Go-Fab - CITRIS Invention Lab
Making on the go!
The Go-Fab printers from the Invention Lab are
portable 3d printers which can reliably and effectively
print parts from home.
In order to get started with the machine, take the
following steps.
Leveling the Bed
Figure 1. Machine Settings
1. Open the move menu and press “home axis”
2. Turn off the machine such that the bed and head
unit move freely (XY axis, but not Z axis)
3. Bring the free-moving nozzle to a corner of the
buildplate and slip a glossy business card between
the nozzle tip and the build plate. You should be
able to slide the card between the nozzle tip and
the bed but feel some small amount of resistance
when sliding the card. To adjust height, tighten
or loosen the screws at four corners. Repeat this
process between all four corners.
Preparing Files for Printing
1. Once you have leveled the bed, remove the microSD
from the right side of the machine.
2. Open Cura and add a new machine using the
settings from Figure 1.
3. You can now import an stl, and use the custom Cura
settings from Figure 2.
Once you have created the gcode and saved it to the
microSD, navigate to the print menu on the machine
and select your file for printing.
Rehome the machine before every print with the
“Home Axis” function.
When printing, watch the first several layers to ensure
correct buildplate adhesion and any small problems
that may arise.
Figure 2. Cura Slicing Settings
If at any point you hear any sounds which do not sound
normal, shutdown the printer with the power switch
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