BSK874320M Built-in Oven
BSK874320M Built-in Oven
Steam. Your new standard for flavour.
Take your dishes to the next level with the SteamCrips
oven. How? Traditional oven heat is enhanced by the
introduction of steam. So not only do you get crisp and
golden the outside, but thanks to the gentle flavour
preserving nature of steam food is juicy, succulent and
Cook to taste, every time
By precisely measuring the core temperature of your
food, the Food Sensor lets you know when your rare,
medium or well done meat is ready. Aswell as cooking
fish and vegetables just the way you like them.
A self-cleaning oven
With one touch of the Pyrolytic cleaning function, dirt,
grease and food residue in the oven is converted into
ash that you can easily wipe off with a damp cloth.
More Benefits :
• The clever Hot Air convection system ensures hot air ciculates evenly
throughout the oven cavity, for a cooking process that is faster, and more
• The Soft Closing Door system ensures a smooth and soundless door closing
• An intuitive rotary Command Wheel that responds immediately to touch for full
and instant control over your cooking
Features :
Technical Specs :
Product Description :
• Electronic touch controls
• 71 litre oven capacity
•Inclined FloodLight™ focuses 100% on
the food
•Isofront® Plus quadruple glazed door
•Fan controlled defrosting
•LED digital display
•Base heat finishing
•Keep warm
•Food probe
• Cleaning : Pyrolytic
•Cavity coating : Grey Enamel
•Dimensions (mm) (HxWxD) : 594x595x567
•Dimensions : 590x560x550
•Total electricity loading, W : 3500
•Voltage : 240
•Required Fuse : 16
•Frequency : 50
•Temperature range : 30°C - 300°C
•Maximum Microwave output (W) : 0
•Water Tank Capacity : 950 ml
•Volume usable, l : 71
•Largest Surface area : 1424
•Noise : 48
•Energy class : A+
•Energy consumption, conventional mode, kWh per cycle : 0.99
•Energy consumption per EU standard cycle : 0
•Product Partner Code : K - Customer Specific KRT
•Colour : Stainless Steel with antifingerprint coating
AEG944 187 872
BSK874320M Built-in Oven
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