KSD Assistive Tech Hardware Inventory

KSD Assistive Tech Hardware Inventory
Kent School District, Inclusive Education
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KSD Assistive Technology Hardware Inventory for Checkout
Communication Devices:
• Communication Books for PECS
(Pyramid large and small size)
• Talking Switches
• 4-32 button communication devices (mid-tech)
• iPad or iPad mini with Proloquo2go
iPad Accessories:
• Protective cases, keyboard cases
• Wireless keyboards
• Stylus’
• Adaptors for projecting iPads onto
• Chargers
Switches (wired and wireless):
• Big, medium and small button switches
• Ultimate switches on movable arms
• Proximity switch
• Leaf switch
• Other miscellaneous switches
• BigKeys ABC and QWERTY
• One handed keyboards
• Small keyboards
• Enlarged letter sticker for keyboards
FM Systems:
• Redcat systems checked out through IE
Adaptive Mice:
• Rollerball mice
• Joystick mice
• iPad 2’s, 3’s, iPad Airs, iPad Mini’s
Laptop Computers:
• AT works with IT to provide individual students
computers to elementary students as needed
Positioning Hardware:
• Universal Mounting arms
• Tabletop/tray switch mounts
Monitors/Magnification devices:
• Topaz 20” widescreen LCD
• Large flat screen monitors (for visual needs) –
coordinate with IT
Switch Interfaces:
• Don Johnston Switch Interface Pro –
hook switch to computer
• Powerlink – use with any electronic device
• iPad switch interfaces
Switch Toys:
• Various switch adapted toys
• Switch adapted music box
Updated July 2016 by Rose Racicot, AT team
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