Valve Body Installation

Valve Body Installation
Valve Body Installation
3/4” rough mixer unit for thermostatic set
(COLD) Mark
indicates COLD side
Remove these parts after installation
Plastic cover
(HOT) Mark indicates
HOT side
Plug to close off either
top or bottom outlet
Make sure to mount this valve adapter to the stem of the
valve body. (This is packaged separately in valve box)
Rough Valve Installation Guide
*Align the valve so the HOT side is facing you on the left, COLD on the right. Hot and Cold sides are
marked on the valve body.
*You may use the top or bottom outlet when connecting your volume control, but not both. Use the plug
provided to close off the outlet not used. If you are using multiple volume control valves, they all must
branch off the main line.
*Mount valve to cross support using shims and screws (not included) between wall studs. Use the
valves protective cover to determine the placement of the cross support.
*Use the provided plastic valve cover as your rough-in guide. This guide will show you the distance
necessary for proper placement of the valve in relation to the finish wall. This step will insure that trim
cover and handle will fit at the end of your installation.
Max (2
(1 5/8”)
Plastic cover/
finished wall
Cartridge stem
(It has been
calibrated at
our factory to the
proper position)
Finished wall
Replacement parts
This cartridge is designed for a minimun of maintenance in normal domestic use. If malfunctioning
occurs, a complete cartridge replacement is necessary. The cartridge has not internally serviceable
parts. If replacement parts are required, contact your installer or dealer.
Connecting Water Supply
1_Thoroughly flush supply lines to remove any debris, metallic shavings, flux, etc.
2_Shut off water supply to valve.
3_Hot and Cold water supplies MUST be connected to designated sides for proper operation of valve.
4_If solder/brazing connections, pre-assemble hot & cold adapters (not provided) to copper piping. Use
Teflon tape or equivalent to connect adapters inlet port.
IMPORTANT: All excessive heat shall be a minimun of 4” from valve.
5_Connect outlet pipe to stop valve/volume control (not included).
6_Connect stop valve pipe to various end devices.
7_Turn on water supply to valve and check for leaks.
Outlet pipe
for shower
Cold water
Hot water
Cartridge stem
(It has been calibrated
at our factory to the
proper position)
FV S.A. & FVA reserve the right to make revisions without notice in the design of faucets and bathroom accessories or in packaging.
FV S.A. se reserva el derecho de introducir mejoras y/o modificaciones de diseño según convenga, sin previo aviso. FOLFV217.BASE / Edition No 1 _ June, 2010.
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