trafficloudtm web-based management

trafficloudtm web-based management
Services: Traffic and Message Suites
TraffiCloud Web-based
Management Services
TraffiCloud Applications
TraffiCloud provides remote management for
ATS equipment and equipment from other
quipment Management (TS & MS):
Manage equipment remotely
•Turnkey system, connectivity is built-in and automatic
•Password protected system with five levels of access
•Unlimited authorized users within account can have
access to data
•Web-based user interface is always up to date and
continually receives applicable enhancements
•Fully hosted web-based management system
oo An Internet-connected device and browser
provides anywhere access
oo Compatible with PC, Mac, Android and iOS
oo No IT involvement or support necessary
oo No firewall issues
oo No additional hardware or network appliances
oo No software or middleware to install for remote
oo Wireless cellular connection provided by ATS,
no separate charges
oo Hosted database requires no setup or maintenance
by customer
oo Secure solution encrypts stored device data
oo Virtually “hack-proof” wireless connectivity
employs multiple security measures
•Changes are synchronized bi-directionally;
TraffiCloud to sign and sign to TraffiCloud
Available á la carte or included in the Traffic Suite
(TS) or Message Suite (MS) as noted
• Check status and change settings/messages from
any Internet-connected computer
• Remotely accessible settings (as applicable to sign model)
oo Speed limit
oo Display options: max and min speed displayed,
Stealth Mode (collect traffic data without influencing
speed), speed limit display
oo Violator alert activation
oo Radar sensitivity (reduce to save power)
oo Messages and Speed Dependent Message Groups
oo Alert thresholds and recipients
oo Sign brightness range
oo Schedule sign modes and messages, up to
oo 13 times per day; repeat daily or weekly
oo Monitor current sign configuration and power levels
oo Monitor sign moves with GPS, both planned and
oo Tags allow associating equipment, locations
and owners
Reporting (TS only – requires radar in unit): Patented
tool that efficiently collects, organizes, compiles and
distributes information
Automated traffic data upload from sign to server reports
with user-selected time and date range, auto trim of data
• Summary by hour with volumes, violator count, min
and max speed, 50% and 85% speed, volume, high speed,
display mode
Compatible with
these ATS Products
Engineered and manufactured in
the United States of America
Shield 12 and 15
oo Volume by speed and time
oo Compliance and Risk compared to speed limit with
adjustable low, medium and high risk ranges –
provides visual indicator of traffic safety program
oo Enforcement Priorities providing locations with
highest number of violators, weighted by volume
and speed
oo Effectiveness of the traffic calming program
in slowing vehicles
oo Identify trends to optimize resource allocation
and be proactive
oo Charts and graphs for all data to accommodate
recipient needs
oo Reports exportable to PDF
Mapping (TS & MS): Manage traffic safety program
through intuitive interactive map of your community
• Interactive map provides window to system information
and functions
• Click on sign or location for relevant setting
and data links
• Setup sites on map for sign and data collection
• Layers selectable, to show only currently
relevant information
• Current equipment location verified with GPS or to show
location conflicts between server location and sign GPS
Alerts (TS & MS): Select when and who is alerted
• Receive email alerts
• Alerts include images if enabled, including tampering
• Alerts for low battery, tampering with location
• High speed and congestion alerts if unit has radar
• Assign recipients by unit and alert type
• Activate Tamper to send Alert with image
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Herndon, VA 20170
Phone 866.366.6602 | [email protected]
©All Traffic Solutions
TraffiCloud leverages our patented technology (US Patents 8,417,442; 8,755,990;
9,070,287; 9,411,893) to deliver unique cloud-based management, features and
SpeedAlert 18 and 24
InstAlert 18 and 24
Image Management (TS & MS):
Awareness from internal camera
• Internal camera, 640 x 480 resolution,
three resolution options
• Capture and upload images based upon alert
thresholds- high speed, tampering or congestion
wareness images captured at regular frequency
– 15 min to 240 min in 15 min increments
• Camera delay adjustment to optimize image trigger timing
• I mage Capture Report shows relevant image capture
conditions, user can add notes and print or save
PremierCare (TS & MS): Perpetual warranty
for duration of TraffiCloud Suite subscription
• 50% discount on non-warranty repairs and accessories
• Real-time diagnostic monitoring
• Remote firmware updates
rive Times Sensor-Free Time to Destination
• Enforcement Suite for connected Lidar
• Stats Suite for automated data collection
from traffic counters
• Parking Availability Notification
• Conditional Sensor Messaging incorporating sensor
or Internet data in messages
• Other services available
TraffiCloud Android App
• Wireless Bluetooth control local to unit
• Android device can be phone or device with WiFi only
• Manage all unit settings, automatic sync with
TraffiCloud Web Based Management
• All traffic data and messages automatically synced
and available on hosted TraffiCloud
oo Retrieve data and sync to server
oo Create message and sync to server, and have
all messages on server available on TraffiCloud
Android app
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