Whirlpool | ADP 7453 WH | Installation | Connection to the mains water supply must be carried out by a

Water connection
Connection to the mains water supply must be carried out by a qualified technician in compliance with
the manufacturer's instructions and applicable local safety regulations.
All local water board regulations must be complied with. Water supply pressure: 0.03 - 1.0 MPa.
The inlet hose must be securely clamped to the water tap to prevent leaks.
The inlet water temperature varies according to the model installed. Inlet hose marked: "25°C Max":
up to a maximum of 25°C. Other models: up to a maximum of 60°C.
Depending on the appliance model, the solenoid valve of the inlet hose will be activated by the mains
voltage (see ** assembly instructions).
Make sure the inlet and drain hoses are kink-free and are not crushed.
Fix the drain hose to the siphon with a clamp to prevent it from coming off during operation.
When installing the appliance, make sure water can drain freely (remove the siphon plug if
Do not use old or damaged hoses. Use only the hoses provided or new ones, which can be requested
from the After-Sales Service.
If hoses are not long enough, contact your local dealer.
Do not cut hoses and, in the case of appliances fitted with a waterstop system, do not immerse the
plastic casing containing the inlet hose in water.
Before using the appliance for the first time, check the water inlet and drain hose for leaks.
Electrical connection
All local electricity board regulations must be complied with.
Voltage information is shown on the rating plate mounted inside the door on the right hand side.
The appliance must be earthed as prescribed by law.
Do not use extension leads or multiple adapters.
If the power cable is damaged, replace it with an identical one. The power cable must only be
replaced by a qualified technician.
After appliance installation, the mains plug must be easily accessible so that the appliance can be
unplugged if necessary at any time.
Para Austria:
If a fault current switch is fitted upline of the appliance, this must be pulse current-sensitive.
Assembly instruction
During assembly the appliance must be unplugged from the mains.
Set any electrical screwdrivers to a low torque.
Attention: when transporting and assembling the appliance, always wear gloves to protect
fingers / hands from sharp edges and corners.
Be careful with uneven installation surfaces: regulate the foot height.
For dishwashers with decor panel, fit the decor panel before the rounded plinth.
The decor panel, if not supplied, is available from After-Sales Service.
Removing the rounded plinth (see page 34), fitting (see page 35).
General indications
The appliance must only be used in the household and according its purpose.
Do not use the dishwasher until it has been fully assembled.
Do not use the dishwasher if it has been damaged in transit. Contact After-Sales Service or your local
Before carrying out any cleaning or maintenance operations, unplug the appliance and turn off the
water tap. The same applies in the event of a malfunction.
Do not use abrasive products or alcohol on the control panels.
All sizes in this installation instruction are given in millimetres.
Packaging varies according to the dishwasher mode.
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