE®360 is
NEC’s approach to help businesses succeed at this
accelerated level.
The UNIVERGE® SV8100 Communications Server is a key
component of this foundation and is the ideal system for
businesses that wish to compete and grow. This robust,
feature-rich solution is completely scalable and can be
expanded to meet your communications needs both
now and in the future.
VoIP and traditional voice support - Deploy a pure
IP solution or any combination of IP and traditional
circuit-switched technology with a single SV8100 system.
Application integration - embedded - Applications are
easily accessed through simple license activation.
• Up to 32 TDM stations (9.5” version)
• 200 trunks
• Embedded applications including
voicemail, Automated Call
Distribution (ACD) &
Mobile Extension
Stackable architecture - The SV8100’s rack stackable
chassis supports server functions, media gateways and media
converters through a single unit.
server 19-inch 6 slot
server 9.5-inch 3 slot
UNIVERGE® SV8100 Handsets
Unique business handsets with an interchangeable design
SV8100 handsets are like no other. Their modular
construction means you can chop and change the
design for exact business requirements. They can
then be upgraded at a later stage without having to
replace them - a great investment protection.
Bluetooth Handset
Option - up to 50
metres wireless
Add-on 8 line keys or
60 DSS key module ideal for receptions
& call centres
Feature-wise, time saving features such as company
directories, call history and speed dials are instantly
accessible. Not only does this improve productivity,
it increases customer service levels too.
Top end features on the IP phones include colour touch
screens and an ‘Open XML interface’ which provides the
capability of integration with Microsoft® Outlook databases
and other applications.
5 good reasons to choose SV8100 handsets
• Modular construction - the interchangeable design
provides easy and cost-effective upgrades, helping to
future-proof a businesses investment
• Customisable design - choose from a range of
add-on line key modules, faceplates, LCDs, keypads
and even printable side panels
• Customisable function keys - can be adapted to the
exact individual requirements of a business
• User-friendly interface - little or no staff
training required
• Unique Bluetooth handset option - provides
wireless freedom from a desk, also links with
Bluetooth headsets & other Bluetooth devices
Choice of function
keys - 12, 24 or
‘Desiless’ LCD
Choice of
Choice of side panel
colours with option of
logo printing
UNIVERGE® SV8100 Handsets
Handset function guide
Alphanumeric display
• Backlit
• Time & date
• Extension name & number
• Incoming call info
(name & number)
• Interchangeable to Bluetooth option
• Built-in headset port
One touch keys
Access to system features including:
• Extension dialling
• Lines / call park
• Voicemail box
• Call recording
Speaker phone
7 different LCD colours
XML Open Interface
• Capable of integration into
standard & bespoke applications
eg. Microsoft® Outlook
Soft keys
Access to system features including:
• Directories
• Voicemail
• Message waiting
• Call back
• Conference
Mute Key
Menu key
• Call history - redial / missed calls
• Directories
• Settings: Ring volume, back light, headset
Adjustable stand
Navigation wheel
UNIVERGE® SV8100 Handsets
SV8100 Digital & IP Handsets
Advanced business phones
- easy access to system features
DT310 Digital Handset
Cost effective, entry-level
• Available in 2 key non display or 6 key display
• Economical entry level phone
• Hands-free
• Easy to use soft keys / LCD prompts on display model
• Directory dial key 1000 system, 1000 group,
• 10 personal, 600 phone book
• Conference key
• Wall mountable
DT710 IP Handset - features as DT310 plus:
• Message waiting indicator
• Low cost IP phone (ideal for office or home workers)
• VoIP encryption
DT330 Digital Handset
Advanced business features
• Available in 12, 24 or 32 programmable keys
• Backlit keypad
• Hands-free / speaker phone
• Headset compatible
• Easy to use soft keys / LCD Prompts
• Directory dial: 1000 system, 1000 group,
• 10 personal, 600 phone book
• Navigation wheel
• Call history
• Wall mountable
DT730 IP Handset - features as DT330 plus:
• Backlit LCD
• Security lock key
• XML Open Interface - Capable of integration into standard
& bespoke applications eg. Microsoft® Outlook and more
• VoIP encryption
DT330 LCD Digital Handset
With enhanced LCD function screen display
• User-friendly LCD function screen
• Backlit keypad
• Hands-free / speaker phone
• Headset compatible
• Easy to use soft keys / LCD prompts
• Directory dial: 1000 system, 1000 group,
10 personal, 600 phone book
• Navigation wheel
• Call history
• Wall mountable
DT730 LCD IP Handset - features as DT330 LCD plus:
• Ideal for hotdesking
• Backlit LCD
• Security lock key
• XML Open Interface - Capable of integration into standard
& bespoke applications eg. Microsoft® Outlook and more
• VoIP encryption
UNIVERGE® SV8100 Handsets
DT710 Value LCD IP Handset
Low cost display handset, ideal for hot desking
• User-friendly LCD function screen
• Hands-free / speaker phone
• Easy to use soft keys / LCD prompts
• Directory dial: 1000 system, 1000 group,
10 personal, 600 phone book
• Navigation wheel
• Call history
• Wall mountable
• Ideal for hotdesking
• Backlit LCD
• XML Open Interface - Capable of integration into standard
& bespoke applications eg. Microsoft® Outlook and more
• VoIP encryption
Bluetooth Handset
Wireless handset option DT330 variant
• Class 1 Bluetooth – 50 metre range
• 8 programmable keys on handset
• Backlit keypad and display
• Same user interface as the display phone
• Navigation wheel
• Call history
DT750 IP Handset
Feature-rich touch screen handset
• 7.5” colour touch screen LCD
• Ideal for hotdesking
• Backlit keypad & screen
• Security lock key
• XML Open Interface - Capable of integration into standard
& bespoke applications eg. Microsoft® Outlook and more
• Hands-free / speaker phone
• Headset compatible
• Easy to use soft keys / on-screen prompts
• Directory dial: 1000 system, 1000 group,
10 personal, 600 phone book
• Navigation wheel
• Call history
• Wall mountable
• VoIP encryption
UNIVERGE® SV8100 Mobility
True business mobility
The SV8100 range of IP DECTs offers a
more flexible way of working. Access to
the main system features such as shared
corporate directories mean employees
are more reachable, more quickly.
This increases responsiveness and
in turn levels of customer service.
10 good reasons to choose IP DECT
• Established DECT technology
- reliable & secure
• Scaleable from 1 to 32 Access Points,
and even beyond
• Aggressively priced
• Makes employees more reachable,
helping to increase customer
service levels
• Drastically reduces mobile phone costs
• Integrated with SV8100 features from
the SV8100
• Wide range of handsets for all user
types and environments
• Unified communications - shared
corporate directory access plus
excellent presence feature
• Powerful text messaging and
alarms enable quicker responses
• Future-proof investment - uses
‘open standards’ such as the open
messaging interface, SIP technology
and standard GAP compatibility
IP DECT applications:
Text and alarm messaging - Provides
numerous uses including alerts about
incidents such as a fire, nurse calls or
status of industrial processes. Different
priority levels can be applied to each
Location Detection capabilities - By
pushing the SOS button on the phone,
the system locates the position of the
phone and alerts staff to provide
assistance. Available for the M155
Messenger, G355, G955 & I755.
Man-down - Embedded on the I755, this
application detects when a handset is left
in a horizontal position and sends an alarm
to other staff immediately for help.
G355 - Ideal for the demanding office user
• Calling name / number, call logging
• Internal directory: 200
• Central directory
• SOS alarm key
• Location detection
• Headset compatible
ML440 – New multi-line,
colour screen handset for
sophisticated office use and other
demanding environments
• Seamless handover multi-cell functionality
• Calling name / number, call logging
• Headset compatible
• Internal directory: 100
• Central directory
• Programmable feature keys
• Multi-line capability
• Context sensitive soft keys
• NEC iSIP feature capabilities
I755 - Ideal for industrial or demanding
environments, eg healthcare,
manufacturing, retail & warehousing
• Calling name / number, call logging
• Internal directory: 200
• SOS alarm key
• Location detection capabilities
• Man-down alarm
• Messaging (LMRS)
• Broadcast messaging capabilities
• Headset compatible including Bluetooth
UNIVERGE® SV8100 Mobility
SV8100 Mobile Extension
System functionality straight to your mobile
G955 - Ideal for office users who require
advanced voice and messaging features
• Calling name / number, call logging
• Headset compatible including Bluetooth
• Internal directory: 200
• Central directory
• SOS alarm key
• Location detection capabilities
• Messaging (LMRS)
• Broadcast messaging capabilities
The SV8100 Mobile Extension feature
is like being in when you’re out.
Treat your mobile like your desk
phone and enjoy system features
while you’re on the move.
Key benefits
Best of all, Mobile Extensions are built in
to the SV8100! You can be more reachable
and maintain high customer service levels at
all times. Save on voicemails, save on call
backs and stop playing ‘telephone tennis’.
What’s more, you can be contacted on the
same extension number.
• You can use your mobile like your system
phone, wherever you are
Mobile Extension Features:
• Conference Call
• Caller ID
• Call Waiting & Call Forward
• Paging
M155 Messenger - Ideal for
healthcare & hospitality
• Hold & Transfer
• Calling name / number
• Internal directory: 5
• SOS alarm key
• Location detection capabilities
• Messaging (LMRS)
• Hands-free
• Hotel features
• Speed dialling
• Voicemail access
• Camp On
MH240 WiFi
Advanced wireless features
for organisations on the go
• They’re already embedded
• Increase sales - by missing less sales
calls you can help prevent your customers
going elsewhere
• You can be contacted away from your
desk with your same extension number
• You can access system features away
from the office
• You can maintain high service levels
when on the move
• Use your personal mobile for business
purposes without passing on your number
Ideal for employees who are always
on the move, the MH240 significantly
improves user accessibility, productivity
and responsiveness.
They provide workers the ability to roam from
one business area to another – without losing
Key benefits
• Stay connected while on the go
• Increase efficiency with multiline operation
• Roam seamlessly in multiple business
UNIVERGE® SV8100 Call Management
7 good reasons to choose MyCalls
• Increases sales & call productivity
• Enhances customer service
& response
• Helps measure and manage sales
& marketing activity
• Underpins call performance training
• Call recording helps resolve disputes
• Real-time information enables
managers to respond quickly to
changes in call traffic, particularly
missed calls
• Call statistics displayed on a
wallboard to the team provide
positive motivation
SV8100 MyCalls
A new standard in ‘real-time’ call management for any business – regardless of size
How much do missed calls
cost a business?
Most businesses don’t even know – you
can’t manage what you can’t measure.
MyCalls gives you all the information you
need to manage every aspect of call activity
& performance. Real-time information in
easy to view formats helps busy managers
maintain service levels with fast follow-up
on missed calls.
Enhanced Call Handling
Full call control is available from the PC
desktop. Phone books, click and dial,
BLF (Busy Lamp Field), configurable action
views, screenpops for incoming calls
– it’s all there in one easy to use package.
Real-time Call Management
MyCalls give managers a real-time view
of calls as they happen. When supervisors
are alerted to rising call volumes, they can
move agents between different ACD
queues to smooth workflow and
enhance service levels.
Wallboard displays can also include external
data sources such as total yearly sales
from a company database for motivational
purposes, or any relevant web page such as
stocks and shares.
Powerful Reporting
With the new MyCalls Director’s Report
(above), an MD can be provided with detailed
updates of the most critical business
information, sent automatically by email at the
end of each day. An excellent management
tool, even when away from the office.
MyCalls also offers a huge range of different
reports which can be individually configured
with ‘exception reporting’. This saves time for
busy managers because it only alerts them
when exceptions occur to conditions they set;
for example, levels of missed calls, phones off
the hook, calls to premium rate numbers etc.
Secure, Accessable Call Recording
Telephone calls can be recorded, archived
securely, retrieved simply, played back and
exported by e-mail. Call recordings have real
value in staff training and in resolving disputes
more effectively. Advanced features include
‘waveform display’, ‘sound clips’ and
‘section marker’ (below). These features
increase functionality of recordings, providing
the ability to listen to specific sections, export
clips via email and more.
UNIVERGE® SV8100 Call Management
Good reasons to choose UCB
SV8100 UC for Business
• A single point solution with a
single server - creates a simplified
administration environment
Advanced Unified Communications
• Microsoft® Outlook based user
• Presence Reporting allows managers
to monitor activity of their team,
helping to enhance employee
UC for Business helps unify an entire organization, enabling individuals, departments
and locations to work more efficiently by ensuring seamless internal and external
communications. Users can connect from wherever they are via phones, PCs, mobile
devices and the web - effortlessly.
Solutions for executives
UCB puts busy executives in control of
their availability by allowing them to screen,
prioritise and respond to the contacts that are
most important to their business. Managers
can quickly reach workers on a wide number
of mobile devices in order to communicate
important assignments.
Move your mouse over
any Presence button to
view detailed information
including Instant
Messaging, calendar
appointments and
return time.
• Easily customised for individual
company requirements
• A wide range of 3rd party interfaces
allows UCB to boost customer
service and productivity
• Treat the mobile and the desk phone
as a single device, using one number
• Instant ‘drag & drop’ conference calls
Solutions for operators
Operators need to be able to manage peak
times without compromising quality of service.
UCB provides superior call handling abilities
including ‘point and click telephony’ for greater
speed, drag and drop facility for re-prioritisng
call queues and customer screen-pops.
Solutions for knowledge workers
Knowledge workers have had to put up
with phone tag, constant interruptions
and overloaded in-boxes for too long.
UCB streamlines and intelligently manages
all their communications using a single
desktop application. Presence provides
more efficient call management and
screen-pop caller details make call
handling more professional.
• Simplified call handling - users
manage all their communications
from their desktop
• ‘Out of office hours’ calls easily
dealt with
Solutions for contact centres
Contact Centre agents are expected to
process large numbers of external requests
as quickly as possible. These requests come
in many forms - calls, faxes, e-mails, chats
and via the company website. UCB enhances
customer service with pre-configured safety
nets for emergencies and high volume
situations. Plus the skills-based routing enables
a customer to speak to the right person first
time. Agents also benefit from the simple,
intuitive interface, helping to reduce training
to a minimum.
UNIVERGE® SV8100 Other applications
SV8100 Other applications
More feature-rich applications to increase employee collaboration and productivity
Voicemail - Already built in to the SV8100
on a single server, users can enjoy one touch
access to voicemail as well as listen to
messages remotely.
intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI). The
operator can perform common user functions
such as Transfer, Park and Page with a single
mouse click.
Auto Attendant - Ensures customer calls
are routed to the appropriate people and
answered quickly and efficiently. When
customers call in, an instruction menu
announcement is played, providing them
with a choice of dialling options.
SP310 Softphone - A portable handset
application which works with Desktop Suite.
It’s like taking a system phone with you.
Ideal for on the road and homeworkers.
Desktop Suite
PC Assistant - The Desktop Suite’s PC
Assistant enables workers to get more done in
less time by giving them the ability to manage
telephone sets on their desktop PCs. With just
a few clicks of the mouse, users can easily
access features such as speed dialling,
call management and contact lookup
while benefitting from seamless CRM
integration. Brand new features also include
Presence and BLF providing an aerial view of
the organisation’s communication.
PC Attendant - The Desktop Suite’s PC
Attendant helps improve call management and
increase productivity by placing a complete
attendant console right on the operator’s PC.
It enables operators to work more efficiently
by giving them the ability to transfer and
manage calls on-screen through a completely
CRM - The SV8100 interacts with popular
contact and CRM applications as well as
Microsoft® Outlook. It can connect to
company databases providing instant access
to customer information.
Screen-pops - Prompted automatically by
a call, operators view caller ID as well as
customer information even before answering,
enhancing customer service.
Call Logging & Recording - A complete
record of all calls made and received can be
made, and also recorded as a .wav file with
email-forward options.
Instant Messaging - Personalised instant
messages can be sent to other operators on
their PC screen or handset screen, even when
a call is being taken.
Shared Whiteboards - Users can share
drawing tools over the network such as white
boards for more interactive conference calls.*
*Dependent on operating system
Small hotels - PMS Lite is ideal for small
hotels with up to 75 rooms. This front of house
application includes simplified room
management, reduced check-in/check-out
time, increased guest reachability and more.
Large hotels - Tiger middleware software
Hotel Pro or Hotel Cub is ideal for larger
hotels, linking the SV8100 with the majority
of Property Management Systems. A
multitude of advanced features for revenue
generating, productivity, billing and internet
services are included.
At the click of a mouse,
users can easily access
features such as speed
dialling, conference, call
management and contact
lookup while benefitting from
seamless CRM integration.
UNIVERGE® SV8100 Communications platform at a glance
Unified Communications
- UC for Business
Call Recording
- MyCalls
- PC Pro
Call Management
- MyCalls
UNIVERGE® SV8100 Server
9.5-inch 3 slot
Digital & IP handsets
DT300 / DT700 range
UNIVERGE® SV8100 Server
19-inch 6 slot
To arrange a demo please contact G-Force on:
Tel: 01928 715 724
Email: [email protected]
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