Cable Ties and Fixings
Cable Ties and Fixings
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User guide for fixing ties
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This fixing tie is based on an arrowhead offering high extraction
forces. The arrowhead is securely in place when a click can be heard
and felt by the user.
Arrowhead with disc
The disc minimises the ingress of dust, dirt and water. Furthermore a
safe fixation inside the drill hole is assured that withstands pressure
from various directions.
Arrowhead with supporting legs
Arrowhead fixings with supporting legs offer good and stable
fixation in drilled holes. The supporting legs generate additional
pressure to assure a firm and secure fixing while taking up any
variation in panel thickness. These ties are also suitable in high
vibration applications.
Arrowhead without supporting legs
The arrowhead design assures good fixation while utilising lowest
possible space.
Fir Tree Mounts can be pushed into pre-punched holes easily in
panels or threaded, blind holes based on the low insertion forces.
The design is ideally suited for a wide range of sheet thicknesses.
The disc on top of the fir tree covers the hole and minimises the
ingress of dust, dirt and water.
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Date of issue: January 2014
Fir Tree Mount
Cable Ties and Fixings
Product Selection
Weld Stud Mount
Various HellermannTyton weld stud mounts can easily be attached by
hand ("soft push") - the design offers very low insertion forces that
require no tools. The mounts can be removed by twisting to the left.
SB9 and SB14 are based on "hard push" technology and require a
hammer to be applied.
Weld Stud Fixings with lateral adjustment
The special oval shape of these mounts provides a 5-6 mm lateral
adjustment to cater for any misalignment of the stud or incorrect
positioning of ties on the cables. The bundle can therefore be moved
when mounted.
The EdgeClips are specifically designed to bundle and guide cable
and wires on edges. Cost intensive drill holes for fixing are no longer
required. EdgeClips are easily mounted by hand, the integrated metal
clamp, securely keeping the clips on the edge.
EdgeClip twistable
Ideally suited for fixations where bundles need to be flexibly guided.
Theses EdgeClips are available with facilities for 90° or 360° rotation.
EdgeClip without metal clamp
These EdgeClips are easily attached. The holding tap snaps into the
drill hole securely.
Cable and Hose Attachment
Excellent solution for subsequent attachment of pipes and wires to
installed tubes.
Heavy Duty Application
These sturdy fixing ties can withstand vibrations. They are easy to
apply and give a secure alignment to the bundle. There will be High
tighteining torque through metal bushing.
Two Piece Fixing Ties with Clip Coupler
Date of issue: January 2014
The Coupler is an article to connect two cable ties maximum for
parallel bundling of tubes, harnesses or cables. Its design enables the
cable ties to rotate up to 90° and allows flexible installations.
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