MultiPoint KvM
MultiPoint KvM
The Real-Time High Resolution Decision Support System
MultiPoint KvMTM is designed for control rooms requiring exceptionally high resolution video or graphics, multi-display
support and operator collaboration. The solution is intended for industry, security, military and government applications.
The High-Definition Video Control Room
MultiPoint KvM allows the transport and display of video without processing delays (real-time). Far exceeding
the capabilities of video-over-IP implementations, it is capable of supporting video and graphics at full resolution,
frame rate, color sampling rate and color depth, up to 1920 x 1200 pixels, 60 frames per second, 4:4:4 color sampling
and 10 bit color.
Multi-Display Support
MultiPoint KvM supports simultaneous viewing of multiple computer and other image sources in flexible configurations,
from simple desktop displays to multiviewers (multiple video signals on one screen) and video walls (multiple video
signals across multiple screens).
Ease of collaboration between operators facilitates a control room’s effectiveness. MultiPoint KvM’s collaboration
feature set allows operators to easily transfer access to source computers.
• Network operations centers (NOCs)
• Tactical operations centers (TOCs)
• Emergency operations centers (EOCs)
• Oil & gas
• Utilities
• Security / surveillance
• Government & military
• Broadcast / production
System Architecture
MultiPoint KvM is a hybrid DVI/IP solution. Video is distributed over DVI, while KVM control signals are sent over an
IP/Ethernet infrastructure. As a result, images can be displayed in native resolution and frame rates, with negligible
impact on the IP/Ethernet infrastructure. The MultiPoint KvM solution is comprised of the following key components:
Standard components:
• MultiPoint CSC (MultiPoint Control station computer) running MultiPoint CSA (Control Station Agent)
• Source computers running MultiPoint RDA (MultiPoint Remote Desktop Agent)
• MultiPoint KNP (MultiPoint KVM Network Processor)
• Linx DVI/RGB switcher
Optional components:
• MediaWall and View display processors
• XtendView® FiberDVI cable extenders
• MultiPoint EDA (External Desktop Agent) – alternative to MultiPoint RDA
Illustration 1:
MultiPoint KvM system
Control station computers allow the administrator or operator to monitor, control and troubleshoot assigned source
computers. Each station comprises a control computer and one or multiple screens connected to the video switcher.
For security and management purposes, two levels of access privileges are defined, administrator and user. The Control
Station Agent (CSA) software is compatible with PCs running Microsoft Windows or Linux in combination with Java 6.0.
RGB Spectrum offers a mini control station computer with pre-installed CSA software as an alternative.
Source computers are devices that operators control via KVM. A remote desktop agent (RDA), a computer program for
KVM control signal emulation, runs on each source computer. The RDA is compatible with any source computer running
Linux or Windows, provided that Java 6.0 is supported. RGB Spectrum also offers the External Desktop Agent (EDA),
an external device running the RDA. It is designed for customers preferring not to load RDA software on their source
The KVM Network Processor (KNP) software serves as the central point of communication for control stations and source
computers. It is provided on a custom-configured, rack mountable server running Linux Redhat 5.5. The KNP implements
the various MultiPoint KvM utility functions, such as User Manager, Device Manager, and Event Manager. It also enables
KlickSimple mouse navigation, collaboration and routing.
RGB Spectrum’s MultiPoint KvM solution uses the Linx™ family of high-performance video switchers, which support switching
and routing of both DVI and RGB signals. Linx switchers provide the bit rate equivalent of 5 Gbps per video signal, up to
160 Gbps for a 32 port switcher, which is many times the bandwidth available on a video-over-IP implementation. Up to
32 x 32 inputs and outputs are supported. Linx switchers feature a high-performance, non-blocking switch matrix and robust
construction for mission-critical applications. They support resolutions of up to 1920 x 1200 and 1200 x 1152 pixels, suited
for high-quality graphics, digital cinema or HD video.
Providing additional display possibilities, MultiPoint KvM is integrated with RGB Spectrum’s multiviewers and video wall
processors. Each display processor can be configured as a control station driving user displays, or as manned or unmanned
central displays.
For distances up to 2000 feet, RGB Spectrum offers the XtendView® FiberDVI cable extender, a compact single-fiber DVI
cabling solution consisting of transmit and receive plug-in modules, with industry-standard SC jacks for easy connection.
This "headshell" solution uses miniaturized electronics that fit entirely within the DVI connector housing, eliminating the need
for external boxes and simplifying installation.
The MultiPoint EDA functions as a KVM emulator, obviating the need for KVM client software on controlled computers.
It is built with the stringent security requirements of government and military organizations in mind, and is also suitable for
commercial use. The device converts KVM control signals sent via Ethernet to simulated keyboard and mouse events over
a computer’s PS/2 or USB ports. It is a compact plug-and-play device, designed to be connected in-line at the back of
the computer.
Illustration 2:
KlickSimple navigation
on the desktop
Operator and Administrator Experience
MultiPoint KvM provides a set of sophisticated software tools for the administrator and the operator. User tools are easy and
fast to use, allowing the operator to focus on the tasks at hand. Administrator software provides a comprehensive set of tools
for system installation, management and control.
Operator Interaction
KlickSimpleTM navigation supports the seamless, intuitive and simultaneous control of multiple computers with a single keyboard
and mouse. It allows the operator to take control of each computer simply by moving the mouse cursor into the associated
screen. It operates much like the Extended Windows Desktop, but manages multiple computers rather than multiple applications
on a single computer.
KlickSimple navigation includes the routing agent navigation panel, which allows operators to switch source computers to any
screen at their station. The routing panel can be displayed on any switched screen or on a dedicated monitor. For ease of
navigation, the routing panel mirrors the arrangement of the display space, for instance a 1 x 3 desktop monitor configuration
would appear as three side-by-side boxes on the navigation panel.
Illustration 3:
Example of the routing panel
with system status
Operators may be assigned access to computers, no access or view-only privileges. Access privileges are managed
by the Administrator and are also important in the context of collaboration, discussed below.
Illustration 4:
Detail of the routing panel with
display alternatives
Green = active control/option
to release control
Red = in use/option
to request control
Blue = system is processing
Amber = available/option
to activate control
Gray = viewing privileges only
MultiPoint KvM enables inter-operator collaboration. In the context of MultiPoint KvM, collaboration refers to the explicit
grant and release of control over source computers. Operators can request control or relinquish control within seconds.
Collaboration also includes forced control based on user priorities, and allows senior operators to take immediate control of
a computer. The control interface is integrated with the navigation panel. Color coded buttons are positioned next to the
routing buttons, indicating a computer’s status. They are also used to request and relinquish control.
Illustration 5: WCP for control of multiviewers and video walls
If using optional display processors such as multiviewers and video walls, operators have access to RGB Spectrum’s Web
Control Panel (WCP) software to manage their viewing space. WCP allows operators to resize and reposition windows, zoom,
arrange presets, and configure labels and borders, among other functions. The WCP is integrated with the MultiPoint KvM
navigation panel.
Administrator Control
The administrator has a suite of tools consisting of the User Manager, Device Manager, and Event Manager.
The User Manager is an administrative tool to manage user privileges and to monitor select system activity. This includes
configuring user name and password, establishing user priority, and specifying computer access privileges.
Illustration 6: Device Manager
The Device Manager is used to manage and configure all KVM devices, including switcher, display processors, source
computers and control stations. Devices are arranged in a tree structure, making them easily accessible. Device specific
data is grouped by general and specific properties. To add a control station, the administrator simply right-clicks
on the control station entry and an installation wizard guides the administrator through the necessary steps.
The Event Manager is used for diagnostics and recordkeeping. It contains a central log of all system activity, including
a time stamp. It categorizes logged items by type, i.e., critical alerts, failures, warnings, and informational messages,
in order of severity. It also provides search functions for easy access to information.
Technical Specifications
MultiPoint KvM V1.0 (720 10090 - 720 10093) 1
Up to 32 controlled computers (switcher inputs)
Up to 32 individually switchable monitors or windows on a display processor (switcher outputs)
Up to 32 control stations
Up to 100 unique users
KlickSimple technology with seamless, multi-screen navigation
Real-time mouse movement response (≤ 5ms) 2
AES 128 encryption
Quick routing of inputs (≤200ms) 2
Control panel for intuitive navigation and display of pertinent information (integrated or dedicated)
Advanced user management, including access rights and default settings
Device Manager
Event log
Mouse and keyboard emulation via RDA software or External Desktop Agent (EDA)
Windows ( XP, Windows 7) and Linux support
KVM Network Processor (KNP) V1.0 (included with MultiPoint KvM V1.0)
Custom configured Dell PowerEdge R210 or similar
KNP Software package (pre installed)
Linux Redhat V5.5 (pre installed)
Linx Switcher Support (See RGB Spectrum price list for part numbers and configuration options)
The following Linx switcher models are supported:
Linx 8x8: up to 8 inputs x 8 outputs (DVI)
Linx 800: up to 8 inputs by 8 outputs (DVI)
Linx 1600: up to 16 inputs by 16 outputs (DVI)
Linx 3200: up to 32 inputs by 32 outputs (DVI)
Linx 900: up to 8 inputs by 8 outputs (DVI/RGB)
Linx 1700: up to 16 inputs by 16 outputs (DVI/RGB)
Linx 3300: up to 32 inputs by 32 outputs (DVI/RGB)
Linx 1000: up to 8 inputs by 8 outputs (DVI/RGB/HD-SDI)
Linx 1800: up to 16 inputs by 16 outputs (DVI/RGB/HD-SDI)
Linx 3400: up to 32 inputs by 32 outputs (DVI/RGB/HD-SDI)
Linx Switcher feature and performance overview:
DVI, RGB, HD-SDI inputs, DVI outputs
Switching of uncompressed video and graphics
Resolutions up to 2048 x 1200 (single link)
Frame rate: up to 60 fps
Color sampling: 4:4:4
Color depth: 8 bit
Processing delay: <50 ms
Non-blocking architecture
No dropped frames
Total EDID Manager TM :
Eliminates system rebooting when changing displays, simplifies setup and provides priority arbitration between displays
Full pixel reclocking for optimal signal quality
Robust 24/7 operation
XtendView FiberDVI (See RGB Spectrum price list for part numbers)
Up to 2000 ft (600m)
Mounts directly to chassis
Video and EDID on single fiber
Monitors, VideoWalls and Multiviewers Supported (See RGB Spectrum price list for part numbers and configuration options)
DVI Monitors: 640 x 480 to 2048 x 1200
Multiviewers: SuperView 5000, QuadView HDx
Video Walls: MediaWall 4500, MediaWall 4200
Resolution: up to 2048 x 1200
Frame rate: up to 60 fps
Color sampling: 4:4:4
Color depth: 8 bit
Processing delay: <150 ms (Combined delay Linx and MultiView or MediaWall)
External Desktop Agent (EDA 100)
Linux OS
Powered via PS/2 or USB
Dimensions: 3.22 x 1.663 x 0.866 (L x W x H)
2 PS/2 ports
1 USB port (via PS/2 to USB adapter)
Control Station Computer (850 10256)
Linux Ubuntu 10.0.4
MultiPoint KvM Control Station Client Software
Ruggedized for industrial applications
Small footprint (8.1”W x 1.3”H x 7.3”D)
1 Includes rack-mountable KNP server and backup CD. The CD includes MultiPointKvM V1.0 (Linux Redhat 5.5),
MultiPoint RDA (Linux Ubuntu 10.0.4, and Windows versions), MultiPoint CSA (Linux Ubuntu 10.0.4,
and Windows versions)
2 Actual performance may vary depending on the characteristics of a customer’s network.
Specifications subject to
change without notice
Made in the USA
©2010 RGB Spectrum
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