Intelligent Access Control

Intelligent Access Control
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Intelligent Access Control
The Intelligent Access Controller (IAC-600) opens
the door to a new way of thinking about access
control. As part of the Metasys Network, the
IAC-600 controls far more than simple entry.
Cards can be preprogrammed to control HVAC,
lighting equipment, or nearly any other function in
the facility.
Features and Benefits
❑ Distributed, standalone access
Fault tolerant facility protection increases reliability
❑ Backup storage of card reader
transactions at the Metasys
❑ Seamlessly integrated with other
facility controls
❑ Fill-in-the blanks, mouse driven
No transactions are lost, providing system integrity at all
Allows HVAC, lighting, and other functions to be initiated
by a card transaction
Easy to use
programming, and data base
❑ Modular configuration
Tailored for the present
❑ Easy expansion
Upgradable for future enhancements
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Order No. 635-090
Application Overview
The IAC-600 Access Control System can
support multiple security scanning technologies,
and has the ability to handle 16,000 card holders
and record all of their transactions at any
Metasys Operator Workstation. Access control
functions can be easily programmed, making
changes in any or all card parameters simple.
The IAC-600 provides standalone access control
to your facility and continues to operate even if it
loses contact with the rest of the Metasys
In fact, even if the card reader interface should
lose contact with the D600 Access Controller, a
default level of access protection remains in
place. These capabilities make the IAC-600
both an invaluable part of the Metasys Network,
and a perfect standalone controller for facilities
looking for cutting-edge access control
N2 Bus
Up to
16 Readers
Door Strike
Alarm Inputs
(Up to 8)
Card Readers
Figure 1: Intelligent Access Control Components
2 Application Specific Controllers—Intelligent Access Control Product Bulletin
Intelligent Access Control—The Name says it all
The D600 access controller is where all of the
access programming is stored for a group of
readers. This allows the IAC-600 to control
access to your facility totally independently in the
event it loses contact with the Metasys Network.
While all records of access operation are
routinely uploaded to the Operator Workstation
for storage and analysis, the IAC-600 will store
internally up to 2,000 transactions and all alarms
if communication is lost to the Network Control
The Smart Terminal Interface (STI) consists of a
processor and communication card for
interfacing a reader to an Access Controller. It
also connects to the door strike relay, and
accepts up to eight alarm inputs for such
applications as a door-open detector or tamper
alarm. In the event of a communication failure
between the Access Controller and the STI, the
STI contains facility code information to maintain
a default level of facility security. Combined with
the optional Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
and battery backup, the IAC-600 can continue to
function long after other systems would have quit.
Multiple IAC-600s are typically used in a
Metasys Network to expand the number of card
readers, to reduce wiring costs between readers
and Access Controllers, and to increase the level
of distribution of your access control system.
Operation of all IAC-600s is coordinated by
Metasys Dynamic Data Access networking
Wide Variety of Card Reading Schemes
The IAC-600 doesn't lock you into one card
reading option. It can support multiple security
scanning technologies, including magnetic stripe,
proximity, Wiegand, and barium ferrite. The IAC600's capacity easily expands from its basic
4,400 card, 8 reader format to handle up to
16,000 card holders and 16 readers. This is
accomplished—like the rest of the Metasys
Network—by using modular components so you
add only as much equipment as your facility
While this saves you money by not requiring
unneeded equipment at setup time, it also allows
you to effortlessly add to your system as your
facility grows.
IAC Does More Than Unlock Doors
The IAC-600 uses the same easy-to-use,
graphically oriented operator interface that the
rest of the Metasys Network utilizes via the
Operator Workstation.
Programming changes are fast and easy, saving
operator time and assuring that access changes
are not delayed. Unlike other systems, cards
can be added or deleted from the system while it
is online.
And unlike other systems, the Dynamic Data
Access feature of the Metasys Network makes
card access information available to all other
parts of the network. This makes it possible, for
example, to program an NCU to turn on a
tenant's lights and HVAC equipment whenever
the tenant enters the building during off-hours.
Complete records of all card transactions are
available at any Operator Workstation. These
records can help building operators pinpoint offhours building energy usage, and serves as a
registry of who was in the building at what times.
Wide Variety of Security Configurations
The IAC-600 can be set up in a number of
different arrangements. An Entry/Exit system
regulates traffic by requiring a card holder to
use his card both to gain access and leave the
facility. This would be used, for example, to
keep track of who is in or out of a high security
or dangerous work area.
Anti-passback is similar, but does not require an
exit reader. It only allows a card to be used
once in a predetermined period of time. In this
way, one person can't enter a facility and pass
his card back outside to allow someone else to
immediately enter.
On many systems, inserting a card into a reader
will deactivate the lock for a set period of time,
for example 15 seconds. If you enter the
building in five seconds, the door is still unlocked
behind you until the timer lapses. The Metasys
Anti-tailgating System deactivates the lock when
the card is inserted, but immediately activates
and resets itself when it senses that the door has
Application Specific Controllers—Intelligent Access Control Product Bulletin 3
The IAC-600 system can be an integral part of
the Metasys Network, using the Operator
Workstation to collect and analyze access data,
and to make access programming changes. No
other system can use so many types of access
schemes so efficiently. With the Metasys
IAC-600 in your facility, you’ll know you’re
holding the winning cards.
Power Requirements
Reader Capacity
Card Capacity
Dimensions (H x W x D)
Intelligent Access Control
115 VAC +/- 10%, 60 Hz
Per IAC-600, 8 standard, expandable to 16
Per IAC-600, 4400 standard, expandable to 16,000
18.9 in. x 15.1 in. x 7.3 in. (47.9 x 38.4 x 18.4 cm)
The performance specifications are nominal and conform to acceptable industry standards. For application at conditions beyond these specifications, consult
the local Johnson Controls office. Johnson Controls, Inc. shall not be liable for damages resulting from misapplication or misuse of its products.
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Milwaukee, WI 53201
4 Application Specific Controllers—Intelligent Access Control Product Bulletin
FAN 635
Metasys Network Sales Resource Manual
Release 4
Printed in U.S.A.
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