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PS12-USB Automatic
USB/Battery Pencil Sharpener
Operating Instructions
Please read the following instructions carefully before operating your sharpener
To be used under adult supervision only
Compatible Pencil Sizes
L 84 x W 72 x H 76mm
6mm to 12mm
Connecting your Sharpener
This automatic pencil sharpener will operate using either batteries (not included) or via a
USB port (cable included).
To operate using the USB cable, insert the connector into the rear of the sharpener
marked “USB”. Insert the USB socket into your computer or USB plug adaptor to
power the sharpener.
PLEASE NOTE: If the sharpener is connected to a computer USB port, the power may
not be as efficient to fully power the sharpener as it would be if the USB was connected
to a mains power outlet.
Using the Sharpener
Ensure the sharpener is placed on a
stable, rigid surface before inserting
a pencil into the hole. Also ensure the
shaving tray is in place and tightly
closed before use.
Guide the pencil into the appropriate
hole size and for 9-12mm pencils open
the safety-lid cover first to expose the
hole. The motor will start automatically.
Hold pencil steady while sharpening and
remove after 3-4 seconds (prolonged
time can damage motor).
Emptying the Shavings
1.Empty the shavings tray when it is half full.
The sharpener will not operate properly and
serious damage can be caused if the tray is
2.Hold the sharpener vertically over a bin
before removing the shavings tray.
3.Hold both sides of the cover and pull it out.
Clear the contents of the shavings tray and
place the cover back firmly.
4.The sharpener will not operate unless the
shavings tray is replaced correctly.
Replacing the Blade Units
The Rapesco PS12-USB is supplied with
2 x standard size and 2 x jumbo size
replacement blade units.
3.Insert the replacement blade unit,
pressing up into the sharpener and
lowering into position.
1.Remove the cover, ensuring that
shavings have been emptied first.
4. Reattach the cover.
2.Remove the old blade units by lifting
them into the sharpener to remove
them from their mounting.
PLEASE NOTE: Do not touch the cutting
blades themselves. Remove and install
new blade units by holding the plastic
casing only.
Installing Batteries
1.Open the battery compartment at the bottom
of the sharpener.
2.Insert four new AA Alkaline or rechargeable
batteries into the compartment according to
the diagram below making sure to observe
correct polarity.
3. Close battery compartment.
Removing broken lead from the blade unit
To remove a broken pencil lead from the cutter
unit, remove the unit as shown in ‘Replacing the
Blade Units’. Use the tip of a pencil to dislodge
the lead by sliding it back and forth against the
blade until the broken lead is released. Do not
use a metal object (eg. scissors or screwdriver
as this may damage the blade).
Cleaning your Sharpener
Regular cleaning will ensure that your sharpener operates efficiently.
1.Use a small brush (e.g. thick paintbrush or toothbrush) to clean the cutting blade.
Never use metal objects as this may damage the cutting blade.
2.The shavings tray can be removed and cleaned with water only, but ensure it is fully
dry before reusing.
3. Do not clean the main sharpener unit with water or any other liquids.
Coloured Pencils
1. Sharpening coloured pencils causes wax to build up on the cutting blade.
2.We recommend alternating between coloured and graphite pencils as graphite will
help to clean the blade, as well as regular cleaning as per the instructions above.
Tips & Warnings
1.Applying too much pressure or forcing the pencil may cause the motor to jam. If speed
slows, reduce pressure on pencil until motor returns to normal speed.
2.The sharpener will not function while the front cover is removed. Ensure the cover is in
place before commencing sharpening.
3.Sharpening coloured pencils will leave a residue on the blades and it is important to
clean the sharpener after use.
4.Please note that pastel pencils are much more abrasive than graphite pencils and can
cause sharpener blade to require frequent replacement.
5. Never pull on the cord to turn the sharpener off.
6.Do not use for sharpening crayons, chalk or soft waxy pencils. Such material will clog
the sharpener blades.
7.DO NOT touch or attempt to remove the actual blades off the cutting unit.
8. DO NOT drop the unit.
9.As with all electrical appliances, keep out of the reach of small children and DO NOT
insert fingers into the cutting holes.
10.This is a pencil sharpener only, do not insert any other objects into the sharpener.
11.Do not mix old and new batteries, always replace all 4 batteries at the same time.
12.Do not mix alkaline, standard (carbon-zinc), or rechargeable (nickel cadmium)
batteries, all 4 batteries must be the same type.
13.To avoid damage from battery leakage, remove batteries when sharpener is not used
for long periods.
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