Binding System
The AccuBind™ document binding system from
Standard is an ideal desktop binding system for
creating professionally bound documents. High
quality thermal-bound documents are produced
simply, quickly and economically. Finished documents lie flat when opened and have a bind that
will last for years. The one-step AccuBind system
eliminates the time consuming need to punch or
drill paper.
Simple desktop operation
Fast binding speed
Professional results
The AccuBind™ document binding system from Standard offers an
ideal solution for all types of binding applications, including sales
and marketing publications, annual reports, proposals, manuals, presentations and more. With a push of a button a document can be
securely and professionally bound: no punching or drilling needed.
Customize each document with
AccuBind binding
strips and covers,
or use your own
covers. The
AccuBind’s simple and efficient
operation creates
an exceptional
bound result that’s
perfect for corporations, quick printers,
small businesses, universities and
schools. Anyone who needs documents bound will be impressed with
the AccuBind Binding System.
Simple Operation
Simple push button operation binds from 5 to 250 sheets at speeds
up to 200 binds per hour. The AccuBind saves both time and
money over plastic comb and spiral binding methods which have
multiple step requirements such as punching, stacking and inserting.
Not only is the AccuBind document binding system fast and economical, it delivers a superior looking bind.
Quality Lay Flat Binding / Quality Appearance
Documents are securely bound and lie flat for easy referencing and
copying when open. The specially developed AccuBind thermoadhesive binding strips deliver
a strong, flexible and long
lasting bind. The AccuBind’s
high quality linen cloth binding strips are thermally
applied to the document
automatically with a precision pressure binding action
creating, a professional, flat square spine and a first class presentation with the strength to hold each and every page securely.
Reliable Operation
An extremely durable design and high quality construction provides
the operator with years of reliable operation.
Binding Operation
The AccuBind’s binding process is so simple that minimal operator
training is required. Upon inserting a document, the display panel
indicates which of the 5 tape widths to use. The machine automatically adjusts to the different sizes, making it simple for documents
of varying thickness to be bound on-demand!
One-Step Binding
The control panel tells the
operator which size tape to
use on each document. The
operator simply places the
tape color of choice into position and pushes a button. The
binding strip is automatically
positioned for a precisely registered bind. It’s that simple.
Professional Results
Create a professional image
with every document. Each
bound document will stack
neatly side by side and can
easily be inserted into an envelope. Sleek lines, a quality
appearance and durability that
lasts for years are all part of
every document bound on the
S p e c i f i c a t i o n s
Binding Speed:
Binding Capabilities:
Maximum Width:
Minimum Width:
Minimum Tape Overlap:
Binding Strip Lengths:
Binding Strip Widths:
Binding Strip Texture:
Binding Strip Colors:
Warm Up Time:
Binding Temperature:
Standard Accessories Included:
Power Requirements:
Machine Dimensions:
Machine/Shipping Weight:
18-20 seconds - up to 200 binds/hour
Up to 12"
Up to 1" (Approx. 250 sheets)
5 sheets (Plus cover stock)
8mm (5/16")
11", A4
5 standard widths (for 5-250 sheets)
Linen cloth
Black, white, blue, red, yellow, violet,
green, gray
Approx. 15 minutes
290° F
Document cooling tray with stacking
115V 60 Hz , 4.5 Amps
21 1/8 "W x 14 3/4"D x 12 1/2"H
66 lbs. / 80 lbs.
* Specifications are subject to change without notice.
Local Dealer:
Established in 1910, Standard is a leading supplier of duplicating and document
finishing equipment.
Standard, 10 Connector Road, Andover, MA 01810 n 1-800-526-4774 n Fax 978-470-2771 n
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