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Keysight Technologies
RS232/UART Protocol Triggering
and Decode for Infiniium 90000
Series Oscilloscopes
Data Sheet
This application is available in the following license variations.
–– Order N5462A for a user-installed license
–– Order Option 001 for a factory-installed license with new
9000 Series oscilloscopes
–– Order N5435A Option 031 for a server-based license
Easily debug and test designs that include RS-232/UART
using your Infiniium 90000 scope
Lower-speed serial bus interfaces such as RS-232 and other UART (universal
asynchronous receive and transmit) interfaces are widely used today in
electronic designs. In many designs these serial buses tend to provide contentrich points for debug and test. However, since these protocols transfer bits
serially, using a traditional oscilloscope has limitations. Manually converting
captured 1’s and 0’s to protocol requires significant effort, can’t be done in
real-time, and includes potential for human error. In addition, traditional scope
triggers are not sufficient for specifying protocol-level conditions.
Extend your scope capability with the Keysight Technologies, Inc. RS-232/UART
Triggering and Decode application. This application makes it easy to debug and
test designs that include RS-232/UART protocols using your Infiniium 90000
–– Set up your scope to show RS-232/UART protocol decode in less than
30 seconds.
–– Get access to a rich set of software-based protocol-level triggers.
–– Save time and eliminate errors by viewing packets at the protocol level.
–– Use time-correlated views to quickly troubleshoot serial protocol problems
back to their timing or signal integrity root cause.
Easy to find
30 Second RS-232/UART Setup
Support for any analog channels
Turn decode on/off in the “Setup”
menu. View decode embedded
on the waveform display or in the
protocol viewer listing window.
(See pages 4-5).
Configure your oscilloscope to display
protocol decode in under 30 seconds.
Use “Auto Setup” to automatically
configure sample rate, memory depth
and threshold and trigger levels.
Acquire serial buses using any
combination of scope channels.
RS-232/UART setup and triggering
Get access to a rich set of integrated protocol level triggers. The application
includes a suite of configurable protocol-level trigger conditions specific to
RS-232/UART. The application uses software-based search triggering when
serial triggering is selected.
With software-based protocol triggering, the oscilloscope takes signals acquired
using either scope or digital channels and reconstructs protocol frames after
each acquisition. It then inspects these protocol frames against specified
protocol-level trigger conditions and triggers when the condition is met.
RS-232 Trigger Setup
Quickly access protocol triggering via
the scope’s trigger menu. Choose Tx
or Rx and specify RS-232 trigger in
HEX, binary decimal, or ASCII up to
27 words.
Baud rate settings
Enter any baud rate between
1,200 kb/s and 10 Mb/s, or click on
up/down arrows to go to one of many
pre-defined common baud rates.
Payload editor
Choose trigger length between one to
27 words and use the payload editor
to specify data values word by word.
Set trigger
Enter trigger condition in HEX, binary,
decimal or ASCII.
RS-232/UART protocol decode and searching
RS-232 decode embedded in waveform
Utilize the oscilloscope waveform area to
display decode information. Minor ticks
indicate clock transitions and major ticks
show the beginning and end of each word
in the serial packet.
RS-232 protocol decode with precise time-correlation between waveforms and listing
Keysight’s protocol viewer includes correlation between the waveforms and the selected
packet. The selected packet, highlighted blue row in the listing, is time-correlated with
the blue line in the waveform display. Move the blue tracking marker in time through
waveforms and the blue bar will automatically track in the packets window. Or, scroll
through the packet viewer and highlight a specific packet. The time-correlation tracking
marker will move to the associated point in the waveform.
Full screen RS-232 listing
Post-acquisition searching
Quickly find occurrences
Fill the entire display with compact
protocol information using the full screen
listing. The protocol viewer window
shows the index number, time stamp
value, and data content for each serial
packet in the list. Scroll though all
decoded serial packets to find events of
interest or errors in the transmission.
Data in the listing window can be saved
to a .csv or .txt file for off-line analysis or
Search acquired protocol listings using a
menu that is identical to the trigger menu.
Quickly move to next occurrence of a
specified event.
RS-232/UART protocol decode
Use spare analog channels to simultaneously view other signals
time-correlated with RS-232/UART decode.
View decode in listing window in HEX,
decimal, binary or ASCII.
E2697A High impedance adapters let you make RS-232/UART
measurements with passive probes with 1 MΩ impedance.
RS-232/UART specifications and characteristics
UART protocols supported
RS-422 up to 10 Mbp/s, differential probing recommended.
RS-485 up to 10 Mbp/s, differential probing recommended.
Other UART interfaces which admit to user-specified parameters
available in the application.
The application relies on probing and trigger/measurement thresholds
to properly condition the signal for triggering and decode.
The Infiniium 90000 Series requires E2697A hi-pod adapters for probes
with 1 MΩ impedance.
Tx and Rx source
Analog channels 1, 2, 3, or 4
Any waveform memory
Auto setup
Automatically configures trigger levels, measurement thresholds, memory depth, sample
rate, trigger and holdoff for proper decode and triggering.
Decode word size
User-selectable: 5, 6, 7, 8, or 9 bits
Parity: odd, even, none
Decode bit order
User-selectable: LSB or MSB
Supported baud rates
User selectable: 1.2 kb/s up to 10 Mb/s
Idle Polarity
User selectable: low or high
User selectable: transmit or receive
User selectable data length: 1 to 13 words (each word takes 2 trigger symbols)
Word size selectable from 5 to 9 bits
Enter trigger in HEX, binary, decimal or ASCII
Ordering information
This application is compatible with all 90000 Series oscilloscope models.
node-locked license for
new scope purchases
Server-based license
(N5435A option)
RS-232/UART triggering
and decode
Sharing the application across multiple instruments? Serverbased licensing allows users to borrow an application license
for a fixed time period.
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