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Why choose SV8100? Why NEC?
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15 Communication platform overview
UNIVERGE® SV8100 Introduction
Why choose UNIVERGE® SV8100?
The UNIVERGE® SV8100 is a unique communication solution for up
to 500 extensions. It improves business performance significantly by
making an entire workforce more reachable wherever they are based.
Part of the UNIVERGE®360 portfolio, the SV8100 creates ‘360-degree communication’ encompassing fixed, mobile and converged communication such
as e-mail, Presence and instant messaging. Executives have real-time access
to a full circle view of their business; managers easily communicate with team
members and supervisors; sales people have immediate access to the data
and resources they need to do their jobs anywhere they are.
In short, it makes Unified Communications a reality.
Why NEC?
• A leading global enterprise telephony solution provider
• Empowering our customers through over 100 years of experience
in IT and Networking
• Spanning the full spectrum of ICT products and solutions
• Investing over 2,7 billion Euro in research and development every year
• Employing more than 150,000 people worldwide
• The only global company in the world’s top 5 in both computers
and communications
• Unsurpassed technical support and logistics
• A reliable, stable partner with the mission to realize an information
society friendly to humans and the earth
UNIVERGE® SV8100 Introduction
Powerful and versatile
The SV8100 is the ideal communication solution for any workplace
The small office
The mobile worker
Aggressively priced when compared to other small systems,
The IP DECT range caters for any workplace, including new
but with enormous scaleability.
cutting edge security features.
Remote worker
The SV8100 offers productivity and efficiency tools that are usu-
Treat your mobile as an extension of the telephone system.
ally associated with more expensive, larger, corporate systems.
Get access to the same features that the desk-phone offers,
but with the freedom of a mobile phone.
The Call Centre
Powerful call management software ensures customer service
Hotels and Hospitality
levels, and your workforce are optimised at all times.
A range of specific features that will enhance a guest’s hotel experience, while at the same time optimising staff efficiency and
The branch office
sales of food, beverages and other products and services.
Can benefit from highly cost effective solution, stand alone and
networked to form one enterprise class system.
Healthcare environments
Provides true reliability where it matters most. Also includes
The homeworker
many bespoke features, including nurse call. Man-down and
The latest VoIP technology ensures call costs are minimised
location detection as well as text messaging to the handset.
and access to system features are maximised.
UNIVERGE® SV8100 Communication servers
At a glance
•Offered in both 6 slot, 19-inch stackable chassis
Robust, feature rich servers for both VoIP and traditional voice communications
and 9,5-inch 3 slot chassis configurations
• 512 IP stations
• 32 TDM ports
Business today demands efficient, seamless
VoIP and traditional voice support
• 200 trunks
communication that facilitates rapid decision-making
Deploy a pure IP solution or any combination of IP and traditional
•Embedded applications including voicemail,
and customer responsiveness. UNIVERGE®360 is
circuit-switched technology with a single SV8100 system.
NEC’s approach to help businesses succeed at this
Automated Call Distribution (ACD) and
mobile extension
Application integration - embedded
accelerated level.
Applications are easily accessed through simple license activation.
The foundation of UNIVERGE®360 is a unified infrastructure.
The UNIVERGE® SV8100 Communication Server is a key com-
Stackable architecture
ponent of this foundation and is the ideal system for businesses
The SV8100’s rack stackable chassis supports server functions,
that wish to compete and grow. This robust,
media gateways and media converters through a single unit.
feature-rich solution is completely scalable and can be expanded to meet your communications needs both now
and in the future.
UNIVERGE® SV8100 server
19-inch 6 slot
UNIVERGE® SV8100 server
9,5-inch 3 slot
UNIVERGE® SV8100 Handsets
Digital and IP terminals
DT310 Digital terminal
DT330 Digital terminal
• Available in 2 key non display or 6 key display
• Available with 12, 24 or 32 programmable keys
• Economical entry level phone
• Backlit keypad
• Hands-free
• Hands-free, full duplex
• Easy to use soft keys/LCD prompts on display model
• Headset support
• Directory dial key: 1000 system, 1000 group,
• Easy to use soft keys/LCD prompts
10 personal, 600 phone book
• Conference key
• Directory dial key: 1000 system, 1000 group,
10 personal, 600 phone book
• Wall mountable
• Navigation wheel
• Message waiting indicator
• Call history
• Wall mountable
DT710 IP terminal - features as DT310 plus:
Advanced business phones
- easy access to system features
• Low cost IP phone (ideal for office or home workers)
DT730 IP terminal - features as DT330 plus:
• VoIP encryption
• Backlit LCD screen
• Security lock key
• XML open interface - integrates into your
other applications
• VoIP encryption
DT330 LCD Digital terminal
Bluetooth handset
DT750 IP terminal
• Flexible user interface
• Class 1 Bluetooth – 50 metre range
• 7.5-inch colour TFT touch screen
• Backlit keypad
• 8 programmable keys on handset
• Backlit keypad
• Hands-free, full duplex
• Backlit keypad and display
• Security lock key
• Headset support
• Same user interface as the displayphone
• XML open interface - integrates into your
• Easy to use soft keys/LCD prompts
• Directory dial key: 1000 system, 1000 group,
• Directory dial key: 1000 system, 1000 group,
10 personal, 600 phone book
• Navigation wheel
10 personal, 600 phone book
• Navigation wheel
• Headset compatible
• Call history
• Easy to use soft keys/on screen prompts
• Call history
• Wall mountable
other applications
• Hands-free, full duplex
• Directory dial key: 1000 system, 1000 group,
Available on the DT330
10 personal, 600 phone book
• Navigation wheel
DT730 LCD IP terminal - features as DT330 LCD plus:
• Call history
• Ideal for hotdesking
• Wall mountable
• Backlit LCD screen
• VoIP encryption
• Security lock key
• XML open interface - integrates into your
other applications
• VoIP encryption
UNIVERGE® SV8100 Handsets
Unique business terminals and handsets
with an interchangeable design
UNIVERGE® SV8100 terminals and handsets are like no
other. Their modular construction means you can chop
and change the design for exact business requirements.
They can then be upgraded at a later stage without
having to replace them – a great investment protection.
Bluetooth handset
option - up to 50 metres wireless range
Add-on 8 line keys or
60 DSS key module ideal for receptions
and Call Centres
Feature-wise, time saving features such as company directories,
call history and speed dials are instantly accessible. Not only
does this improve productivity, it increases customer service
levels too.
Top end features on the IP phones include colour touch screens
and an ‘XML open interface’ which provides integration with
Microsoft Outlook databases and more.
5 good reasons to choose SV8100 terminals
and handsets
• M
odular construction - the interchangeable design
provides easy and cost-effective upgrades, helping to
future-proof this businesses investment
• C
ustomisable design - choose from a range of
add-on line key modules, faceplates, LCDs, keypads
and even printable side panels
• C
ustomisable function keys - can be adapted to the
exact individual requirements of a business
• U
ser-friendly interface - little or no staff
training required
• U
nique Bluetooth handset option - provides
wireless freedom from a desk, also links with
Bluetooth headsets and PDAs
Choice of function
keys - 12, 24 or
‘Desiless’ LCD
Choice of
Choice of side panel
colours with option of
logo printing
UNIVERGE® SV8100 Handsets
Terminal function guide
Alphanumeric display
• Backlit
• Time and date
• Extension name and number
• Incoming call info
(name and number)
7 different LCD colours
• Interchangeable to Bluetooth option
• Built-in headset port
Soft keys
Access to system features including:
• Directories
• Voicemail
• Message waiting
• Call back
• Conference
One touch keys
Access to system features including:
• Extension dialling
• Lines/call park
• Voicemail box
• Call recording
Speaker phone
XML open interface
• Integration into standard and bespoke
applications e.g. Microsoft® Outlook
Mute Key
Menu key
• Call history - redial/missed calls
• Directories
• Settings: ring volume, back light, headset
Adjustable stand
Navigation wheel
UNIVERGE® SV8100 Mobility
10 good reasons for IP DECT
• NEC offers established DECT technology
- reliable & secure
True business mobility
• Scaleable from 1 to 48 Access Points,
and even beyond
• Aggressively priced
The SV8100 range of IP DECTs offers a more flexible way
• Makes employees more reachable, helping to
of working. Access to the main system features mean
increase customer service levels
• Drastically reduces mobile phone costs
employees are more reachable, more quickly. This increases
responsiveness and therefore level of customer service.
• Is integrated with features from the SV8100
• Wide range of handsets for all user types and
• Unified communications - shared corporate
directory access, plus excellent presence feature
• Powerful text messaging and alarms, enable
quicker responses
IP DECT security features:
Text and alarm messaging
Provides numerous uses including alerts about incidents such as a fire,
nurse calls or status of industrial processes. Different priority levels can
be applied to each message.
• Future-proof investment - uses ‘open standards’
such as the open messaging interface, SIP tech-
Location detection
nology and standard GAP compatibility
By pushing the SOS button on the phone, the system locates the
position of the phone and alerts staff to provide assistance.
Ideal as cost effective entry level DECT
Detects when a handset is left in a horizontal position and sends an
• Calling name/number, call logging
alarm to other staff immediately for help.
• Internal directory: 40
• Headset support
M155 Messenger
Ideal for the demanding office user
Ideal for office users who require
Ideal for healthcare or demanding
Ideal for healthcare and hospitality
• Calling name/number, call logging
advanced voice and messaging
environments, eg industrial,
• Internal directory: 200
manufacturing, retail & warehousing
• Calling name/number
• Central directory
• Calling name/number, call logging
• Calling name/number, call logging
• Internal directory: 5
• SOS alarm key
• Internal directory: 200
• Internal directory: 200
• SOS alarm key
• Location detection
• Central directory
• SOS alarm key
• Location detection
• Headset compatible
• SOS alarm key
• Location detection
• Messaging (LMRS)
• Location detection
• Man-down alarm
• Hands-free
• Messaging (LMRS)
• Messaging (LMRS)
• Broadcast messaging
• Broadcast messaging
• Headset compatible,
• Headset compatible,
including Bluetooth
including Bluetooth
UNIVERGE® SV8100 Unified Communication
Good reasons for Business ConneCT
True Unified Communications
•One solution for Operators, Contact Center Agents
Do it right first time, every time
and Employees
•Improves efficiency, flexibility and productivity of
your employees
•Single point of contact for your customers, 24/7
Business ConneCT helps unify an entire organization,
Business ConneCT
•Simplified call handling - users manage all their
enabling individuals, departments and locations to
• Business ConneCT is very easy to use and hardly requires
communications from their desktop. Reduces
work more efficiently by ensuring seamless internal
any end-user training. One intuitive user interface shows the
waiting times and lost calls
and external communications. Users can connect from
relevant items on the screen, depending on your role.
•Facilitates mobile and home workers. Treats the
mobile and the desk phone as a single device,
wherever they are via phones, PCs, mobile devices,
faxes and the web - effortlessly.
• Business ConneCT is easy to install and maintain.
The installation process is guided via wizards and a System
using one number
•Multilingual announcements and user interface
NEC Philips Unified Solutions developed Business ConneCT
Health screen confirms that all critical components are
•Monitor and improve your business process.
as its all-in-one Unified Communications solution which allows
functioning correctly.
Presence reporting allows managers to monitor
employees to switch between various roles in the company:
activity of their team, helping to enhance employee
Contact Center Agent, Operator and Employee (desktop
user). The solution is based on state of the art Microsoft®.Net
technology, runs on a single server, while users can access
•Secure instant and mobile messaging, rich
the features on their PC, desktop or telephone
presence management and directories
•Integrates with Lotus Notes, Microsoft® Outlook,
Microsoft® Office
(mobile, DECT) terminals. Additional
features or more users can be enabled
•A single point solution with a single server - creates
by simply activating more licenses.
a simplified administration environment and is easy
• Business ConneCT offers tight integration with DECT
and mobile phones. The central company directory is
also accessible from DECT phones, including presence
information. Text messages can be sent to DECT and mobile
phone users from anywhere in Business ConneCT.
• Business ConneCT offers Unified Communications for a
really affordable price.
• Functionality can be purchased in volumes as low as one
to manage
Operator, Contact Center Agent or Employee. Additional
• Minimal user training required
features or more users in any mix of roles can be enabled by
simply activating more licenses, all software based.
• Business ConneCT enables you to improve your business.
Business ConneCT Contact Center creates a consistent
customer experience with a single point of contact for voice
calls and e-mails.
UNIVERGE® SV8100 Call Management
7 good reasons for MyCalls
• Improves customer service
A new standard in call management for businesses of any size
• Improves staff efficiency
•Helps manage and measure sales and
marketing activity
Enhanced call handling
• Aids staff training
Improves call handling efficiency and customer service by
MyCalls displays all relevant
• Call recording helps to solve disputes
presenting valuable caller details from company databases
call traffic as it is happens,
•Real time information enables supervisors to
including Outlook, Act!, Maximizer, SQL Server, CRM 4, Sage and
others direct to the users desktop before they answer the call.
Speed dialling, extension BLF (busy lamp field) and full control of
so any problems can be dealt
with instantly. Customised
alarms can be set when certain parameters are broken.
react quickly to changes in call traffic
•Call handling information can be displayed on a
plasma screen for motivational purposes
each call is available from the PC.
How much do missed calls cost a business?
Real time call management
Most businesses don’t even know – you can’t manage what you
Customisable displays allows a business to adapt quickly to
can’t measure. MyCalls helps follow up missed calls immediately;
changing conditions. For example, improving call handling,
provides real-time information about call handling throughout the
monitoring and managing advertising campaigns, controlling staff
day, indicating when additional staff may be required at critical
and call costs.
times, which could help prevent losing customers to competitors.
Respond to busy periods
Which businesses would benefit from MyCalls?
Call centre agents can respond to fluctuations in call volumes by
Any business that uses telephony with their customers, regardless
logging themselves into ACD queues.
of their size – it’s not just for call centres. Call recording is also
ideal for doctors, surgeries and financial companies who may
Call queues easily controlled
need to access previous calls, solve disputes, etc.
Supervisors can also control the ACD queues. They can log their
agents into queues from their desk, without the need for complex
Programmable alerts
re-programming of the ACD system.
A unique feature of MyCalls enables customisable parameters
to be set by the supervisor. This provides various alerts such as
Easy call recording
levels of unanswered calls at one time; phones left off the hook;
Telephone calls can be selectively recorded, played back and
calls exceeding preset duration or answer time; agents not at their
exported for e-mail. This simplifies and enhances training for call
stations etc. This means a supervisor is only alerted when action
handlers. It also means that call disputes can be resolved
is required.
UNIVERGE® SV8100 Other applications
At the click of a mouse, users can easily
access features such as speed dialling,
conference, call management and contact
lookup while benefitting from seamless
CRM integration.
Other applications
More feature-rich applications to increase employee collaboration and productivity
The operator can perform common user functions such as Transfer,
Already built into the SV8100 on a single server, users can enjoy one
Park and Page with a single mouse click.
touch access to voicemail as well as listen to messages remotely.
SP310 Softphone
Auto attendant
A portable solution which works with Desktop Suite. It’s like taking
Ensures customer calls are routed to the appropriate people
a system phone with you. Ideal for on the road and homeworkers.
and answered quickly and efficiently. When customers call in,
an instruction menu announcement is played, providing them with
a choice of dialling options.
The SV8100 interacts with popular contact and CRM applications
as well as Microsoft Outlook. It can connect to company databases
Desktop Suite
providing instant access to customer information.
PC Assistant
Screen pop-ups
The Desktop Suite’s PC Assistant enables workers to get more
Prompted automatically by a call, operators view caller ID as well as
done in less time by giving them the ability to manage telephone
customer information even before answering, enhancing customer
sets on their desktop PCs. With just a few clicks of the mouse, us-
ers can easily access features such as speed dialling, call management and contact lookup while benefitting from seamless CRM
Call logging and recording
integration. And, thanks to the robust networking capabilities of the
A complete record of all calls made and received can be made,
UNIVERGE SV8100, all extensions can be networked on a single
and also recorded as a .wav file with e-mail-forward options.
SV8100 system running the Desktop Suite.
Instant messaging
PC Attendant
Personalised instant messages can be sent to other operators to
The Desktop Suite’s PC Attendant helps improve call management
the PC screen or handset screen, even when a call is being taken.
and increase productivity by placing a complete attendant con-
sole right on the operator’s PC. It enables operators to work more
Shared whiteboards
efficiently by giving them the ability to transfer and manage calls on-
Users can share drawing tools over the network such as
screen through a completely intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI).
white–boards for more interactive conference calls.
UNIVERGE® SV8100 Communications platform at a Glance
Unified Communications
Unified Management
Business ConneCT
Call Management – MyCalls
Systems Management – PC Pro
Softphone SP310
Unified Messaging
UNIVERGE® SV8100 server
9,5-inch 3 slot
Digital and IP terminals
DT300 / DT700 Range
UNIVERGE® SV8100 server
19-inch 6 slot
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