Multi-purpose vacuum cleaners Standard accessories

Multi-purpose vacuum cleaners Standard accessories
Multi-purpose vacuum cleaners
MV 3
The powerful and energy-efficient MV 3 multi-purpose cleaner comes equipped with a 17-litre plastic
container, a cartridge filter, as well as new accessories.
Standard accessories:
Suction hose 2 m 35 mm
Suction pipes 2 piece(s) 0.5 m
35 mm
Wet and dry floor nozzle Clips
Crevice nozzle
Cartridge filter Standard
Filter bag 1 piece(s)
Blower function
Sturdy bumper
Parking position
On-board accessory storage
Order no.: 1.629-801.0
Technical data
Power corresponds to* (W)
Energy use (W)
Cable length (m)
Nominal accessory width (mm)
Container capacity / material l
Voltage (V)
Weight (kg)
Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm)
With just a power consumption of just 1000 watts, the MV 3 multi-purpose vacuum cleaner is just as
powerful as a 1400-watt vacuum cleaner. Its robust and impact-resistant plastic container has a 17-litre
capacity. The cartridge filter allows you to conveniently vacuum dry and wet dirt without changing the
filter. The new suction hose and - importantly - the newly developed clip-on floor nozzle with mixer, play a
crucial role in optimal dirt intake and ensure perfect cleaning results. The easily removable handle allows
you to attach accessories directly to the suction hose. The practical parking position allows convenient
intermediate parking of suction pipe and floor nozzle during breaks in work. Additional extras, such as the
blowing function, the 'Pull & Push' locking system, the ergonomic carrying handle and the extremely
practical cable and accessory storage, makes working with the MV 3 effortless.
Hobby room
Entrance area
Car interior cleaning
Small amounts of water
Features & Benefits
Special cartridge filter
For wet and dry suction without changing the filter.
Newly developed floor nozzle and suction hose
For maximum convenience and flexibility when vacuuming.
For perfect cleaning results, with dry or wet, fine or coarse dirt.
Removable handle
For easy vacuuming even in the tightest of spaces.
Offers the possibility of attaching different nozzles directly on the suction hose.
Practical blower function
Effortless dirt removal e.g. from a gravel pit.
The practical blower function helps wherever vacuuming is not possible.
Practical parking position
Quick and convenient temporary storage of suction tube and floor nozzle during breaks.
Practical cable and accessory storage
Space-saving, safe and easy-to-reach storage of suction hose, connection cable and accessories.
"Pull & Push" locking system
For easy container opening and closing.
Ergonomically shaped carrying handle
Enables convenient transport of the device.
Compact design
Flexible and versatile in use.
Space-saving device storage.
* Compared with Kärcher multi-purpose vacuum machines 2013
Accessory kits
Car interior cleaning kit
Extensive accessory kit for all jobs in the car. For cleaning car boots, footwells,
dashboards, seats, side pockets, footmats, etc.
Order no. 2.862-128.0
Home kit
The Home kit MV includes a switchable dry vacuum nozzle and an upholstery
nozzle. The practical accessory kit is suitable for all Kärcher multi-purpose
vacuum cleaners from the Home Garden area.
Order no. 2.863-002.0
Vacuum kit for power tools
Flexible suction hose (1 m) including adapter for connecting hose to the dust
exhaust connection of power tools (e.g. jigsaws, grinders, drills, planes, etc.) For
clean DIY.
Order no. 2.863-112.0
Cartridge filter
Kärcher cartridge filter suitable for wet and dry use without filter replacement.
Order no. 6.414-552.0
Paper filter bag
High-performance 2-ply paper filter bag. High-strength filter bags for reliable fine
dust retention. Contains: 5 bags
Order no. 6.959-130.0
Special applications
Basic coarse dirt/ash filter
Coarse dirt/ash filter for cleaning fireplaces, tiled stoves, barbecues, sauna ovens,
etc., as well as removing coarse dirt.
Order no. 2.863-139.0
Special applications
Premium coarse dirt/ash filter
Premium coarse dirt/ash filter with fine filter suitable for cleaning fireplaces, tiled
stoves, barbecues, sauna ovens, etc., as well as removing coarse dirt.
Order no. 2.863-161.0
Metal crevice tool (for coarse dirt/ash filter)
Extra-long metal crevice tool (360 mm) for removing ash or coarse dirt in difficult
to reach areas. Applications: fireplaces, saunas, tiled stoves, barbeques, etc.
Order no. 2.640-951.0
3.5 m suction hose extension
The 3.5 m long suction hose extension is suitable for all Kärcher multi-purpose
vacuum cleaners from the Home Garden area and ensures a larger working
radius and greater free movement.
Order no. 2.863-001.0
Extension suction tube, 35 mm
Practical extension suction tube for greater flexibility. Suction tube can be
extended for difficult to reach areas, e.g. high ceilings.
Order no. 2.863-148.0
Vacuuming tools
Extra-long crevice tool (350 mm)
Extra-long crevice tool for difficult to reach areas such as crevices, gaps, cracks
and similar, e.g. between upholstery, side pockets in cars or between walls and
Order no. 2.863-144.0
Car vacuuming tool
Handy car vacuuming tool for quick and easy cleaning – from the footwell to the
Order no. 2.863-145.0
Vacuuming tools
Brush with soft bristles
Brush with extra soft bristles for gentle cleaning of sensitive surfaces in the car,
e.g. dashboards or centre consoles.
Order no. 2.863-147.0
Switchable wet and dry vacuum nozzle with integrated parking nib
Switchable wet and dry vacuum nozzle for perfect dirt intake. Easy adaptation to
wet or dry dirt using foot switch. For all Kärcher Home Garden multi-purpose
vacuum cleaners.
Order no. 2.863-000.0
Brush with hard bristles
Brush for thoroughly cleaning car upholstery and carpets. Hard brush easily
removes dried dirt.
Order no. 2.863-146.0
Turbo upholstery tool VC 6 und DS 5600
Order no. 2.903-001.0
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