Fog Machine - Events by Eagle

Fog Machine - Events by Eagle
Fog Machine
The Hurricane 1000 Fog Machine is a lightweight, easy-to-use compact fog machine that
creates a smoky atmosphere to enhance any light show. It can ONLY be plugged into a
grounded and protected circuit (GFCI outlet). Do not expose the fog machine to rain or
moisture. The fog machine should be set in an area with adequate ventilation and on a level
surface with easy access for operation and fuel replenishment. Also, be sure there are no
flammable materials close to the fog machine as the product’s housing may get very hot
during operation.
1. Fill fog machine with fogger fluid. Do not operate the machine without fluid at any time
and do not add perfume, alcohol, gasoline or any other flammables to the fog fluid.
2. Connect the fog machine to power and turn on the power switch. It will take
approximately one minute for the green “ready” indicator light to illuminate.
3. Plug in the wired manual fog controller into the Remote Control socket on the rear of the
fog machine.
4. You can create fog by one of three following methods:
 Press the green <FOG> button on the Wired Remote Fog Controller to trigger
the fog output. The fog will start. The fog button is momentary, which means
the fog machine will only output when the <FOG> button is pressed. Once the
button is released, the fog machine will stop outputting.
 The Wireless Remote Control has four buttons. Press button #1 to trigger
instant fog output. The other three buttons are nonoperational.
 You can also manually trigger fog output from the back of the machine by
pressing the red <FOG> button.
5. While operating the Fog Machine, make sure there is adequate fog fluid in the machine
to prevent pump and heater damage. The heat sensor will make a very loud noise if fog
fluid becomes low. Simply add more flog fluid to continue using the fog machine.
6. When finished with the Fog Machine, unplug and allow to cool before transporting.
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