Lifetime Warranty

Lifetime Warranty
Lifetime Warranty
Terms & conditions
Our Lifetime Warranty reflects our confidence in the high quality of our design, engineering,
production and product performance. We confirm that our products are manufactured in
accordance with the current Australian safety requirements and quality standards which are
applicable to our products, and that our products are free from defects on materials and
workmanship at the time of purchase.
Under the conditions mentioned herein, this warranty may only be invoked by consumers in the country that they
purchased a Maxi-Cosi seat in, and by a subsidiary of the Dorel Group or by an authorized dealer or retailer (1).
Our Lifetime Warranty covers all manufacturing defects on car seats, strollers and/or carry cots in materials and
workmanship when used in normal conditions and in accordance with our user manual, for the first user after
registration on our website within 3 months of purchase. The Maxi-Cosi Lifetime Warranty applies to any product
manufactured from March 1, 2016. To request repairs or spare parts under our warranty for defects in materials and
workmanship you must present your proof of purchase and your personal Lifetime Warranty certificate, which you
received from us after registering your product. Make sure to retain your certificate and purchase receipt for as long
as you use our products.
Our Lifetime Warranty does not apply to defects caused by normal wear and tear, damage caused by accidents,
abusive use, negligence, fire, liquid contact or other external cause, damage which is the consequence of failing to
comply with the user manual, damage caused by use with another product, damage caused by service by a repair
agent not authorized by Dorel, or if the product is stolen or if any label or identification number has been removed
from the product or has been changed.
Examples of normal wear and tear include wheels and fabric worn down by regular use and the natural breakdown
of colours and materials due to normal aging of the product.
Lifetime Warranty:
Lifetime Warranty applies to the lifetime of your product, not to the lifetime of a human. The lifetime of a car seat is
10 years for the hardware, and 3 years for the fabric. To claim this Lifetime Warranty you need to register your car
seat, stroller and/or carry cot on our website, within 3 months of purchase. To register you need to upload a valid
purchase receipt, handed to you by an authorized dealer or retailer (1).
What to do in case of defects:
Should problems or defects arise, your first point of contact is your authorized dealer or retailer (1). You must
present your proof of purchase and your personal Lifetime Warranty certificate.
If you submit a valid claim under this warranty, you will need to return your product to the authorized dealer or
retailer recognized by us, or that you ship the product to us in accordance with our instructions. Shipping of all
products are the responsibility of the owner, and at the owners cost. We will pay for shipment of return freight if all
instructions are followed. Damage and/or defects neither covered by our warranty nor by the legal rights of the
consumer and/or damage and/or defects with respect to products that are not covered by our warranty can be
handled at a reasonable fee.
Rights of the consumer:
A consumer has legal rights pursuant to applicable consumer legislation, which may vary from country to country.
The rights of the consumer under applicable national legislation are not affected by this warranty.
This Warranty is provided by Dorel Australia. We are registered in Australia under Australian Business Number ABN:
77124078762 . Our trading and postal address is 655-685 Somerville Road Sunshine West Victoria 3020.
(1) Products purchased from an Authorised Dorel Dealer retailers or dealers that remove or change labels or
identification numbers are considered unauthorized. Products purchased from unauthorized retailers are also
considered unauthorized. No Warranty applies to these products since the authenticity of these products cannot be
PLEASE NOTE: The Maxi-Cosi Lifetime Warranty applies to any product manufactured from March 1, 2016. If you
transfer the ownership of your product then your Warranty is void. If you move overseas and take the product with
you then the Warranty is void.
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