Learning the Alphabet Finding Letters in the

Learning the Alphabet Finding Letters in the
Learning the Alphabet
Finding Letters in the Garden
ENGAGE (5 minutes)
 Share the book Alphabet City by Stephen T. Johnson
 Ask students if they think they might be able to find some letters
in the outdoor classroom in the same way that letters were found
in Alphabet City.
 Review the expectations of working in the outdoor classroom.
EXPLORE (15 minutes)
 Begin by taking the entire class to several different examples of
letters that you have found in the garden beforehand.
 Allow students to walk around looking for other letters that they
see in the natural objects they find. (If students need extra
guidance with the shape of the different letters, bring out
alphabet cards or an alphabet chart that they can refer to as
they’re looking).
 If a camera is available, begin taking pictures of all of the letters
that the students find.
Pre-K - Kindergarten
45 - 60 minutes
 Student journals/pencils
 Alphabet City by Stephen T.
 Student journals/pencils
 Camera (optional)
 Alphabet cards (optional)
EXPLAIN (10 minutes)
 Make a list of all of the letters that the students found in the outdoor classroom.
 Decide together which letters were missing, and ask students if they can think of a way they could still
see those letters in the outdoor classroom.
 Suggest that the class try making the missing letters using objects they can find in the outdoor
ELABORATE (10 minutes)
 Doing one letter at a time (or writing the list in a place where everyone can see it as they work), allow
students to collect materials and try to create the missing letters by manipulating their objects on the
 If using a camera, take pictures of the student-created letters and make a complete class alphabet
book using the images that were captured.
EVALUATE (5 minutes)
 Ask students to use natural objects (grass, stones, leaves, etc.) to make different letters of the
Language Arts
III.C.1 child names at least 20 upper case and 20 lower case letters
K.1 B identify upper- and lower-case letters
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