Cerber SA-09. Indoor siren

Cerber SA-09. Indoor siren
Cerber SA-09. Indoor siren
Instructions for use
version 1/ June 2005
SA-09 is an accoustic warning unit for indoor use, externally powered, embodying a 12V
DC electronic siren activated by means of a separate trigger input whose active level can
be user-defined as of negative or positive polarity.
SA-09 is protected by a shock resistant hard plastic enclosure. Two tamper switches
present on the printed circuit board can signal to an external security equipment the events
of the unit lid being removed or the unit being pulled off the wall. SA-09 is a piezo-electric
resonator-based siren.
Sound pressure: 115 dB @ 1m
Supply voltage: 12 V DC nominal (between 10.8 and 14.6 V DC)
Average supply current: standby: 1mA; alarm condition: 300mA
By placing the JP1 jumper on one of the “+” or “–“ marked
positions, the user can define the polarity of the signal
applied to the TRIG input as positive (12V) or negative (0V).
If the jumper is not placed on either position, the indoor siren
will not function.
To directly trigger the siren whenever applying the supply voltage, the JP1 jumper will be
placed on the “+” position and the “12V” and “TRIG” inputs (see below) will be shorted.
12V, GND – connect the positive and
negative terminals of a 12V DC power
TRIG – siren triggering input
TAMPER – an input connected to both
tamper switches of the siren. Connect
this input to a 24h loop zone of your
alarm system
PIEZO – piezo sounder control voltage output, default is connected
SA-09. An innovative product of ROEL electronics SA
ROEL electronics
Str. Calimachi 27-29, Sector 2, 023496, Bucharest, Romania
Tel: +40212044700 Fax: +40212422030
E-mail: [email protected] Web www.roel.ro
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