Flip Video Camera: How To Record

Flip Video Camera: How To Record
Flip Video Camera: How To Record Turn on the Camera •
Slide Power Switch down on the right side of camera to
power on and off.
o Note: The Flip camera will shut itself off after
couple of minutes of inactivity.
To Record •
Press Record Button (Red). Green ready changes to a
red circle on upper left of screen showing recording status.
Press Record Button again to stop recording.
To Zoom •
Press + and – buttons (above and below the record button) to zoom in and out.
View Recorded Video •
Press Play Button left of the Record Button to view recorded video.
Use left and right Scroll Arrows on either side of the Record Button to scroll through saved clips.
Press Play Button to play clip.
Delete Video •
Navigate to desired clip using Scroll Arrows and press Delete Button.
Press Delete Button again at confirmation message to delete the clip.
Flip Video Camera: How To Edit/Remove Video Connecting Camera to your Computer •
Pull down USB Release, located above the input labeled TV.
Plug the USB adaptor into a PC’s USB port; an extension maybe needed which can be acquired from the
The Flip Camera should appear in the My Computer folder on your PC’s display.
Viewing Videos If the program doesn’t automatically launch: 1. Open My Computer and click on the blue Flip Video icon.
2. Open "Flip Video for PC" This will open the camera's built in editing program.
• Note: This may take a few minutes while the software loads.
Renaming a Video 1. Click name under desired video to rename.
2. Enter new name and click OK.
Playing a Video 1. Click Play under desired video to review your clip.
Editing Clip 1.
Click Edit under desired video to edit.
After clicking Edit the clip will appear larger with different buttons below it.
Click Smaller to go back to previous window.
Edit video by using Start and End buttons.
Drag Start to where you want video to start.
Drag End to where you want video to end.
You can save a frame of the video to your computer by clicking the snap button
Click Save New to save video to your computer.
Saving Video to Computer •
Click Save Videos to save video to your computer.
• On the next screen, select the videos you want to save,
if there is more than one. Then click Save to Computer.
• Create a new album, and then click ok.
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