Light-Up Dice Instructions

Light-Up Dice Instructions
Light Up Dice Instructions
Light Up Dice can be used to play any of your favorite dice games!
Below are instructions to some that we think are extra fun.
5 - Dice
1 - Collapsible Dice Cup
Knock Out : Played with 2 dice, and 2 or more Players.
Each player chooses their own “knock out number”, which must be 6, 7, 8, or 9
More than one player can have the same “knock out number”
Players then take turns rolling to two dice. If the dice add up to your “knock out number”
you are out for that round. The last person to be knocked out wins the round! Keep track
of winners and play as many rounds as you want.
Run for It: Played with 5 dice, and 2 or more Players.
Player 1 throws all 5 dice. From the numbers that come up, they try to make the biggest run they can.
Each number in the run is worth 10 points (for example 2,3,4 would be worth 30 points). Each player
rolls once per round. Add the scores for each round. The first person to reach 150 points is the winner!
Stuck in the Mud: Played with 5 dice, and 2 or more Players.
Player 1 rolls all 5 dice. If any 2’s or 5’s appear these are now “stuck in the mud”, add up the total of the
remaining dice and roll them again, setting aside any dice that had been 2’s or 5’s. Player 1 continues
to throw the dice and add up the scores until all 5 dice are stuck and it is the next players turn.
Once all players have gone, you are done with the first round. After 5 rounds, add up all
of the scores. The player with the most points wins!
Pig: Played with 1 dice, and 2 to 4 Players.
Player 1 rolls the dice. If the dice is a 1, that player’s turn is over and they gets no points.
If any number but a 1 is rolled the player has two options...
Hold to keep the amount of points that are on the die
Roll again to try and gain more points
Once the player decides to hold, they add together the points for all of their rolls, but if the
player rolls a 1 they get no points for that turn. The first person to reach 100 points is the winner!
Going to Town: Played with 3 dice, and 2 or more Players.
Start by rolling all three dice. Hold the highest die and roll the remaining two. Hold the highest die again,
and roll the last die. Now add the three numbers for your total score. Play as many rounds as you want.
The player with the highest score wins!
Three or more: Played with 5 dice, and 2 or more Players.
The object of the game is to get 3 or more of a kind. The more that you get, the more you score.
The player with the highest score after 5 rounds is the winner. Start by rolling all 5 dice. You must
have 2 of a kind to continue playing. If you don't, write “0” for your score for this round and pass
the dice to the next player. If you rolled 3, 4 or 5 of a kind on that first roll, score as below:
3 of a kind = 3 points
4 of a kind = 6 points
5 of a kind = 12 points
If you rolled only 2 of a kind, you have one more turn to improve your score. Put those 2 dice aside
and roll the others again. If you succeed, score as above, but if you don’t your score is “0” for that round.
Beat that!: Played with 2 dice (Can add dice to make the game more challenging) and 2 or more Players.
Each player takes a turn rolling the dice and placing them in order to make the highest number possible.
For example, player 1 rolls a two and a three, they have 32. If player 2 rolls a six and a four, they win the
round by having the highest number. After each turn the player must challenge the next player saying,
“Beat that!” Play this game in as many rounds as you like, assigning a winner to each round.
Fifty: Played with 2 dice, and 2 or more Players.
Player 1 rolls both dice. The objective is to get the same face numbers on both dice (doubles).
The player earns points only if they get double numbers in each roll. The score depends on the double
numbers of the dice. The first player to accumulate 50 points wins the game!
Five points will be rewarded in every double 1, 2, 4, 5.
Twenty five points will be given to players who roll a double 6.
If a player rolls a double 3, their entire score goes back to “0.”
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