Nickel Cadmium Batteries/ Structure and Charge/Discharge

Nickel Cadmium Batteries/ Structure and Charge/Discharge
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Ni-Cd batteries are comprised of a positive electrode plate
which uses nickel oxide as its main active material, a
negative electrode plate that uses a cadmium compound as
its main active material, a separator, an alkaline electrolyte, a
metal case, and a sealing plate equipped with a self-sealing
safety valve. The positive and negative electrode plates,
isolated from each other by the separator, are rolled in a
spiral shape inside the case and sealed by the sealing plate
using an insulation gasket.
Charge / Discharge Reactions
The charge and discharge reactions of Ni-Cd batteries are shown below.
A notable characteristic of this reaction is that the alkaline electrolyte, for example potassium hydroxide (KOH), does not
appear to contribute to the reactions. The battery is designed so that the capacity of the negative electrode is greater
than that of the positive electrode, and the gas generated at the positive electrode is absorbed by reacting with the
uncharged section of the negative electrode, thus enabling the battery to be completely sealed. In this design ,the
reaction is as follows.
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