Silicon Imaging MegaCamera™ SI-3170
Silicon Imaging MegaCamera
 SI-3170
3.2 Megapixel (2048 x 1536), 12-Bit Resolution
30 FPS High Definition Digital Camera
Silicon Imaging has introduced the world first 3.2 Million pixel High
Definition CMOS all-digital camera capable of running at video rates of 30
frames/second at its full 2048 x 1536 resolution. Its ½” imaging format is
ideal for use with standard lenses, microscopes and intensifiers. The entire
micro-head package is 45 x 52 x 50mm and is small enough to be
embedded in a biophotonic instrument or placed on a robot for machine
vision inspection.
30FPS High-Definition CMOS Technology breakthrough
CMOS imagers are breaking technical barriers in noise, sensitivity and
dynamic range. Driven by the growing demand for consumer Digital Still
Cameras, CMOS sensors have been developed which surpass the
performance characteristics of CCD’s in many photonic, imaging and
consumer applications. By utilizing a single highly integrated CMOS
device, which incorporates Megapixel sensing areas, timing generation,
signal processing and high bandwidth outputs, Silicon Imaging has
developed a compact high definition 30fps digital camera system.
12-Bit Pixel Clock Sampling – Sub-Pixel Accuracy
The MegaCamera uses dual 12-Bit digitizers to sample 2 output taps,
each at 50MHz to achieve 100Mpixel/sec or 30 Frames/sec data
throughput at its full resolution of 3.2Megapixels. Converting the pixel data
directly to digital at the sensor head eliminates pixel-sampling jitter and
enables accurate sub-pixel metrology, image analysis and improved live
video reconstruction. Either 12bit or 8-bit data can be selected for highspeed transfer into PC memory.
500FPS High Frame Rate Windowing & Digital Pan/Tilt/Zoom
A reduced size region of interest (windowing) enables readout rates in
excess of 500 frames per second making it ideal for motion analysis, autofocus or object tracking. This feature can also be used for electronic pan, tilt
and 16x digital zoom. For HDTV applications, the aspect ratio can be
switched from the traditional 4:3 to 16:9 with 1920x1080 resolution.
Serial Capture & Control
The SI3170 is fully programmable through its serial port. These functions
include sampling clock speed, region-of interest window, global gain, RGB
gain, exposure, frame-rate and triggering modes. The camera can operate
in live continuous or in single-shot capture. The capture event can be
started from software command or hardware trigger.
All-Digital Interface - CameraLink
Traditionally, 12 bit per pixel resolution and multi-tap cameras require a
large number of parallel digital signals, which becomes cumbersome to
cable and physically large to connect. The SI3170 utilizes high Speed
digital multiplexers to serialize the image data and transmit 1.2Gb/sec of
data, clock and triggers over just a few twisted pairs, thereby minimizing the
cable size and increased flexibility. An industry standard forum of Camera
and Frame Grabber manufacturers has adopted this method, called
CameraLink, for low cost high bandwidth PC connectivity and cabling.
Silicon Imaging specialize in the design, manufacturing and marketing of
high-definition digital cameras and image processing solutions for the
machine vision, medical, scientific instrumentation, entertainment and
surveillance markets. Silicon's focus has been to exploit the recent
advancements in CMOS imagers and digital processors to develop a new
generation of high definition products, which can outperform traditional
video camera and processing systems at a lower cost.
 Silicon Imaging, Inc. 2002
2048 x 1536 Resolution (3.2 Million Pixels)
½” Imaging Format, 3.3um Pixel
12 Bits per Pixel (Dual-Tap)
100Mpixels/sec (40~100MHz Programmable)
30 FPS Sequence Capture at full resolution
30 ~ 500FPS Windowing
High-Speed Progressive Rolling Shutter
126useconds to 30 seconds Integration
Triggered Image Sequence Capture
Programmable Gain, Clock, Shutter & ROI
Monochrome & Color Bayer RGB Models
CameraLink Digital Interface
5VDC Low Power, Small Package
C-Mount with 7mm adjustable back-focus
Specifications subject to change without notice.
SI-3170 MegaCamera
 Specifications
Active Pixels
Optical Imaging Format
Pixel Size (pitch)
Pixel Type
Aspect Ratio
Spectral Response
Dynamic Range
Fill Factor
Fill Factor with MicroLens
Linearity (5-70%)
QE @ 540nm
Read Noise
Dark Current Noise
Saturation Capacity
Conversion Gain
Shutter Speed / Integration
2056 (H) x 1544 (V)
3.3um x 3.3um
CMOS Active Pixel
400 ~ 1100 nm (see curve)
66dB (Vsat/Read Noise)
80% (used with RGB version only)
2 Lux @ F1.0 (monochrome, AGC=on)
+/- 2.5% SAT
0.58 e-/photon
20 e< 3e- per 1/30sec @ 295ºK
35,000 e36.0 uV/e2.7 V
Rolling Shutter
Variable, 4 to 4091 Line times
Progressive Scan, Full-Frame, windowed,
Live, Long Integration & Single-Shot
A/D Conversion & Sampling Clock Synthesizer
A/D Conversion
2ch @ 50Mhz (Nominal)
Vertical Resolution
12 Bit
Pixel Clock Frequency
40 ~ 100Mhz Programmable
Adjustment Method
Serial command Protocol
Output Noise
0.2 LSB rms
Digital Video Output: 12 Bit Multiplexed LVDS (CameraLink)
Readout Rate
100 MHz @ 12 Bit (8 Bit transfer optional)
Readout Format
12 Bit Dual Channel, (Ports A, B, C)
Frame Rate
2056 x 1544 @ 30fps
1600 x 1200 @ 38fps UXGA
1920 x 1080 @ 48fps (16:9)
1280 x 1024 @ 48fps SXGA
1280 x 720 @ 60fps (16:9)
1024 x 768 @ 60fps XGA
640 x 480 @ 100fps VGA
640 x 240 @ 200fps
256 x 128 @ 360fps
24 x 6
@ 2500fps
Line Readout Rate
21usec per line @ 100MHz
> 60dB (fc=20MHz, Gains=1.0)
MDR 26-pin (3M: 10226-6212VC)
Frame Grabber Control & Communication:
Serial Communication
9600bps (112Kbps optional)
GP Asynchronous Triggers 3 (LVDS)
General Purpose I/O
4 TTL (on Camera PCB header)
High Speed Shutter
126usec ~ 30msec
Long Integration
n-Frame Times
24x6 to 2056x1544 in 24x6
R,G,B Independent Gains
4 Settings ea (1x, 1.2x, 1.5x, 2x)
Overall Gain
3 Settings (1x, 2x, 4x)
Setting Timing
Next top of Frame
Data/ Trigger/Serial
Lens Mount
Enclosure Size
Camera Mount
C-Mount, 7mm built in extension
45mm W x 52mm H x 50mm L
12 oz.
¼” x 20 standard tripod mount
Color Response Curve
Input Voltage
Power Consumption
Power Connection
+5 VDC +/- 10%
2.5 Watts
Tajimi RO3-PB3M 3Pin Round
SI-3170M-S or 3170RGB-S
3.2MP Digital Camera, 2M Cable, PCI Frame Grabber & Win 98/NT Imaging Software System
SI-3170M or 3170RGB
3.2MP Digital Camera (RGB for Color, M for Monochrome)
PCI bus Frame Grabber for the SI-3170
CL-2M / 5M / 10M
Digital Camera Cable 2 meter / 5 meter / 10 meter
5VDC Regulated Power Supply
Power Supply Cable, 5 meter
PC Windows Capture & Control Software
 Silicon Imaging, Inc. 2002
Specifications subject to change without notice.
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