We Didn`t Playtest This at All!

We Didn`t Playtest This at All!
We Didn’t Playtest
This at All!
The Rules:
The objective of the game is to win! If you lose, you have
not won, and you are in fact out of the game. If everyone
except you has lost, you win!
To begin the game, shuffle all the cards together and deal
two to each player. Pick someone to go first, as randomly as possible!
On your turn, draw one card from the deck, and then play
one card from your hand. Just follow the instructions on
the card! After you’re done, play passes to the player on
your left.
You might notice that some of the cards are Star Cards.
This is because they are clearly superior to normal cards.
To maintain game balance, every player has an equal
chance of drawing a Star Card from the deck on their
Chaos Pack Expansion
Also included with the game is the Chaos Pack -- the
cards that are laid out horizontally. These are separate
from the main deck. Don’t shuffle them in! If playing with
the Chaos Pack Expansion, place one card from it into
play to start each game. If you’re daring, place two!
Any player failing to do an action a card says they “must”
do immediately loses.
Blank Cards
As an extra double bonus, we’ve included some blank
cards! Make up your own crazy rules to add to the game.
Remember, fun is good, and simple is better!
A good rule to remember is to make sure a card will be
funny and useful after the first time. There are several
rock/paper/scissors cards so that players don’t know
which one it is, for example.
Designed by Chris Cieslik
© 2012 Asmadi Games
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