Basic Indoor Tennis Rules Court Use the white volleyball court line

Basic Indoor Tennis Rules Court Use the white volleyball court line
Basic Indoor Tennis Rules
Use the white volleyball court line closest to the CI mural in the gym, and the black basketball
court line for the court “field of play”. Place the net across the half court line extending through
the court.
Rule #1
The first one of the basic and simple tennis rules for kids and beginners is the positions of the
players in the game. In this article we will concentrate on the singles game rules, as this
example is easy to understand for beginners. Therefore, while playing a singles, the two players
are supposed to stand at the opposite ends of the court. The player who starts the game is
called the "server", as he hits the ball or serves it, and the player who returns the ball from the
other side of the court is called the "receiver".
Rule #2
Another rule in tennis for beginners is that, there is a tossing system to decide who gets to
serve or receive first, in tennis as well. The winner of the toss decides if he wants to serve or
receive and then waits till the opponent wants to play on the other side. Before the game
starts, the server has to wait till the receiver is ready to receive and only then can he serve.
Rule #3
Keeping the scores or tennis scoring rules is one of the very basic and simple tennis rules just
like in other sports. The server is asked to announce his score first, before he serves the first
ball, and the scores are known as points. In scoring, the first scores always start from 15 points,
and then progress to 30 and later to 40, as per the receiving and serving of the ball. The "0"
points are not known as zero but called "love", in tennis terms.
Rule #4
The basic rules for playing tennis within the lines are also quite simple as, both the players must
remember that, while serving the ball, if it goes outside the court boundaries, he loses a point.
But, if the server/receiver hits the ball and it touches the net and then falls on the opponent's
side, it is considered as a ball in play. This rule is applicable for both the server and the receiver.
However, if there is a ball that rolls on the court boundaries and a distraction is created by
someone else (other than the players), it is known as a "let".
Rule #5
The last one of the simple tennis rules, which is quite important to be remembered is that,
during serving or receiving, if the ball lands on the line, the ball is good to be considered in the
game. But, in this one of basic tennis rules, if the players serve out of turn, to the wrong player
(usually in case of doubles), then the point is not considered and the game is resumed from the
following/next point.
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