Steam sterilising
Steam sterilising
Wash your hands thoroughly and wash your feeding equipment
in hot, soapy water. Scrub inside and outside of your bottles
using a bottle brush. Scrub the teats with a teat brush and
squirt water through them to help remove all traces of milk.
Rinse all equipment thoroughly under the tap.
Add the required amount of water to your steriliser.
(See manufacturer’s instructions).
Load the steriliser with your equipment, including your teat
tongs (making sure that no items are facing upwards/able
to fill with water). Put the lid on the steriliser and either switch
it on if you’re using an electric steam steriliser or put it in your
microwave on the required power and time setting.
(See manufacturer’s instructions).
When it has finished, the steriliser will usually turn itself off.
Keep the lid on your steriliser and allow the contents to cool
slightly before opening.
Always assemble your bottles using your sterilised teat tongs
to avoid contaminating your sterile equipment. If not being
used immediately, bottles should be fully assembled with teat
and lid in place.
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