Installation Instructions Magnetic contact VdS-C MK1310B/W

Installation Instructions Magnetic contact VdS-C MK1310B/W
Installation Instructions
Magnetic contact VdS-C MK1310B/W
General description
The magnetic contact is designed as a contact combination. It is used as an opening contact sensor for
monitoring doors, cases, windows, etc., in plant and equipment that needs to be safeguarded. The housing
variants of the magnetic switch including the magnet as built-in and surface-mounted version permit optimal
adaptation to the object to be secured. It is suitable for both built-in and surface-mounted installation. The
surface-mounted housings are designed to allow the contact to be fitted in either direction. To ensure magnetic
insulation in ferromagnetic objects and/or to compensate for any mounting height differences, distance pieces
are supplied with the surface-mounted version. This enables it to be installed in a door or window frame or
under an object in such a way that an alarm is triggered if the door or window is opened or the object raised by
more than 2 cm.
Advantages of magnetic contact:
Inconspicuous, small size
High resistance to environmental influences thanks to cast-iron manufacture (IP68)
Large switching intervals
Extremely high resistance to wear
Simple installation
Installation (built-in version)
Drillings for moving and fixed parts
Magnetic contact
(8.0 + 0.2) mm 30 mm
(8.0 + 0.2) mm 20 mm
In the centre, drill a 4 mm hole for the magnet contact cable. If the cable is surface-mounted, a cable clamp must
be provided ca. 15 mm from the housing. Fix the magnet or magnet holder on the moving part of the object to be
monitored. Magnetic contacts, magnets or magnet holders can be fixed using an adhesive such as a singlecomponent silicon rubber glue.
Important: Make sure that the magnetic contact and the magnet meet! Never use a hammer to fix the magnet in
small spaces.
Installation (surface-mounted version)
The surface components are used for installing the equipment on surfaces of door and window frames.
Note: Place the magnet in the holder so that its plastic part is on the same side as the cable to the switch.
If contacts are installed on metal doors, the distance must be at least 8 mm so that the strength of the magnet does
not decrease in the long term, thereby causing false alarms. The holder has 2 side notches for fitting the cable.
When the reed contact has been inserted, the cable can be led through the more suitable notch. This allows the
cable to be fitted direct from behind. The cut-out on the holder is used for snapping in the cover.
Covers have a thinner section on the side and the end that can be broken out for fitting the cable. This enables
the cable to be fitted along the short or the long side. Press the cover onto the holder until it audibly engages. If
correctly installed, it can now only be removed by destroying it.
Axial installation:
Parallel installation:
Magnet Ø 8mm
Surfacemounted parts
Axial offset
Technical data:
4m (LIYY 4x0.14
Switching current:
10 µA to
100 mA
MK1310 W
Protection type:
IP 68
white / brown
Dimensions (surface-mounted) 11x24x48
MK1310 B
Magnet (Ø 8mm x
Alignment mark to
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