Task / Objective – Setting up a Coffee / Tea Break Standard During

Task / Objective – Setting up a Coffee / Tea Break Standard During
Task / Objective – Setting up a Coffee / Tea Break
During the course of a function, the guest may require a coffee / tea break. This setup may be done in the
room in which the function is being held or an adjacent room as required and must be completed fifteen
minutes prior to the allocated break time.
1. Prior to starting the setup of a coffee / tea break, the Function Sheet should be reviewed for clarification
of the guest requirements.
2. Setup should be conducted in a discrete manner ensuring minimal disturbance to the guests.
3. The service table should be covered with a table cloth and skirted, this should be accomplished during
the initial set up of the room.
4. Once covered, the service table should be set with chinaware, flatware and smallware.
5. Once set, food and beverage items should be added to the service station.
6. The layout of the service station must be evenly spaced out so it is easily accessible by all guests.
7. If the number of guests is more than twenty five (this may vary), a double beverage set up should be
done to ensure minimal congestion at the service table.
8. If a double set up is required, all food items should be placed between the beverage setups, again to
minimize congestion at the service table.
9. Service staff should be on hand to assist the guests during the coffee / tea break.
10. A side station with clearing trays must be set up, and discarded / used items must be cleared promptly
to ensure the service table is always cleanly maintained.
11. Once the coffee / tea break completed, the service table should be cleared and cleaned promptly.
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