index company introduction

index company introduction
LedDesign was founded in 2006 by Shahar Altman and Shay Hajaj, pioneers in the LED lighting
technology in Israel. The company was established with their joint vision of developing
a company that specializes in the design, development and manufacture of a variety of lighting
fixtures based on LED technology. Lighting fixtures that are suitable for use in an indoor,
outdoor, underwater and salted aqueous environment.
LedDesign fastidiously and strictly maintains the quality of LED’s used, making use only of
those that fully meet all required standards. The company develops and manufactures LED
lighting fixtures based on the vast technical knowledge and experience gained and accumulated
by the company, thorough understanding of the customers’ needs combined with the use of
advanced tools for mechanical, optical and thermal design. They place strong emphasis on the
implementation of the never ending and continuous improvement of various technologies.
The company uses only raw materials of the highest quality. Metal processing is carried
out through the use of advanced computerized milling and cutting techniques (CNC). Once
processing has been completed, the metal products undergo strengthening and hardening
processes, which give a very high resistance to the lighting fixtures.
The company is highly capable of planning the infrastructures needed for the LED lighting in
its smallest details at the highest resolution, the capability of designing and programing DMX
systems, DALI and more … as well as the ability and rich experience of integration with “smart
home” systems, structure control systems and more.
LedDesign provides its customers, the lighting designers, architects and engineers, with a
technological advantage as well as with an inexhaustible reservoir of knowledge and experience
which is reflected in the quality and accuracy of the lighting fixtures illumination features, in the
durability of its fixtures, as well as in the detailed infrastructures design, in the preparation and
connection to smart home systems and to different lighting control systems.
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