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Maximising Spring
Performance Springs is an engineering-driven spring manufacturer,
standing for innovation, quality and technical excellence.
Performance Springs works closely with OEMs and Tier 1
suppliers in sectors such as premier automotive, large diesel,
hydraulics and fluid handling, manufacturing high duty springs
used in products such as engine valves, fuel injectors, clutches,
powertrain, steering systems and hydraulic valves.
We offer the following services to our clients:
• Technical review
Performance Springs offers expert advice in order to develop innovative
technical solutions to maximise spring performance and avoid the risk of failure.
Springs produced without expert design input can fail. Although springs
may look simple, they actually have complex dynamics - particularly
when used for demanding applications such as engine valve springs
and fuel injector springs.
The analysis and fine-tuning of spring design can result in a
dramatic improvement in durability. Valve springs in particular
benefit from such expert design input, resulting in increased
engine valvetrain efficiency, lower emissions, reduced fuel
consumption and improved reliability.
This brochure provides information about a number
of aspects of our spring manufacturing service that
can offer significant benefits to our customers.
Prevention of spring problems
leads to significant cost savings.
• Failure analysis
We have an in-house laboratory, where we
undertake fast prototyping of new products.
Our effective logistics cope with complex
orders, ensuring on-time delivery.
We are committed to continuous
improvement and lean manufacturing.
Technical Review
We are delighted to carry out technical reviews for both new
and existing customers.
All our products are bespoke and the company uses a range
of Computer Aided Design (CAD) facilities at the design stage,
including 3D modelling and Finite Element Analysis (FEA).
A technical review can make a spring more efficient and more reliable
A technical review involves our spring designers working closely with the
customer’s engineers in a design partnership to enable full understanding
of the spring function within the application. We will then be pleased to
offer advice along with potential solutions.
Technical reviews include:
• Spring Drawing & Design
Innovative and Experienced Design Engineering Team
We work in close partnership with our customers from the initial design
concept, through prototyping to volume production.
With highly experienced design engineers and with extensive knowledge
of material selection we are able to optimise the design specification to
suit the customer’s individual requirements.
We offer advanced design services such as:
• Material Selection
• CAD Spring Design
• Stress Analysis
• Fatigue Life Prediction – Goodman Diagrams
• Goodman Diagrams
• Spring Design Optimisation
We continue to grow our business by assisting our customers
with their technical challenges.
• 3D Design Modelling
• FEA Finite Element Analysis
• Dynamic and High Dynamic FEA Meshing and Animation
• Dynamic Stress Analysis
• Dynamic Non-Linear Analysis
• Cam Cover and Moving Mass Analysis for Engine Valvetrain
Performance Springs has a comprehensive range of innovative
testing equipment, including multi-station fatigue testing,
non-destructive crack testing and engine head testing.
With our own research and development department, we work closely with
customers to develop new bespoke testing equipment for specific applications.
• Laboratory Testing Service
• Spring Measurement Testing (ie. Load/Rate-Length Curves)
• Fatigue Testing – Multi Station (elevated temperature option, subject to size)
• Engine Head Testing
• Dynamics and Resonance Testing
• Magnetic Penetrant Crack Testing
• Failure Analysis Service
Failure Analysis
Performance Springs has a comprehensive Metallurgical
Laboratory that offers advanced analysis of your spring
problems to recommend innovative solutions.
State-of-the-art digital microscopes, with high depth of field and 3D image
reconstruction, enable us to offer some of the best facilities available for spring
fracture analysis, to ensure we find the true root cause of your spring problems.
• Fracture Analysis
• Digital Microscopy
Stereo Microscopes
Compound Digital Microscopes
Extended Depth of Focus (EDF)
3D Image Reconstruction and Measurement
• Scanning Electron Microscopy
Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM)
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3D Design &
Finite Element
Analysis (FEA)
Performance Springs utilises the
latest in Siemen’s advanced 3D
design and finite element analysis
(FEA) software.
The analysis packages are
used during the design process
for the latest sophisticated
compression springs, for
instance beehive springs for
high speed race engines.
Using 3D software modelling, parts can be meshed
and animated. Stress analysis is then carried out
which allows the designers to define the best spring
shape and profile for manufacture. Static, dynamic
and high dynamic analysis is possible.
This process ensures that springs
manufactured by Performance Springs
are optimised for a higher fatigue life
and spring damping is highly efficient
for aggressive dynamic environments.
Market Sectors
We supply springs for high risk and high duty applications
to some of the world’s most prestigious organisations,
delivered on-time globally.
Almost 50% of our products produced are exported throughout the world
to regions including: Western Europe, North America, Asia, Middle East,
Far East, Eastern Europe, South America, Australasia, Africa.
Vehicle Industry
Hydraulic Power & Fluid Handling
• Premier Passenger Cars
•Valve, Pump, Motor & Actuator
• Race Cars
• Specialist Passenger Cars
• Light and Heavy Trucks
• Locomotive Power
• Marine Power
• Off Highway & Construction
• Industrial Power
• Defence Vehicles
• Power Generation
• Mining Industries
• Chemical Manufacturing
• Food & Brewing Industries
Rail Track Systems
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Manufacturing Capability
Performance Springs supplies the highest quality spring
products to some of the world’s most prestigious organisations
for applications including…
Performance Springs uses the best business systems and
innovative manufacturing processes to ensure the most consistent
and capable products at volumes from one to millions.
• Compression Springs
• Hydraulic Power Springs
• Engine Valve Springs
• Fluid Handling Springs
• Quality Management ISO9001
• Fuel Injector Springs
• Circlips
• Automotive Quality Management TS16949
• Clutch & Transmission Springs
• Brake Systems Springs
• Environmental Management ISO14001
• Suspension Springs
• Steering System Springs
• Health & Safety Management
Manufacturing facilities include:
• Tight Tolerancing
• CNC Coiling Machinery
• CNC Grinding Machinery
• Heat Treatment
• Shot Peening
• Hot and Cold Prestressing
In-line inspection
(Lean process)
Final inspection –
suitable for direct line feed
Performance Springs is the UK’s premier designer and
manufacturer of made to order, high quality, precision spring
products. Housed in a modern factory and using the latest
technology and state-of-the-art equipment, combined with the
unrivalled knowledge and expertise of its management team,
Performance Springs is a leading innovator in the field of high
performance spring technology. The company is committed to
growth and investment in both its workforce and the manufacture
of wire and sheet metal related products.
To Delight our Customers with
Excellence in Quality, Delivery, Sales
Service and Technical Ability and be
a Profitable World Class Specialist
Supplier of Precision Springs.
Challenge us with
your most difficult
spring application
Performance Springs Limited
Scafell Road
Queensway Industrial Estate
Lytham St. Annes
United Kingdom
T +44 (0)1253 716900
F +44 (0)1253 716911
[email protected]
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