Big Digit R/C Alarm Clock 9765

Big Digit R/C Alarm Clock 9765
Big Digit R/C Alarm Clock
Remove the battery compartment cover.
Insert 1x AA battery, observing correct
polarity as indicated in the battery
compartment. Replace the battery
compartment cover.
• To set the time of the alarm, turn the set-alarm knob in the direction of the
arrow in order to set the alarm time. Never turn the set-alarm knob in the
opposite direction to that shown by the arrow as this could damage the works.
The clock automatically sets itself to 12 O’clock and searches for the R/C signal.
Once it has received the MSF signal, the clock automatically displays the correct
time. We recommend that you do not put up or hang the clock during this
• To switch the alarm on, press the ON/OFF switch . At the set alarm time, the
alarm sounds for maximum 2 minutes providing the ON/OFF button is in the
ON position and the snooze button is not pressed.
• To snooze the alarm, press the snooze button on the top of the alarm clock.
The light turns on for 3-5 seconds. The alarm is interrupted for 5 minutes and
then sounds again. The snooze function can be repeated 3-7 times.
Note: If the alarm is not interrupted or switched off, it will stop automatically
after approximately 2 minutes. It is reactivated 12 hours later at the same time.
If the clock still has not set itself after 12 minutes, reception is faulty or the signal • To switch off the alarm, push the alarm ON/OFF button down.
is not being received at the chosen location. Repeat setting process at a different
location by pressing the RESET button.
To be able to read the clock face when it is dark, briefly press the button on the
top of the alarm clock to illuminate the face. The illumination function is
activated for 5 seconds.
Please read carefully before use and retain for future reference.
What can I do to improve signal reception?
To set the time manually, press and hold the M.SET button for 3 seconds to set
the time:
• If you plan to use this clock in a concrete or metal building, reception will be
improved if the clock is placed near to a window, with any curtains or blinds
Press the M.SET button for 1 second to advance 1 minute
Press the M.SET button and hold for more than 1 second to auto advance the
minute hand.
If the M.SET button is not pressed for 8 seconds, the clock is set at the time
• Do not place the item too near to electrical appliances such as television,
microwaves, speakers, computers or fax machines.
• Many natural and man-made items can block or interfere with radio signal
reception. These include tall buildings, airports, mountains and valleys and
electrical items such as high voltage cables, traffic lights or neon lights. Bad
weather can also affect the signal.
The clock will automatically receive the radio signal 12 times every day. It will
take 3-12 minutes to receive the radio signal. Pressing the REC button for 3
seconds, will force the clock to attempt to receive the radio signal. The clock will
revert to 12 o’clock and start receiving the radio signal. Once it has received the
MSF signal and processed it accordingly, the clock automatically displays the
correct time. If the clock still has not set itself after 12 minutes, reception is faulty
and it will resume the time before the forced reception search.
What do I need to do when we gain or lose an hour in the summer?
• Nothing! The time will switch automatically when the signal is received.
Dispose of all paper, cartons, batteries and plastic in accordance with your local
recycling regulations. At the end of the product’s lifespan please dispose of it at
If the signal is weak or the clock is unable to receive the signal the hands will not
an authorised household waste recycling centre.
move. Due to atmospheric conditions, the signal is often strongest between
midnight and 4am.
• Replace the battery every year or when the clock loses its ability to receive the
radio signal.
• Keep the clock clean and dry. A soft cloth should be used regularly to keep the
product dust-free.
• Do not use any corrosive cleaner or chemicals on the clock.
• Always store the clock without a battery whenever it is not in use.
What should I do if my clock will not synchronize at all?
• Check the battery and if necessary try a new battery.
• If nothing else works, take the clock outside on a clear night and remove the
battery. Power it up again by reinserting the battery to force it to search for the
signal again. If the clock works outside but not inside you probably have a
local interference problem in your house or building.
• If the clock does not work outside at night it is probably best to returnit to the
place of purchase.
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