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Philips Incandescent
reflector lamp
Incandescent reflector bulb
60 W
Color-coated reflector light bulb
For striking indoor light effects
Philips colored reflector bulbs are designed for colorful, festive lighting, making them
suitable for a variety of special purposes. From children's rooms to night clubs, add some
joy to any space with these colored reflector lamps.
Special purpose lighting
• For specific applications
Incandescent reflector bulb
60 W E27, Blue, Dimmable
Bulb characteristics
Light characteristics
Shape: Reflector
Cap/fitting: E27
Voltage: 230 V
• Application: Accent light
• Beam angle: not applicable degree
For specific applications
• Lifetime of lamp: 1000 hour(s)
• Average life (at 2.7 hrs/day): 1 year(s)
Power consumption
• Wattage: 60 W
• Energy efficiency label: E
Bulb dimensions
• Height: 116 mm
• Width: 80 mm
Philips special purpose incandescent light bulbs are
meant to be used for specific applications. Light bulbs
for general home lighting are available in the Philips
halogen, energy-saving, and LED ranges.
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