DL TC73 Integrated Service Digital Network (ISDN)

DL TC73 Integrated Service Digital Network (ISDN)
Integrated Service Digital Network (ISDN)
The system analyses the architecture and the operation of the ISDN digital network.
Training of an installation and maintenance technician for ISDN networks,
able to:
- know the operating principles of the
ISDN network
- install complete ISDN systems (telephone exchange, telephones, TA, …)
for audio, video and data transmission
- maintain, troubleshoot and perform
tests and typical operating measurements on the above systems
sm, Interface S: access control to channel
"D", Interface S: passive bus (bus-S),
The physical level of the primary access
Educational Path:
The educational path of this Training
Package covers the following subjects:
ISDN and OSI Model - The Network Level
Structure of the message, The information elements of the message: Protocol
discriminator, Call Reference, Message
Type and others, Example of base call
General concepts on ISDN
Generalities on the ISDN network,
Structure of the ISDN network
Basic structure of the ISDN network
Topography of an ISDN network,
Reference points - Interfaces
"U","T","S","R", Special interfaces, The
OSI Model
How to connect to the ISDN network
Connection through Base Access, Pointto-multipoint and point-to-point configurations, Configuration of the telephone
numbers, Connection through Primary
ISDN and OSI Model: The Physical
Interface U, Interface S: line code,
Interface S: frames, clock and synchroni-
ISDN and OSI Model - The Link Level
The structure of the frame HDLCLAPD, The structure of the frame
LAPD: the fields FLAGS and
ADDRESS, Control, Information, FCS,
The frames LAPD, Activation/deactivation of level 2 and management of the
TEI, Example of a session at level 2
The components of an ISDN network
The ISDN exchange, The ISDN telephone,
The Terminal Adapter, Devices for Video
Communications, Protocol Analyser
ISDN telephone communication
The ISDN exchange, ISDN single-number
and multi-number telephone network
List of modules:
TC73-MS: ISDN network
This module shows the block diagram of
the ISDN network, with reference to the
S bus.
The connections of the digital ISDN
(PABX) exchange to the terminals are
performed through this module.
Furthermore, it includes the following
Connector RJ45.
Point-point connections.
Point-multipoint connections.
S bus
TC73-DP: ISDN Digital PABX
2 ISDN So (Base Access) interfaces.
Standard Euro-ISDN.
Programmable services.
TC73-DA: ISDN Terminal Adapter
(Quantity two)
ISDN So interface.
V24/RS232 serial interface.
Speed 115 kbps.
Programmable through AT controls.
ISDN protocol analysis
Use of the ISDN tester, Protocol analysis
with tester and PC
TC73-DT: ISDN Telephone (Quantity two)
Keyboard and display.
ISDN data communication
The Terminal Adapter, Programming the
Terminal Adapter, Connection between
single-number TAs and connection
between multi-number TAs, Connection of
multiple devices on the S bus.
TC73-DN: Protocol analyser
Level 2 and level 3 ISDN analyses.
ISDN So (Base Access) interface.
Simulation of protocols.
Possibility of analysis through external PC.
Rechargeable batteries power supply.
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