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Handheld Spectrum Analyzer
Key Features
AV4022 is a high performance portable spectrum analyzer.
It has adopted a lot of advanced technologies in the
industry, for example the all locked—phase local and the
all—digitized medium frequency processing technologies.
All RBW/VBW filters and medium frequency/video
detectors are employing digital methods to reach a higher
technical level.
While boasting the performance of a table analyzer,
AV4022 excels in its small size, lightweight and good
mobility. With large capacity rechargeable lithium battery
inside, it is a good choice for premises where no external
power supplies are available.
The internal non—volatile memory can store 200
measurement data, which can be downloaded to a PC
through RS232 for future management, saving and
printing. The 6—inch VGA TFT color LCD is convenient
for observation of signal details.
1. Frequency Range: 9kHz ~ 3GHz
2. Frequency Readout Accuracy:
±(frequency reading*reference
3. Resolution Bandwidth:
100Hz~1MHz(1,3 steps)
4. Bandwidth Accuracy:
±25%(1MHz) ±10%(<1MHz)
5. Bandwidth Switch Uncertainty:
< 0.5dB
6. Video Bandwidth:
7. SSB phase noise:
<-75dBc/Hz(@30kHz,1G) <110dBc/Hz(@1MHz,1G)
8. Amplitude Range
+20dBm ~Noise Level
9. Max. Safety Level:
CW +27dBm DC Level ±20V
10. Display Average
Noise Level:
100kHz ~ 500kHz <-95dBm
(typical -100dBm)
>500kHz <-107dBm (typical
-115dBm )
Radiasun International Group Ltd.
11. Combined Level Uncertainty:
± 3dB (reference level~ 60dBc
lower than reference level,typical±
1dB )
12. Spurius Response: <-45dBc
13. Residual Response: <-80dBm
14. Frequency Response: ±1.2dB
15. Input Attenuator:
0~30dB (10dB step)
16. Input Port:
N female, 50?,Input SWR 1.5
17. Digital Port: RS232
18. Power Consumption:
< 15W (not including recharging
< 28W (including recharging
19. Operating time of fully-charged
battery about 4h
20. MTBF: >3500h
21. Weight: 3kg
22. Dimensions circa:
23. Environment
Adaptation conforms to thir-level
equipment standard in GJB39472000
The AV4022 Portable Spectrum Analyzer is easy to be operated.
It can either be laid flat or be stood up using the foldout support at the
back. It can be laid flat for operation from above. Because the grip is
slightly raised at the back, the AV4022 is tilted forward
to give the optimum-viewing angle for the display.
Front Panel Details
1). Softkeys
Each key is relative to some softkey on the display.
2). Function keypad
Including set and measure areas. The
before has Freq, Span and Ampl, which are the basic parameters.
The later has Frequency marker, Peak, Limit and Ampl. Marker can
read frequency and amplitude of the line and mark the maximum
values and auto-track the signal.
3). Cursor keys “?” and “?” control step or UP/ DOW N choice;
“?” is back key and deletes a number or character.
4).Numeric keyboard
Through this keyboard to input a
number or change one to another number.
5).On/off button.
6). Run/stop key: Sweep mode is single, to press it for one sweep.
7). Preset key: Return the default state.
8). DC Jack: DC power supply input jack,connect to AC supply through
an adapter.
9). Rotary knob: Change reference parameter and modulate them.
10).Enter key.
11).RS232 serial interface. Connect with communication cable to
download measure data to your computer and upload antenna factors.
12). Cancel key
13). Connector for headphone. The diameter is 3.5mm
14). Menu: Return to the default menu.
15). LCD.
16).RF input N connector. Through the cable, Input RF signal to
RF Input port, which allows the maximum power 27dBm (500mW
). Within 3 seconds, power can reach to 30dBm (1W ) and lead to
overload; if it lasts long time the spectrum analyzer will be damaged.
Desplay Details
Logarithm or linearity amplitude corresponding to Y-axis’s single grid
Reference level display.
Resolution bandwidth (RBW ). Video bandwidth (VBW ).
Center frequency or start frequency.
Span or stop frequency.
Marker-value readout. Marker.
Value input box. Trace.
Softkey menu.
Battery charge-level indicator.
Sweep mode: continuous or single
Temperature. Time.
Video average open/close
Detector mode
Press “Freq” to set frequency according to center, start and stop
frequency, and then set frequency Step. After setting step frequency, if
you want to change other frequency parameters, you can modulate
rotary knob and the cursor to the frequency you expected.
The span menu is used to set the frequency range over which the
instrument will sweep, the span can be set from 10 kHz to 3GHz.
Press [zero span] softkey to set the span to 0Hz.
Amplitude Parameters
to set reference level, whichis the top graticule line on
the display,and canbe set from +20dBm to -50dBm.
The default unit is dBm and dBV, dBmV, dBuV are optional
units. You can point the default unit by softkey [amplitude unit].
Scale decides resolution of Y-axis. The unit of Sacle is dB. Default
scale value is 10dB, also can be set to 5dB,2dB,1dB,0.5dB,0.2dB and
RBW(resolution bandwidth)
RBW decides the minimum frequency interval between two
equip-amplitude signals. Resolution bandwidth of the AV4022
spectrum analyzer steps from 100Hz to 1MHz with step 1, 3 and
10. The default RBW is automatically adjusted and relative to
span. RBW automatically reduces when span get small.
Video bandwidth
Video bandwidth can decrease noise floor and smooth trace, IF
signal after filtering and envelope demodulation becomes video
signal and envelope signal Video bandwidth of the AV4022
spectrum analyzer steps from 10Hz to 3MHz with 1, 3 and 10
step. The default video bandwidth is automatical relative to resolution
Marker key to open the Marker menu.The AV4022 spectrum
analyzer is equipped with five markers.
Basic Mark set
Mark 1 owns the functions of Max, Min and Mark To Center.
Delta marker set
Input frequency difference value on numerical area and press GHz,
MHz, kHz or Hz. It displays frequency difference between Mark
2 and Mark 1 on the right of the grid window. Amplitude unit is the
same with reference level.
Marker auto-locating function
Mark 1 has auto-locating function for easy operation, including
peak value, sub-peak value, and left neighbor and right neighbor peak
Harmonic Measurement
Since a spectrum analyzer can measure many different signals in
frequency domain,it is ideal for measuring harmonic level and harmonic
rate. A signal generator with 100MHz output frequency and 0
dBm output level is used in the following measurement example.
Save measure data
The AV4022 spectrum analyzer can save the measure marker and
measure state, and it is connected to PC with a series communication cable for downloading. The instrument can save up to 100 traces
and 10 instrument states that are available for any load.
Download measure data
You can connect one port of a series communication cable to the
serial port of the spectrum analyzer and the other port of the cable
to PC. Then the stored tracescan be downloaded to your computer by the specific software provided with the instrument.
Upgrade via PC.
The firm ware of AV4022 can be upgraded via PC when the meter is
linked by communication cable. You can get the upgrading software from
service center of download it from the Internet.
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