Tumble Dryer User Manual

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1. SAFETY INFORMATION....................................................................................3

2. SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS..................................................................................5

3. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION................................................................................ 7

4. CONTROL PANEL............................................................................................. 7

5. PROGRAMME TABLE....................................................................................... 8

6. OPTIONS..........................................................................................................10

7. SETTINGS........................................................................................................11

8. BEFORE FIRST USE....................................................................................... 11

9. DAILY USE....................................................................................................... 12

10. HINTS AND TIPS........................................................................................... 13

11. CARE AND CLEANING..................................................................................14

12. TROUBLESHOOTING....................................................................................16

13. TECHNICAL DATA.........................................................................................17


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When contacting our Authorised Service Centre, ensure that you have the following data available: Model, PNC, Serial Number.

The information can be found on the rating plate.

Warning / Caution-Safety information

General information and tips

Environmental information

Subject to change without notice.



Before beginning the installation and use of this appliance, carefully read the supplied instructions. The manufacturer is not responsible for any injuries or damages that are the result of incorrect installation or usage. Always keep the instructions in a safe and accessible location for future reference.

- Read the supplied instructions.

1.1 Children and vulnerable people safety


Risk of suffocation, injury or permanent disability.

This appliance can be used by children aged 8 years and above and by persons with reduced capabilities provided that they have been given instruction and/or supervision regarding the safe use of the appliance and understand the potential hazards involved.

Do not let children play with the appliance.

Children aged 3 years and under must be kept away from this appliance when it is in operation at all times.

Keep all packaging away from children and dispose of it appropriately.

Keep detergents away from children.

Keep children and pets away from the appliance door when it is open.

If the appliance has a child safety device, this should be activated.

Children shall not carry out cleaning and user maintenance of the appliance without supervision.

1.2 General Safety

Do not change the specification of this appliance.

If the tumble dryer is put on top of a washing machine, use the stacking kit. The stacking kit, available from


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• your authorized vendor, can be used only with the appliance specified in the instructions, supplied with the accessory. Read it carefully before installation

(Refer to the Installation leaflet).

The appliance can be installed as freestanding or below the kitchen counter with correct space (Refer to the Installation leaflet).

Do not install the appliance behind a lockable door, a sliding door or a door with a hinge on the opposite side, that would prevent the appliance door from being fully opened.

The ventilation opening in the base (if applicable) must not be covered by a carpet, mat, or any floor covering.

Connect the mains plug to the mains socket only at the end of the installation process. Make sure that the mains plug is accessible after installation.

Ensure good air ventilation in the located room to avoid the backflow of unwanted gases into the room from appliances burning gas or other fuels, including open fires.

Exhaust air must not be discharged into a flue which is used for exhausting fumes from any appliances burning gas or other fuels.

If the mains power supply cable is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer, its Authorised

Service Centre or similarly qualified persons to avoid an electrical hazard.

Do not exceed the maximum load of 8 kg (refer to the

"Programme chart" chapter).

Do not use the appliance if items have been soiled with industrial chemicals.

Wipe away lint or packaging debris that has accumulated around the appliance.

Do not run the appliance without a filter. Clean the lint filter before or after each use.

Do not dry unwashed items in the tumble dryer.


Items that have been soiled with substances such as cooking oil, acetone, alcohol, petrol, kerosene, spot removers, turpentine, waxes and wax removers should be washed in hot water with an extra amount of detergent before being dried in the tumble dryer.

Items such as foam rubber (latex foam), shower caps, waterproof textiles, rubber backed articles and clothes or pillows fitted with foam rubber pads should not be dried in the tumble dryer.

Fabric softeners, or similar products, should only be used as specified by the product manufacturer’s instructions.

Remove all objects from items that could be a source of fire ignition such as lighters or matches.

Never stop a tumble dryer before the end of the drying cycle unless all items are quickly removed and spread out so that the heat is dissipated.

The final part of a tumble dryer cycle occurs without heat (cool down cycle) to ensure that the items are left at a temperature that ensures that the items will not be damaged.

Before any maintenance operation, deactivate the appliance and disconnect the mains plug from the socket.



2.1 Installation

• Remove all the packaging and the transit bolts.

• Do not install or use a damaged appliance.

• Follow the installation instruction supplied with the appliance.

• Always take care when moving the appliance as it is heavy. Always use safety gloves and enclosed footwear.

• Do not install or use the appliance where the temperature can be less than 5°C or higher than 35°C.

• The floor area where the appliance is to be installed must be flat, stable, heat resistant and clean.

• Make sure that there is air circulation between the appliance and the floor.

• Always keep the appliance vertical when being moved.

• The rear surface of the appliance must be put against the wall.

• When the appliance is in its permanent position, check that it is fully level with the aid of a spirit level.

If it is not, adjust the feet accordingly.

2.2 Electrical connection


Risk of fire and electrical shock.

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• The appliance must be earthed.

• Make sure that the electrical information on the rating plate agrees with the power supply. If not, contact an electrician.

• Always use a correctly installed shockproof socket.

• Do not use multi-plug adapters and extension cables.

• Do not pull the mains cable to disconnect the appliance. Always pull the mains plug.

• Do not touch the mains cable or the mains plug with wet hands.

• This appliance complies with the

E.E.C. Directives.

2.3 Use


Risk of injury, electrical shock, fire, burns or damage to the appliance.

• This appliance is for household use only.

• Do not dry damaged (torn, frayed) items that contain padding or fillings.

• Only dry fabrics which are applicable to dry in the tumble dryer. Follow the instructions on the fabric label.

• If you have washed your laundry with a stain remover start an extra rinse cycle before you start the dryer.

• Do not drink or prepare food with the condensed water/distilled water. It can cause health problems to people and pets.

• Do not sit or stand on the open door.

• Do not dry dripping wet clothes in the tumble dryer.

2.4 Internal light


Risk of injury.

• Visible LED radiation, do not look directly into the beam.

• The type of light bulb or halogen lamp used for this appliance is only for household appliances. Do not use it for house lighting.

• To replace the internal light, contact the Authorised Service Centre.

2.5 Care and cleaning


Risk of injury or damage to the appliance.

• Do not use water spray and steam to clean the appliance.

• Clean the appliance with a moist soft cloth. Only use neutral detergents. Do not use abrasive products, abrasive cleaning pads, solvents or metal objects.

2.6 Compressor


Risk of damage to the appliance.

• The compressor and its system in the tumble dryer is filled with the special agent which is free from fluoro-chlorohydrocarbons. This system must stay tight. The damage of the system can cause a leakage.

2.7 Disposal


Risk of injury or suffocation.

• Disconnect the appliance from the mains electrical and water supplies.

• Cut off the mains electrical cable close to the appliance and dispose of it.

• Remove the door catch to prevent children or pets from becoming trapped in the drum.

• Dispose of the appliance in accordance with local requirements for the disposal of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE).



1 2











1 Water container


Control panel

3 Internal light


Appliance door

5 Primary Filter


The button to open the heat exchanger door


Airflow slots


Adjustable feet


Heat exchanger door


Heat exchanger cover


The knob to lock the heat exchanger cover

12 Rating plate

For ease of loading laundry or ease of installation the door is reversible. (see separate leaflet).


1 2







Programme knob




Time touchpad


Delay touchpad


Buzzer touchpad


Wool Load touchpad



Start/Pause touchpad


On/Off button

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Touch the touchpads with your finger in the area with the symbol or name of the option. Do not wear gloves when you operate with the control panel. Make sure that the control panel is always clean and dry.

4.1 Indicators





Programmes Type of load

Extra Dry

Cupboard Dry+


Drying level: extra dry.

Drying level: strong dry.

Cupboard Dry2) 3)Drying level: cupboard dry.


Drying phase

Cooling phase

Crease guard phase


Water container


Delay start

Child lock

Acoustic signals

Programme duration

Time Drying duration

Delay start duration

Load (max.)1) /

Fabric mark






Iron Dry2)

Extra Dry

Cupboard Dry2)

Iron Dry


Time Drying


Type of load

Drying level: suitable for ironing.


Drying level: extra dry.

Drying level: cupboard dry.

Drying level: suitable for ironing.

Load (max.)1) /

Fabric mark





To dry cotton and synthetic fabrics.

With this programme you can use the

Time option and set the programme du‐ ration.

Refreshing a textiles that were in stor‐ age.

Wool fabrics. Gentle drying washable woollens. Remove immediately the items when the programme is completed.





Wool 4)



For drying sport shoes only with Drying

Rack (see separate user manual provi‐ ded with Drying Rack).

Delicate fabrics.

To dry single or double duvets and pil‐ lows (with feather, down or synthetic fil‐ lings).

1 pair of sport shoes



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Programmes Type of load

Load (max.)1) /

Fabric mark

Easy Iron

Easy care fabrics for which a minimum of ironing is necessary. The drying results can be different from one type of fabric to another. Shake the items before putting them in the appliance. When the pro‐ gramme has ended, immediately remove the items and put them on a hanger.

1kg (or 5 shirts)/

1) The maximum weight refers to dry items.

2) For test institutes only: Standard programmes for tests are specified in the EN 61121 document. Clean the primary filter and heat exchanger filter after each cycle.

3) The

Cotton Cupboard Dry programme is the “Standard cotton programme”. It is suitable for drying normal wet cotton laundry and it is the most efficient programme in terms of energy consumption for drying wet cotton laundry.

4) The wool drying cycle of this machine has been approved by The Woolmark Company for the drying of machine washable wool products provided that the products are washed and dried according to the instructions on the garment label and those issued by the manu‐ facturer of this machine. M1221. In UK, Eire, Hong Kong and India the Woolmark symbol is a certification trademark.


6.1 Time

This option is applicable to the Time

Drying programme and to the Wool programme (only with the Drying Rack).

We recommend that you set a short duration for small quantities of laundry or for only one item.

Time Drying programme: You can set the programme duration, from a minimum of 10 minutes to a maximum of 2 hours. The setting of the duration is related to the quantity of laundry in the appliance.

Wool programme: You can set the programme duration, from a minimum of 30 minutes to a maximum of 4 hours. The setting of the duration is related to the quantity of laundry in the appliance.

6.2 Wool Load

This option is applicable only to the Wool programme. To get laundry more dried press the Wool Load touchpad again and again to increase the programme duration.

6.3 Buzzer you can hear the buzzer at the:

• cycle end

• start and end of crease guard phase

• cycle interruption

The buzzer function is by default always on. You can use this function to activate or deactivate the sound.

You can activate the Buzzer option with all programmes.


6.4 Options table


Time Drying

Wool ■ 2)

1) Together with the programme you can set 1 or more options. To activate or deactivate them, press the related touchpad.

2) Only with the Drying Rack (standard accessory or optional, depending on model).






The child lock indicator comes on.

It is possible to deactivate the child lock option while a programme operates. Press and hold the same touchpads until the child lock indicator goes off.


A. Time touchpad

B. Delay touchpad

C. Buzzer touchpad

D. Wool Load touchpad

E. Start/Pause touchpad

7.1 Child lock function

This option prevents children to play with the appliance while a programme operates. The programme knob and the touchpads are locked.

Only the on/off button is unlocked.

Activating the child lock option:

1. Press the on/off button to activate the appliance.

2. Wait approximately 8 seconds.

3. Press and hold touchpads (A) and

(D) at the same time. The child lock indicator comes on.


7.2 Adjustment of the remaining laundry moisture degree

To change the default degree of the remaining moisture of the laundry:

1. Press the on/off button to activate the appliance.

2. Wait approximately 8 seconds.

3. Press and hold buttons (A) and (B) at the same time.

One of the these indicators comes on:

• the maximum dry laundry

• the more dry laundry

• the standard dry laundry

4. Press the button (E) again and again until the indicator of the correct level comes on.

5. To confirm the adjustment, press and hold buttons (A) and (B) at the same time for approximately 2 seconds.

Before you use the appliance for the first time:

• Clean the tumble dryer drum with a moist cloth.

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• Start a short programme (e.g. 30 minutes) with moist laundry.

At the beginning of the drying cycle (first 3-5 min.) there could be a slightly higher sound level. This is due to the compressor starting up. This is normal for compressor powered appliances such as refrigerators and freezers.


9.1 Start a programme without delay start

1. Prepare the laundry and load the appliance.


Make sure that when you close the door, the laundry does not catch between the appliance door and the rubber seal.

2. Press the on/off button to activate the appliance.

3. Set the correct programme and options for the type of load.

The display shows the programme duration.

The drying time you see is related to the load of 5 kg for cotton and jeans programmes. For the other programmes the drying time is related to the recommended loads. The drying time of the cotton and jeans programmes with the load more than 5 kg is longer.

4. Press the Start/Pause touchpad.

The programme starts.

9.2 Starting the programme with delay start

1. Set the correct programme and options for the type of load.

2. Press the delay start button again and again until the display shows the delay time you want to set.

You can delay the start of a programme from a minimum of 30 minutes to a maximum of 20 hours.

3. Press the Start/Pause touchpad.

The display shows the countdown of the delay start.

When the countdown is completed, the programme starts.

9.3 Change a programme

1. Press the on/off button to deactivate appliance

2. Press the on/off button to activate the appliance.

3. Set the programme.

9.4 At the end of the programme

When the programme is completed:

• An intermittent acoustic signal operates.

• The indicator flashes.

• The indicator flashes.

• The Start/Pause indicator is on.

The appliance continues to operate with the crease guard phase for approximately other 30 minutes.

The crease guard phase prevents creases from your laundry.

You can remove the laundry before the crease guard phase is completed. We recommend, for better results, that you remove the laundry when the phase is almost completed.

When the crease guard phase is completed:

• The indicator is on but does not flash.

• The indicator is on but does not flash.

• Start/Pause indicator goes off.

1. Press the on/off button to deactivate the appliance.

2. Open the appliance door.

3. Remove the laundry.

4. Close the appliance door.


10.1 Preparing the laundry

• Close the zippers.

• Close the fasteners of duvet covers.

• Do not dry ties or ribbons loose (e.g.

apron ribbons). Tie them before you start a programme.

• Remove all items from pockets.

• If an item has an internal layer made of cotton, turn it inside out. Make sure that the cotton layer is always facing outward.

• We recommend that you set a correct programme suitable for the type of fabrics that are in the appliance.


Always clean the filter and empty the water container when a programme is completed.

9.5 Stand-by function

To decrease the energy consumption, this function automatically deactivates the appliance:

• After 5 minutes if you do not start the programme.

• After 5 minutes from the end of the programme.


• Do not put dark colours together with light colours. Dark colours can bleed.

• Use a suitable programme for cotton, jersey and knitwear to prevent shrinkage.

• Make sure that the load size is not more than the maximum stated the programme table.

• Only dry laundry that is suitable for tumble drying. Refer to the fabric label on the items.

• Do not dry large and small items together. Small items can be trapped inside the large items and remain wet.

Fabric label Description

Laundry is suitable for tumble drying.

Laundry is suitable for tumble drying at higher temperatures.

Laundry is suitable for tumble drying at low temperatures only.

Laundry is not suitable for tumble drying.

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11.1 Cleaning the filter









5. 1)




1) If necessary clean the filter with tap warm water using a brush and/or a vacuum cleaner.

11.2 Emptying the water container










You can use the water from the water container as an alternative to distilled water

(e.g. for steam ironing).

Before you use the water, remove dirt residues with a filter.

11.3 Cleaning the condenser







Do not touch the metal surface with bare hands.

Risk of injury. Wear protective gloves. Clean carefully to avoid damaging the metal surface.

11.4 Cleaning the drum


Disconnect the appliance before you clean it.

Use a standard neutral soap detergent to clean the inner surface of the drum and

16 www.electrolux.com

drum lifters. Dry the cleaned surfaces with a soft cloth.


Do not use abrasive materials or steel wool to clean the drum.

11.5 Cleaning the control panel and housing

Use a standard neutral soap detergent to clean the control panel and housing.


Use a moist cloth to clean. Dry the cleaned surfaces with a soft cloth.


Do not use furniture cleaning agents or cleaning agents which can cause corrosion to clean the appliance.

11.6 Cleaning the airflow slots

Use a vacuum cleaner to remove fluff from the airflow slots.


You cannot activate the appliance.

The programme does not start.

The appliance door does not close.

The appliance stops during operation.

The cycle time is too long or unsatisfacto‐ ry drying result.1)

Possible solution

Make sure that the mains plug is connec‐ ted to the mains socket.

Check fuse in fuse box (domestic installa‐ tion).

Press Start/Pause.

Make sure that the appliance door is closed.

Make sure that the installation of the filter is correct.

Make sure that the laundry does not catch between the appliance door and the rubber seal.

Make sure that the water container is empty. Press Start/Pause to start the pro‐ gramme again.

Make sure that the weight of the laundry is applicable to the duration of the pro‐ gramme.

Make sure that the filter is clean.

The laundry is too wet. Spin the laundry in the washing machine again.

Ensure that the room temperature is higher than +5°C and lower than +35°C.

Optimal room temperature is 19°C to


Set the Time Drying or the Extra Dry pro‐ gramme.2)



The display shows Err.

Possible solution

If you want to set a new programme, de‐ activate and activate the appliance.

Make sure that the options are applicable to the programme.

The display shows (e.g. E51).

Deactivate and activate the appliance.

Start a new programme. If the problem occurs again, contact the Service.

1) After maximum 5 hours, the programme ends automatically.

2) It can happen that some area remains humid when drying big items (e.g. bed sheets ).

If the drying results are not satisfactory

• The set programme was incorrect.

• The filter is clogged.

• The condenser is clogged.

• There was too much laundry in the appliance.

• The drum is dirty.


• Incorrect setting of the conductivity sensor ( See chapter "

Settings -

Adjustment of the remaining laundry moisture degree

" for better setting).

• The airflow slots are clogged.

• Room temperature is too low or too high ( optimal room temperature 19°C to 24°C )

Height x Width x Depth 850 x 600 x 600 mm (maximal 640 mm)

Max. depth with the appliance door open 1090 mm

Max. width with the appliance door open 950 mm

Adjustable height

Drum volume

Maximum load volume

850 mm (+ 15 mm - feet regulation)

118 l

8 kg



Necessary fuse

Total power

Energy efficiency class

Energy consumption1)

230 V

50 Hz

5 A

950 W


2,65 kWh

308 kWh

Annual energy consumption2)

Left—on mode power absorption

Off mode power absorption

Type of use

0,44 W

0,44 W


18 www.electrolux.com

Permitted ambient temperature

Level of protection against ingress of sol‐ id particles and moisture ensured by the protective cover, except where the low voltage equipment has no protection against moisture

+ 5°C to + 35°C


This product contains fluorinated gas hermetically sealed

Gas designation



380 g

Global-warming potential (GWP) 1430

1) With reference to EN 61121. 8kg of cotton centrifuged at 1000 rpm.

2) Energy consumption per year in kWh, based on 160 drying cycles of the standard cotton programme at full and partial load, and the consumption of the low-power modes. Actual en‐ ergy consumption per cycle will depend on how the appliance is used (REGULATION (EU)

No 392/2012).

13.1 Consumption data

Programme Spun at / residual humidity Drying time

Energy consump‐ tion

Cupboard Dry

Iron Dry

Cupboard Dry

Cotton 8 kg

1400 rpm / 50%

1000 rpm / 60%

1400 rpm / 50%

1000 rpm / 60%

Synthetic 3,5 kg

1200 rpm / 40%

800 rpm / 50%

159 min.

181 min.

111 min.

127 min.

57 min.

65 min.

2,32 kWh

2,65 kWh

1,66 kWh

1,89 kWh

0,64 kWh

0,72 kWh


Please recycle all materials marked with the symbol . Dispose of all packaging materials appropriately and help to protect the environment, and future generations. Do not dispose of electrical equipment marked with the symbol along with the general house hold waste.

Dispose all electrical goods via applicable local authority collections, or at local authority or, commercial recycling centres.




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