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“Japanese Stab binding provides a simple sewn solution to binding
single sheets of paper together. The visible decorative sewing along the
spine gives the book its characteristic appearance.”
(Bookcraft, Heather Weston, 686.3 WES)
Paper cut to rectangular size for pages
2 Covers of heavier paper, the same size as the book pages
Pencil (Mechanical pencils are great for making books – always sharp.)
Large needle with large eye
Yarn, waxed linen, embroidery floss
Step 1.
Arrange with
covers on
outside and
pages inside.
Step 2.
With a pencil, lightly draw a line measuring
3/4” from the short edge. (This will be the
Step 3.
Using the drawn line, mark holes 1/2” from
each side and 2 evenly spaced in the middle.
Step 4.
Clamp and punch 4 holes with awl or large
Step 5.
Begin stitching in one
of the middle holes on
the front. Go through
all layers and leave a
tail about 3” long.
The needle is now on
the back side.
(For ease, you may add a knot but leave length
for tying off at the end.)
Step 6.
Go to the next hole on the back towards the
bottom and stitch through. Hold tail down and
pull snug.
Step 7.
Stitch through last hole on front to back.
Hold tail down and pull snug.
Step 8.
Wrap around bottom edge of book and stitch
through front to back.
Step 9.
Stitch from back to front working back toward
the middle keeping thread tight.
Step 10.
Go back through the first stitch hole holding the
tail down.
Step 11.
Repeat stitching on bottom as for top side. You Finished book with line of stitching forming the
will end up with a line of stitching on both sides spine.
from edge to edge. Tie off the two ends with a
square knot
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