3 Axes Pedometer
<®:>@ lnstruction manual
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lnstruction manual
Before you use your pedometer
• AYDid leRYing pedometer in din1ct sunlight.
• Do not subjact pedometar ID aevara &hock or put preasura on the LCD.
• Do not uae liquid ID clean. Uae only a soft clolh.
• Do notopeninner c:asing.
Cholca huard
• Keep l*lery and screws away lrom ohildren.
• ConsuH your physician belon1 starting any new exercise routine.
Get to know your pedometer
lnatructlon manual
Simple ecrewdrlver
To use thls Instrument correctly
Whether this Instrument is attached lo your pocket, bag, neck strap, atc, it is still ablelo correclly
measure your steps, calorie conaumption, and other infcrmalion. Howevar, pleaae nota the lollowing
Abchmant poaition - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ein your poc:lcl!l
liEThe instrument could break if plaoed in a back trouser"f)Oc:ket.
-n tha Instrument is in your bag, Iake carelo avoid moving
~ irregularly in
eHanglng from your neck
Usa the strap provided, or a purchased strap.
Mauuramant or •PB atc.----------------------------------------elhis Instrument is equipped with a 3D sensor, so it is able to respond to a variety of everyday
movementa. Therelcre, fte reedlngs may dlfler lrcm thoae of our other belt-mounted pedometers.
eTo prevent incorrect reedings the pedome!Br automatically judges when Walking Slarts.
-n a certaln moflon condnuee fDr 7a or more the Instrument judgea the moflon tobe welklng and
meaaures trom that dme. II the moflon atops, the meaaurement wi ll atop undl there Ia another
period of at least 7s of constant motion.
li!Thla Instrument haa an energy..avlng mcde. The dlaplay dlaappaars n ft doea not detect any
motion for approximately 10 minutes. The clock and step counter are displayed again
once motion ia dlltllcted. (Refer to p.12 of this manual).
ln lhe followlng aHumlon11, meuurement may become lnaccurate
Durlng .attlng oparatlon and mamory operatlon tha Instrument doaa nat m-ure •pa.
eourtnglrragu.... movamanl of the lnlllrumant
E.g.: ·II lt Ia hung trom a bag or neck strap and movea lrregulany due to bumplng agalnst the user.
•II ~ movea irregulany inside 8 bag or pockel.
elf walldng motlon lalrragu..,
• When welking with 8 ehuflling motion.
• When walking in loose sandals, thongs or similar footw8ar.
• When the stride length is not uniform by walking in crowded streets atc.
eWhan UMd for sporte Othar than WSIIdng, or ln 1-uon1 wlth high vlbrltlon
• Climbing up end down stairs or steep slopes.
• When swaytng aboard 8 vahlcle (lraln, bus, blcycle, car, etc.).
• When sltllng down and atsndlng up.
eWhan Jogging or walldng alowty.
Uaage 1.Ftnlng and replaclng batterlea
When the battery run& down,(Sj is displayed on the display sc:reen. Replace promptly with a new
battery (CR2032). Make 8Bt11ngs agaln aller rernovlng or replaclng the battery. (tf no changes are
requlred, p1'8811 the Q button. Reler to p8-pll of thls rnanualto make changea).
CD UR tlle slmf* scnwllr lver provlcled, or a -merclal ly
IIVIIII•ble nne ecnwllrlver, to tum thlt ecrew on tlle
bellllry CCIVIIr on tlle beeil ot lila body.
H the inner ring comes oll, Iake c:are not to lose it
I - - + - - Inner ring
· mo
. ~ß)
l2l Remave the betll!ry cover, •nd tuck tlle betll!ry provlded
(CR2032) uncler thlt projection with the E9 sid•
uppermoet to eet n ln poeftlon•
illl Fh lhe Inner r1ng ln n. or1gln•l poehlon
(ln lhe body
Do not allow the inner ring to slipout of place.
® Put the bllltWy cover beck ln piGe
•ncl- 1t d-n
r------=.---1==---=---1---lnner ring
Usage 2. 1n111e1 ..a~ngs Set the clock: Set the current time
Notlce---------------------------------------------------ecorrect values will not be displeyed until initial settings have been made. Be sure to rnake the initial
E.g. To Mt 1o 3:00PM
li!The clock uaes 24-hour dlsplay.
(D VI'- the battery lellttild, the hour dlgH of tlle dleplayed
tl11111 le lluhlng.
II you do nat press any button within 1 minule 1he display
swilche& to S!Bp and Clock. To continue setting, press lhe
button lor approxlmately 2s more.
~Press the@anct ~ buttons to Mt the hour.
Press continuously 10 advance the setting rapidly.
CD Press the Q button to IlMilD tlle ..ttlng.
Nexl, the Minute digft llashes. Sei in the same way as the
Usage 3. Initial Htllnga Sat body weight:Tht 88tting weight l'llnge is 21-150 kg (50-311111b)
E.g. toMt bodywalght 50 kg (1111b),81rldll40 cm (1111n).
® Aftllr -lng 11111 Cloclc, lha BodyWelght dlglt n.hM.
15) Pr.. lha
butlone to Mt bocly ...lght
Press continuou&ly to advance the setting rapidly.
[Thellllltlng rangele 20-150 kg (50.0001b))
IBl P.- lhe Qbutton to ftnllllze lhe eealng.
Usage 4. lnltlaleettlnge Set llrlde length:The Jettlng renge ls 20-150 cm(1 D-410 ln Inches)
For tha best accuracy you should Iake 2·3 st8ps before
starting measurement. Milke a mark on the ground as your
a1ar1 polnt than tekll 3111Bpa back from there. Stert to walk
and begln countlng 10 IIIBpa from the marked start polnt.
P9( bd
(Z) Aftllr Htllng bocly ...lght, the ebtda langth dleplay
® ..._lh, "@" and ~ buttona to Mtllrlda langth.
Press continuously to advance the setting rapidly.
[The setting range is 20-150 cm(10-60 in Inches))
® Pra. lha Q button to ftnllllze lha aettlng.
lnftial setting is compl&te.
Usaga 5. lnlllalllttlnp Change sattings
<D l'Ou c.n change 1111 tlmellttlnp by ltllrtlng from thl
followlng dllpley modee:
• Step and Clock
• Dletance and Walking Tlme
• Calorle Con1111mptlon"
121 Prea the Q button for-' leMI 21.
13llha hour dlglt oltha clock tiMhM.
Pl'888 tha
button to move the dlsplay lorward to the nam
yau wlsh 1D aat, and maka 1ha neoaasary asttlngs. Retar 1D
p&-p8 of this manuallor the delailed setting melhods.
Usage 6. Switch the Mode
Pressing thll
63J bultlln changes thll display to show the various modas. Start from th& Step and
Displays lhe number of steps. (Up to 99,999 steps per day can be displayed.
1ha total doaa not change Wtha count exceada 99,999).
Displays the clock in .24-hour formal.
Diaplaya distance walkad, aa calculalad from tha aet etrida length and tha
numbar of stepa. (Up to 149.99km(94.79mlle) are dlsplayed par day.
1ha dlsplay doea not change 11 thll count exceads 149.99km(94.79mlle)).
Thll time for each step is measured and lhe walking äme is calculated and
Calorle consumptlon Ia calculated and dlsplayed, baaed on set body welgh~
number of steps, and walklng apaed. (Up to 9999.9 calorleB are dlaplay&d par
day. The dleplay does not change Wthe count exceads 9999.9 calorlas).
Usaga 7. Vlaw tha mamory
Thla Instrument can recall m888Urament valuea for Sleps, Dlslance, Walking time, and Calorle
consumpllon (up to 7 day's values). The measun~ment values for the pravloua day Bnl automatlcally
plaoed in memory at 3:00AM, and ltle display value changes to "fY'. (lf lt1e measurement values for
one day exoeed 11lair maximum valuas, the maximum value is memorized). After 7 days, the firsl
day's valuea Bnl daleted and new valuaa ::.f.laced in memory.
To Ylew the rnemor1zed valuea, pn188 the
button when ltle corn18pondlng value ls on ~lay.
Each time 1t1e
button is pressed, the d•splay moves back to an older value. Press the ~ button
to r&lum fo today' valuas.
Usage 8. Use the split function
Thla lnatrumant 1:11n m...ura apaclftc lnfornwtlon wllhln • day, auch • lllapa end Clllorle
conaumptlon from polnt A to polnt B. (Yalu• m-rad wllh apllt lllnctlon will not bll piiU:IId
ln rnemory.)
<D Prut~tha ~ button tor about & - · whlla ln normal
C2l "0 Day" will dlaplay.
PrBA lhe
The value mllfl8ured up to thls polnt will baoome "ff'.
Start making new measurement.
*II uslng the spln funcllon, the totel value forthat day can be
checlced alter being automatically plaoed in memory
(at 3:00AM).
(M8118uremant values with the split funclion will not remain).
cancellng the epllt tunctlon
<D Prut~tha ~button lor about 5 - . durlngeplll dllfllay.
C2l "0 Day" will dleappAr from the dllfllay.
Spllt lllnctlon Ia cancal lllcl, and you ralum to normal
*ln normal mode, the value maasured from ftrst ues of the day
will be displayed.
Usaga 9. Enargy-aavlng moda
Thla Instrument awltchae automallcally 1n tha energy-aavlng made H ft detecta no motlon fDr
approximately 10 minutes.
<D When no motion ;, ~ for 'Jipi'OI<im.-ly 10
(21 All dl1playa diNJIIIRI'
To retum trom lhe energy-aavlng mode, move the Instrument or press any button.
<31 HELLO I• dl•pl-ved, •nd
® Step •nd Clock •re dlepl.yed
Usage 1o. Clearing the values for that day
Measurement values are aulomatic:ally placed in memory at 3:00 AM. Before thattime, the values for
thal day only oan be sei 1D zero.
Notlce----------------------------------------------------11 the llmmry ls removed to clear the aystem, the maaaurement valuea lor that day (Stapa, Dlstance,
Walking time, C.lories consumption, cannot be reswred.
liE Meaauremant valuea and lnftlal aatllng content atored ln memory arenot lost.
ID Remowlhe b11tt8rJ cover on lhe blick olthe body, 111d
niiTIOV8 the t.ttery.
l2l Check 111811118 dlapl.y hu gone blank, and ttt tha
b8llery blick ln p l - and reettach lhe b8llery - ·
Tha valuea forthat day have been daared. Alter clear1ng Ia
complete, the hour digH of the display llashes. II no changes
are required, press lhe Set bui1Dn 1D advance tha moda.
liEThe hour digit ftashes for approximalely 1 minute. II lhere is
no salting, ~ displays 0:011. (For datails of lhe salting
mathod, reter to p6-pll of 1hia manual).
Clearing is also required in the lollowing sHuations.
Oll tha dlsplay bacomea lnregular.
Oll tha but!Dns do not lunctlon.
-+Remove the battery, and leave it out for at least 3 minutes before putling it back.
Uaage 11. Clearing the ayatem
Clear the system in the following circumstances:
OWhen you want to change allsettlng oontent and memorlzed m8811Urement values to zero.
Note-------------------------------------------------------Alter a system clearance, Kwill not be poaslbla to reetore memory values for Steps, Dlstance,
Walking lime, or Calcrie Consumption.
[) Preu ance lhe REST hole on lhe b..:k of lhe body wHh
a rigid poln!MIIm~L
ll! Handle the pointed Implement wilh care.
12) Tlle dlepii!V chng• to 0:00 .,.d IM111M dlgH of V.
clock lluhu.
All valuas 11n1 now cleared. Togo on using this instrument,
perform lnKialsettlnga agaln. Refar to p&-p8 of thls manual.
Usage 12. Using the Personal Alarm
I]) Grlp IM lnstrull*ll body end tMiha pereonel &1111111
etnep nrmly, .,.d pulllhe etnep etrongly untll n cllc:llll.
12> Tlle alann eouncle.
13> TD elop lha alann, p1111h lha penaonal alann lllnp back
lnto 1M lrwlrumant body untll lt clk:ka. TM eound atope.
Alanm volume ls llmltad and Ia dealgned to attract attentlon
ln the Immediate vlclnlly.
Tlle 11SJ IMI'k ls d~
The bdlery I• tllled but nothing I• dlsplayad.
The batlery has nm down. Replace ~ promptly
wi1h a new CR2032 bsttery.
Refer10 pS.
ls 1he bsltllry oriented corractly?
Check 1he $ and 6 aldea. Refer to pS.
The batlery haa run down. RepiiiCII ~ promplly
wi1h a new CR2032 batlery. Refer 10 pS.
Ia 1helnstrument mmched co!Teclly?
Referto p4.
Tlle meuured Ylllul II too IOw or too high
II walklng Ia lm~gular, no valuea ara meaaurad.
Referto p4.
Are 1he settings co!Tect?
Check 1he settings. Rater to p8.
Maln spaclflcatlons
Cendmlltllr VW8Ion
Inch veralon
Slttlng 1'111111
10 • 60 inches
20 ·150kg
50 ·300 lb
Min. 0.01 km,
Max. 149.99 km
Min. 0.01 mil•.
Max. 94.79 mile
Min. 1 step, Max. 99,999 Sleps
24-hour diaplay
C.lorle con•umpllon
Min. 0.1 1«:81, Max. 9999.9 kcal
Willking tim•
Min.t m, Max. 19h, 59 m.
D'-fllay contant
Detecllon rnethod
Triaxial aa:elera11on aenaor
Plower 1111pply
DC3.0V (one CR2032 baltllry)
Approx. 6 months (When used for approxlma:tely 4 houra per day)
ExWmal dlm1nslon1
012 X W81.4 X H32.2 mm (00.47 X W3.2 X H1.27 inches)
Approx. 27g (0.06 lb)
liEft 15 not poss1ble to switdl between canämeter and 1nch ver51011s.
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