Dinner Menu
Dinner Menu
1. Egg Rolls
7. Thai Fish Cakes
Deep fried vegetarian rolls with cabbage, carrots, vermicelli
noodles, black mushroom and celery, served with a sweet and
sour sauce, topped with peanuts. 4
Thai style fishcakes, deep fried, served with a sweet chili, dipping
sauce. 7.50
2. Spring Rolls
Wonton skins stuffed with minced chicken seasoned with Thai
spices, served with sweet and sour sauce. 5
8. Deep Fried Chicken Wontons
Fresh rice paper rolls with lettuce, tofu, vermicelli noodles,
cilantro, bean sprouts and carrots. 4
9. Combination Plate
Samples of Appetizer no#1,4,6 & 8 served with peanut sauce,
cucumber sauce, and sweet and sour sauce. 9
3.Lemon Grass Chicken
Fresh rice paper rolls with lemon grass chicken, vermicelli noodles.
9A.Sleeping Prawns
Prawns wrapped in wonton skin, deep fried, served with sweet & sour
sauce. 8.50
9B. Spicy Clams
4. Fried Tofu
Deep Fried Tofu, served with sweet and sour suace topped
with peanuts . 4
5. Bamboo Prawns
Prawn marinated in Thai sauce served with cucumber and peanut
Manila clams wok fried with red curry,bell pepper,onions and hot
basil. 10.00
6. Gai Satay
Chicken breast marinated with soy sauce, curry powder, coconut milk
and black peppers, grilled and served with peanut and cucumber
sauce. 6.50
10.Soup Puck
14.Tom Yum Salmon
Lemon grass soup with mushrooms, onions ,tomatoes, and
salmon topped with cilantro. 13
Vegetables with or without tofu in lemon grass soup. 8.50
11.Tom Yum
15.Gao loul
Lemon grass soup with mushrooms, onions and tomatoes.
Chicken or Tofu 9.50 Shrimp 10.50
Hot and sour broth cooked with bean sprout, tomato, celery and
onions topped with garlic. Chicken or Tofu 9.50 Shrimp 10.50
16.Kao Tom
Coconut soup with mushrooms,onions,kaffir leaves and galanga
root. Chicken or Tofu 9.50 Shrimp 10.50
Rice soup with your choice of meat Onions, black pepper, cilantro
topped with garlic. Chicken or Tofu 9.50 Shrimp 10.50
Combination seafood with lemon grass soup 13.00
19.Lemon Grass Chicken Salad
Lemon grass chicken tossed with cilantro, onions, lettuce,
tomatoes and cucumbers with a Thai spiced dresssing. 9.50
20. Thai Salad
Green leaves, lettuce, tomato, cucumbers, hard boiled eggs with
Thai dressing. 8.50
21. Yum Nauang(Thai Beef Salad)
Grilled beef with lettuce, green leaves, tomatoes,cucumbers,
lemon grass and lime juice. 9.50
22. Yum Goong
Boiled shrimp,green lettuce, onions, lemon grass, tomatoes and
lime juice. 10.00
23. Yum Talay(Seafood Salad)
Combination seafood with lettuce, tomatoes, onions,lemon grass,
Thai chill and lime juice. 14.00
24. Larb
choice of ground beef, chicken, pork or tofu, with purple, onions, green
onions,cucumbers,lemon juice,Thai chili and lime juice. 9.50
Shreddded green papaya salad with tomatoes, chili lime juice
topped with peanuts. 7.50
26.Yum Pla Murk(Squid Salad)
Boiled squid, onions, chili ,llemon grass lettuce,
tomatoes,cucumber and lime juice. 10.00
Veg- Tofu 9.95 ~ Chicken ,Pork and Beef 10.50 ~ Shrimp, Calamari, or Scallop 12.50 ~ Seafood Combo 16
27.Pad Prik Khing
Stir fried fresh green beans with curry paste, bell
peppers,broccoli, and topped with ground peanuts.
33.Pad Gar Tiem Prik Thai
Fresh ground garlic, black pepper, mushrooms, onions, celry and
green beans stir fried in mild sauce.
34. Pad Ruam Mit
Mix vegetables of broccoli, mushrooms,bell pepper,onions,baby
corn,stir fried with brown sauce.
35.Pad Ka Na Name Mun Hol
28.Spicy Eggplant
Stir fried Japanesse eggplant, bell peppers,basil, and onions
in Thai chili paste.
29.Pad Mamoung
Stir fried fresh mango with bell peppers,onions, basil and Thai
chili sauce.
30.Pad Priewwan
Broccoli and Chinese broccoli stir fried with oyster sauce.
36.Pad Khing
Fresh ginger, mushrooms, onions,and bell peppers stir fried with chili
Tomatoes,cucumbers,onions,pineapple,chucks and baby corn,
cooked with sweet & sour sauce.
37.Pad Phet
Stir Fried Thai eggplan bamboo shoot s, onions, bell peppers, and basil
cooked with Thai curry paste.
31.Swimming Angle
Steamed broccoli,cabbage,spinach,carrots and topped with
peanut sauce.
32.Pad Himmaparn
Stir Fried Bell Peppers,mushrooms,onions,bamboo shoots,baby
corn,and cashew nuts in mild suace.
38.Pad Ga Prau
Stir fried onins, mushrooms, bell peppers, ground Thai chili,fresh
garlic and hot basil leaves. Cooked in brown sauce.
40.Gang Dang
Red curry cooked with coconut milk, Thai eggplant, bamboo
shoots,bell pepper and Thai sweet basil leaves.
44. Gang Mussmun
Massamun curry paste cooked with coconut milk, potatoes,
carrots,onions, and peanuts.
41.Gang Kiew Wan
Green curry sauce,Thai eggplan, bamboo shoots, bell peppers and
sweet basil-cooked in curry sauce.
45.Evil Prince
Red curry sauce cooked with coconut milk, fresh basil leaves and assorted
42.Gang Garee
Potatoes, carrots, onion and bell peppers simmered in a Yellow Curry
coconut sauce.
48. Maiphai Special
Steamed noodles, brooccoli,carrots,spinach,and cabbage topped with
red curry sauce.
49.Crispy Trout
Deep fried whole trout topped with chili, garlic sauce, and crispy basil
leaves. 14
50.Yellow Curry Salmon
Salmon cooked in yellow curry ,bell peppers,potatoes,carrots and onions. 13.50
51.Red Curry Salmon
Salmon cooked in red curry ,Thai eggplants,bamboos,bell peppers and basil 13.50.
52. Tilapi Priew Wan
Tilapia wok fried with cucumbers,onions,garlic,pineapples,celery and baby corn
in sweet & sour sauce. 13.50
53. Pla Duk Pad Phet
Fried catfish stir fried with Thai curry paste. Thai eggplant, bamboo shoots
and basil. 13.50
54. Ho Mok Talay
56.House Special Seafood
Combination seafood of shrimp,squid,scallop,green mussel stir fried
with mixed vegetables in house sauce. 16.00
57. Gai Yang Gang Dang
Half of a chicken seasoned in Thai spices,baked then topped with Thai
curry sauce , tomatoes, bell peppers and bamboo shoots. 14.50
58.Thai BBQ Chicken
Half of a chicken marinated in honey lemon grass sauce served with
steamed broccoli and sweet & souce sauce. 13
59.Nam Kao
Seasoned Crispy rice salad with choices of meat, tossed with
onions ,cilantro, peanuts and lime juice. -Self Wrapped lettuce. 11.50
59A.Kao Mun Gai
Coconut rice topped with steamed chicken breast in a mild spice ginger
sauce -garnished with cilantro and cuccumber. 11.50
46. Lemon Grass Chicken
Combination seafood cooked in Thai curry sauce, lemongrass, sweet
basils , kaffir and eggs. 16
55. Po Hang
Combination seafood cooked in Thai chili paste, basil, Thai eggplants,
bamboo shoots, bell peppers, onions, and kaffir leaves. 16.00
Chicken breast marinated in lemon grass sauce, grilled served with steamed
spinach and broccoli topped with peanut sauce. 11.50
60. Pad Thai
Rice noodle stir fried with egg,bean,sprouts,onions,and ground peanuts.
61. Pad Kee Mao(Drunken Noodles)
Wide rice noodles stir fried sweet basil leaves, bell pepper, broccoli with
brown sauce granished with cilantro.
62. Pad Se Ew
Wide rice noodles stir fried with broccoli and Chinese broccoli with brown
sauce granished with cilantrol.
64. Rad Nah
Wide Rice Noodles, with broccoli, baby corn,Chinese broccoli, topped
with gravy sauce.
65. Pad Gai
Wide Rice Noodles stir fried with egg, lettuce, onions, black pepper and
garlic topped with cilantro.
66. Thai Noodle Soup.
Rice noodles served in Thai broth with onions, bean sprouts, cilantro,
fried garlic & black peppers.
63. Pad Woon Sen
Bean vermicelli noodles with egg,baby corn tomatoes,celery and onions
granished with bean sprout.
70. Pineapple Fried Rice
Fried rice with fresh pineapples, onions, peas, carrots,eggs and cashews.
67.Fried Rice
Fried Rice with broccoli, tomatoes, onions, and eggs.
68.Kao Pad Ga Prau
Fried rice with hot basil leaves, onions,bell pepper, eggs and chill sauce.
69. Kao Pad Pong Garee
Fried rice with yellow curry pasted, onions, peas, carrots, and eggs .
BLT $23.00 GLASS $6.50
Sauvignon Blanc
Pinot Gris
Pinot Noir
Soda 2.25
Thai Ice Tea 2.50
Hot Tea 1.50
Regular Ice Tea 2.25
Mango Juice 3.00
Pineapple Juice 3.00
71. Pad Phet Fried Rice
Jasmine rice wok fried with garlic,red curry pasted,onions, eggs and
bamboo shoots ,eggs and basil topped with cilantro.
Singha (Thai Beer) 5.00
Tsing Tao 5.00
Sapporo 5.00
Heineken 5.00
Corona 5.00
Fat Tire 5.00
Black Butte Porter 5.00
Extra Veg 2.00
Steam Rice 2.00
Extra Meat 2.00
Peanut Sauce 1.00
~Spice Level: Mild, Medium, Hot, X-Hot, XX-Hot ~ Menu prices and items subject to change without notice ~Maximum 6 way Splits on Checks
~ NO substitution ~ Party of 6 or more will be charged 18% Gratuity~
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