Coffee Maker
Operating Instructions:
1. Fill coffee pot with COLD water to desired amount.
2. Add coffee to basket (see equivalent below).
3. Plug coffee pot into standard electrical outlet.
4. When coffee has banished brewing, remove basket. The pot will keep the coffee hot.
Cleaning Instructions: Rinse out coffee pot and basket before returning. NEVER IMMERSE COFFEE POT
Brewing Time: It takes approximately ½ hour to brew coffee in 30 to 60 cup urns – 1 hour in 90 to 100
cup urns.
Coffee Equivalents:
Number of Cups
Coffee Measure
1 ½ cups
55 to 60
2 ½ cups
4 cups
NOTE: One pound of coffee is equal to approximately 4 ¾ cups of ground coffee.
NOTE: Always return coffee pot clean to avoid additional cleaning charges.
NOTE: If an extension cord is required only use a max length of 50’ that is a 12 or 10 gauge cord (heavy
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