Photonex 2013 is the UK`s Premier Photonics Event. This

Photonex 2013 is the UK`s Premier Photonics Event. This
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2013 is the
UK’s Premier Photonics Event.
This year we have two stands one
for ALRAD IMAGING and the other
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products and discuss your
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Photonex 2013 - Ricoh Arena, Coventry - Stand C21 ALRAD
IMAGING – Stand C22 ALRAD PHOTONICS -16-17 October 2013
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Can you see what’s happening on
your production line?
With Hindsight 20/20CAM you will.
ALRAD IMAGING is proud to announce it
can now offer the Hindsight 20/20CAM
from Monitoring Technology to our
customers in the British Isles.
The Hindsight 20/20CAM packs the power
of Hindsight into a small high speed
camera head. 20/20CAM's high speed
video is continually stored internal to the
camera “engine” with a massive storage
capacity. The “engine” offers full network
capability, thus offering a complete
camera and event history control from the plant floor or an office PC
on the corporate internet. 20/20CAM integrates camera, XP
embedded computing, a high-speed field programmable gate array
(FPGA) and patent-pending software technology into a single
The camera can be supplied with a choice of lenses including
computer controlled motorized zoom lenses.
The Hindsight 20/20CAM is sure to become your plant-critical
troubleshooting and predictive maintenance tool.
Short Wavelength IR Camera
For laser measurements, high temperature thermography,
waste sorting, bio medical imaging…
New Imaging
Technologies have
as their representative in
the UK for their new WiDy
SWIR camera, which
integrates an ultra wide
dynamic range InGaAs
sensor operating
from 900nm up to
1700nm. WiDy SWIR uses
a 320x256 pixels InGaAs
photodiode array sensor coupled to the NSC0803 wide dynamic
range read out circuit from NIT. The InGaAs photodiodes provide
a high QE signal response from 900nm to 1700nm. When used with
the NIT WDR ROIC technologies the InGaAs photodiodes
deliver more than 140 dB of dynamic range in a single
image without any external control. WiDy SWIR has a simple USB
digital output and is delivered with WiDy View software operating
under Microsoft Windows. The frame rate is software controllable
from 1Hz to 150 Hz and can be synchronized from an external IO
signal. Camera Package includes in Pelican box Case: one InGaAs
Camera with CS/C adaptor (lens optional), one WiDy View Software
(on USB stick), USB2 Cable and Trigger Cable.
Applications include Laser imaging, Instrumentation and
measurements, Semiconductor inspection, Spectroscopy, Waste
management, Medical imaging
ISVI –CORP – CoaXPress cameras
ISVI Corp specializes in advanced
camera technology for the high
resolution, high speed cameras for
the Aerospace, Military,
Automation, AOI, 2D/3D inspection
and Wafer Inspection applications.
ISVI was one of the first companies
to design and develop the
CoaXPress cameras with 4 BNC
connectors, for applications that
require high resolution combined
with high speed.
The CXP technology uses 4 coaxial cables or channels and each
channel can transmit up to 6.25Gbs giving a max of 25Gbps for all 4
channels. Using the coaxial cables will increase the data bandwidth,
with cable lengths of up to 40 meters compared to the maximum
standard CameraLink cable length of 10 meters.
The ISVI CXP cameras speeds can be configured from CXP-1 to
CXP-6. You can use 4 cameras to one frame grabber at a slower
speed by configuring the camera to CXP-1, or you can use 1 camera
at a max speed using the CXP-6 configuration.
The ISVI new 29MP and the 12MP CXP cameras are available as
Mono or Colour (8bit/ 10bit/12bit Raw Bayer). The 25MP CXP
camera is available in Mono or Colour (8bit/10bit). All cameras
have auto or manual white balance, gamma setting; low noise and
high dynamic range, with 25G shock and vibration rating.
The lens mount is available in F-mount (with flange back of
46.5mm) and the M42-mount (with flange back of 17mm).
ISVI offer M42 Telecentric lenses for high accuracy and no
Excellent new Panasonic cameras
The new HD block cameras from
Panasonic are in high demand due to
their outstanding performance.
Panasonic 1MOS FullHD
Module Camera with 4M Pixel
The Single Chip Full HD Module Camera
from Panasonic brings you outstanding HD
resolution and superior colour
performance at the right price, and the right size for a wide variety
of medical & industrial applications. With outstanding performance,
the camera delivers native 1080/50(60)p resolution, plus multiformat capability in a compact and lightweight camera module. It
features a 1/ 2.5 inch MOS 4 MegaPixel sensor and 10 x Optical
Panasonic 1MOS FullHD Module Camera
The Single Chip Full HD Module Camera from Panasonic brings you
outstanding HD resolution and superior colour reproduction at the
right size for a wide variety of professional AV, industrial and
medical applications. With outstanding performance, the camera
delivers native 1080/50(60)p resolution, plus multi-format
capability in a compac
compact and lightweight camera module. It features
a 1/ 2.8 inch MOS MegaPixel sensor and 30 x Optical Zoom.
Panasonic 1MOS remote head camera with
high definition up to 1080p Full HD
KH232E with its ultra compact size makes no compromise
The GP-KH232E
regarding picture quality in terms of resolution, sensitivity and
colour reproduction.
Thanks to the 1chip CMOS approach and
new DSP, the digital HD camera head
becomes very small. The video formats
1080p (through HDMI), 1080i, 720P,
576P/480P and 576i/480i are supported. The Video Out Terminals
digital HDMI as well as analogue RGB/YPbPr and Y/C are running all
simultaneously. Another box version GP
KH232CSE supports
HDSDI, HDMI and YPbPr. The camera achieves horizontal resolution
of amazing 900 TVL. With a requ
ired illumination of 2000Ix (at
The camera system also features Electronic shutter, Gain control,
Scene file, White balance, Electronic zoom, Image freezing, Flip &
Mirror and Dynamic range expansion that can be activated to
enhance the simultaneous display of light and dark objects.
Beside the boxed version the new HD micro camera system will be
also available as OEM components for the camera head and the CCU
control board.
Panasonic 3MOS Full
HD micro camera with
High Definition up to 1080p Full HD
The 3MOS Full-HD
HD Micro camera GP
GPUS932X is suitable for many applications
including medical (hospitals, microscopy),
industrial (quality control, inspection), live
science (research facilities, laboratories)
and broadcast (for example in
nature documentaries).
Quality starts with the Camera Head. Thanks to the newest CMOS
technology the GP-US932X
US932X delivers HD quality with one of the
smallest remote 3MOS camera head. The already at the head
fully digitized signal, the possibility to use d
ifferent cable lengths,
the ability to use many different video formats (HD/SD/digital/
analogue), the outstanding performance of 1000 TV
Lines resolution and the amazing light sensitivity of 2000lx at
F12 (activated Binning mode) turns the camera to an impressive
visual solution.
Additional functionality includes image rotation, flip and mirroring,
three pre-sets including the colour temperatures, the freeze picture,
2.5x electronic zoom, 12-axis colour matrix and frequencydepending detail enhancement makes this camera to an even more
versatile product.
HD technology available as OEM components. Panasonic also offers
the HD microcamera system as OEM components. The camera
head, the CCU control board and the signal cables are available. The
OEM version of the digital camera head is much smaller than its
predecessor and the power consumption has been further reduced
to 2.1W.
Structured light lasers for imaging
Line Generators for Machine Vision Offer Improved
The Coherent range of diodelaser based line generators deliver
enhanced flexibility, unique output
optimization capabilities, and
extended lifetimes. This StingRay
series of line generators,
manufactured by Coherent Inc.
will enable the construction of
faster and more accurate machine vision systems that utilize 3D
The StingRay series mates a diode laser with high performance
electronics and precision refractive optics for collimation and line
generation covering the widest available range of fan angles. They
also incorporate optional diffractive elements for creating complex
output patterns. Stingray models are available with output powers
as high as 200mW and at key wavelengths throughout the 450nm
to 1550nm spectral range, including the popular 450nm, 520nm,
635nm, and 660nm lines.
Standard Watt Pilot
The Altechna Standard Watt Pilot
consists of two high-performance
polarizing optics components placed
in a precision opto-mechanical
holder. The variable
attenuator/beamsplitter incorporates
a high-performance polarizing cube
beamsplitter which reflects s-polarized light 90 degrees while
transmitting p-polarized light. A rotating quartz Phase λ/2 Phase
Waveplate is placed in the incident polarized laser beam. The
intensity ratio of those two beams may be continuously varied
without alteration of other beam parameters by rotating the
waveplate. The ratio can be controlled over a wide dynamic range.
Pure p-polarization can be selected for maximum transmission, or
pure s-polarization for maximum attenuation of the transmitted
Are you looking for Quality Laser
Alrad is pleased to be able to offer
you the NoIR range of Laser Shields
high quality laser goggles.
Providing a coherent approach to
laser protection for the global
community of laser users.
Look Smart:
Laser goggles for medical, dental,
industrial, scientific and military applications. CE-certified
LaserShields exceed US and international laser safety standards.
NoIR-an independent laser eyewear specialist and US manufactureris dedicated to new product development and custom frequency
absorption. If a stock laser safety goggle is not available, contact us
to design a custom solution.
Quality laser goggles at competitive prices.
Optical components and thin film
Reynard Corporation
manufactures custom optical
components & thin film
coatings for use from 0.2um
to 50um (UV to far IR), to
demanding specifications for
military, aerospace, medical
and telecommunication
In-house services include
design support, optical and
mechanical fabrication, photolithography, component sub-assembly
and MIL-Spec environmental testing.
Reynard’s extensive manufacturing programme includes:•
Optical filters (for operation between 400nm and 9.5um)
Prisms, mirrors, windows, flats, retardation plates and beam
Custom coatings
High precision optics and complex
ELDIM is dedicated to providing
optical parts that meet customer
specification, to extremely high
precision. ELDIM enjoys working in partnership with their
customers, often working together to create specific process
suggestions or design modifications in order to increase the
manufacturability and accuracy of their lenses.
For internal needs, ELDIM manufactures optics in the visible range
in all forms but cylinders and free-forms. For customers, ELDIM’s
core business is focused on manufacturing spheres, aspheres and
windows up to 150-200mm diameter, in both visible and IR ranges;
proprietary processes have led to the development of an impressive
capability for processing silicon, germanium or ZNS windows. ELDIM
also manufactures square and spherical lenses up to 800mm.
Capabilities at Eldim consist of Grinding, Polishing, Lens Design,
Assembly, IR, Visibles, UV, Spheres, Aspheres and Plano.
Diffraction Gratings
Diffraction gratings from
Bach Research are routinely called
upon to service the highly demanding
requirements of Aerospace companies,
National Laboratories and the Space
programme. As a consequence they
have built up an extensive ruled
master stock, much of which is now offered in support of
commercial applications. In addition, a competitively priced new
master ruling service for OEM customers is also offered.
A wide range of diffraction gratings are offered to cover a variety of
applications –
Plane and Concave reflection
Original and replica, for
spectroscopic and high power
laser applications.
Gratings offered up to 2400
Transmission gratings from Ibsen
Polarisation independent gratings for telecom devices
Pulse stretching / compression gratings for use with
Femtosecond lasers
Gratings offered up to 5000 lines/mm
World Star Tech offers an extensive
range of laser modules and sensors.
World Star Tech is a dynamic company started
in 1996, focusing on laser applications.
As the company grew, they expanded their
product line into sensor, measurement,
biomedical, bio-analytical and laser illumination
areas. Today, they are a leading manufacturer and designer of laser
modules and laser sensors.
Their products have been successfully used in a wide range of
diversified applications from machine vision, alignment, and process
control to biomedical technology. World Star Tech's product line
includes an extensive range of laser modules and systems with
wavelengths ranging from 405nm to 1064nm with various power
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