Enabling Devices 1589X User guide

Enabling Devices 1589X User guide
5. Installing your iPad:
i Pad: Now that you have your mounting arm assembled and
adjusted you can now place your iPad into the holder. Slip one side of your
iPad under the bungee cord holder, making sure you have all your ports lined
up with the holder. Adjust and secure with the second bungee cord holder
(See Fig. 4). This mount will hold an iPad 1 or 2 with or without a case. (We
recommend our case Item No.1555 for the iPad 1).
iPad Mounting System #1556
Video: For more detailed setup information please view our setup video at:
www.enablingdevices.com and type in the Item no. 1556 in our search box and
then click on the results to take you to the video.
Do not over tighten the adjusting knobs, or try to move or adjust the m
system after you have tightened the adjusting knobs. Doing so can damage
the Mounting System and void your warranty.
Care of Unit:
The Mounting System can be wiped clean with any mild household multi-purpose
cleaner and disinfectant. Do not use abrasive
abrasive cleaners,
cleaners as they will scratch the
surface of the unit.
For Technical Support:
Call our Technical Service Department
Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (EST)
[email protected]
50 Broadway
Hawthorne, NY 10532
Tel. 914.747.3070 / Fax 914.747.3480
Toll Free 800.832.8697
The ultimate accessory!
Our terrific mounting system has three parts: a mounting platform, a light duty
mounting arm, and a clamp. The mounting platform is designed for easy access to
all of the iPad’s electronic ports. It also has two flexible cords to securely hold the
iPad. The light duty mounting arm expands from 14½" to 24" for maximum
flexibility and reach. The clamp allows you to easily mount the system to a
wheelchair or tabletop. Mounting System works with both iPad 1 and iPad 2. It is
also compatible with the iPad 1 case (#1555). Platform size: 10¾"L x 9½"W x
1½"H; Arm size: expands from 14½"L to 24"L.
1. Mounting Arm Assembly: Your mounting system consists of three main parts,
an adjustable arm, iPad mounting plate and a clamp. First you will need to
assemble the 3 main parts. To attach the clamp to the arm, loosen the set
screw on the clamp (see Fig. 1). Next depress the Silver Spring loaded locking
pin, then push one of the ends of the mounting arm into the clamp(see Fig. 2)
Please Note: you need to line up the flat part of the Mounting Arm end post
with the set screw in the clamp. This will prevent the arm from spinning freely
inside the clamp. Once this is done you can tighten the setscrew to lock the
Mounting arm to the clamp.
At this point we recommend you place your mounting arm without the iPad
holder and do a rough setup, you can fine tune your adjustments after you
have placed the iPad holder on the arm. Do not force or try adjusting the arm
without first loosening the set knobs for that portion of the arm. Each section
of the arm has a set knob. Once you have the arm in the desired position you
can tighten the knobs to lock the arm in place.
4. Once the arm is in position you can now place your iPad and holder on the
arm. First back off the set knob on the iPad mount holder until it is flush with
the inside of the opening. This is necessary to allow the holder to be pushed
all the way down on the mounting arm post. The post at the end of the arm
also has a flat spot, which needs to be lined up with the set screw on the iPad
holder’s base. Once this is done you can tighten the set knob to lock the
holder to the arm. Please Note: Make sure to back the set screw enough to
allow the holder to be pushed all the way down on the post of the arm, failure
to do so will cause the iPad to fall off the mounting arm and a fall could cause
damage to your iPad. (See Fig. 3).
Fig. 1
2. Clamping Options: Our mounting clamp is designed for mounting to tubular
(wheelchair, bedrail, walker, etc.) or flat surfaces such as a table top or desk.
For flat surface mounting use the included wedge insert shoe stored in front
of the locking knob on the clamp (see Fig.2) Loosen locking knob slightly to
remove wedge, tighten knob once wedge has been removed.
Tighten Set
Fig. 3
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