Recycling HP Recycling HP Toner Cartridges

Recycling HP Recycling HP Toner Cartridges
Last updated 1/30/09
Recycling HP Toner Cartridges
Go to
Click on Support
& Drivers
Click on Product
Last updated 1/30/09
You are
Scroll down the page
Click here
Last updated 1/30/09
Scroll down
the page
Click Print
Shipping Label
Click on the drop down
menu and select Print
Cartridges & Drums
Last updated 1/30/09
Enter the
click no for
the “spam
request” and
Scroll down
the page
Last updated 1/30/09
y that
everything looks ok
And click submit
Unless you need to
change something,
then click Change
Last updated 1/30/09
I didn’t want to waste a label, so
didn’t enter valid info (obviously
(obvious by
previous screen shots.) Had the info
been valid, you would see a UPS
label here with a tracking number
assigned. Follow instructions
Click here to
repeat and
request more
return labels
nless UPS frequents your
location and you can just
give them the package
while they do a scheduled
drop off, I recommend
option 2. (Do not call for
a pick up please.)
There are a lot of
locations where you can
just drop off the box
with the return label
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