Daily maintenance Tyres -- check tyres for air and tread. You should

Daily maintenance Tyres -- check tyres for air and tread. You should
Daily maintenance
Tyres -- check tyres for air and tread. You should replace
tyres if the tread is worn.
Weekly maintenance
Brakes -- make sure the brake blocks are close to the rim
when brakes are off and contact the centre of the rim when
the brake lever is pulled. Check to see you don't need to
replace worn cables or blocks.
Brake adjustment
Brake wear
Chain -- check that the chain moves freely without any
squeaking noises.
Clean lights and reflectors. Check the light is sufficiently
bright and replace batteries if necessary.
Clean lights
Clean batteries
Monthly maintenance
Make sure pedals rotate freely. Oil them. If they have
rubber blocks check for wear and replace if necessary.
Pedal rotation
Oil pedals
Check that the wheels and rims are straight. If not, take the
wheel to a bicycle mechanic for truing. If you feel confident,
you could true your own wheel.
Check chain tension -- if the chain is slack on a bike
without gears increase tension by loosening nuts and
pulling the hub and wheel back slightly. On a bike with
derailleurs ensure the tensioning spring is working.
Chain tension
Chain -- Clean the chain with an old toothbrush dipped in
solvent, re-lubricate with a chain lubricant recommended by
your bike shop.
Chain clean
Chain lubrication
Check the brake levers are tight. Lubricate the cable with a
tiny amount of oil.
Brake levers
Wipe front gears clean and oil the pivot joints.
Front gears
Oil all moving parts of back gears and check their
Back gears
Check that the cone adjustment is correct. Wheels
shouldn't shake sideways but should rotate for at least 30
seconds if you spin them.
Front wheel cones
Rear wheel cones
Check the frame for any damage, and clean paint work
gently with soap and water.
Check the front and back fork tips for cracks
Fork tips
31 August 2004
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