Polycom VVX600 Quick User Guide

Polycom VVX600 Quick User Guide
Answering Calls Lift handset or Press Speakerphone,
or Key Press Headset Key
Transferring Calls Press Transfer, dial number, press send, announce, hang up, or just hang up. To resume call press the red handset.
Holding Calls Press Hold, to resume press resume.
Mute Call Press the Mute Button
to mute and unmute
Redial Press Redial, select number, Press number to Dial
Directory Press More, Press DIR, Select Directory, Search Directory, scroll to find number press Dial
Conference When on a call, Press More, Press Conf, dial number, Press Dial, wait till answer, Press More Press Conf
Call Forward Call forward all calls *72 Number Send, Cancel Call forward *73 Send
Voicemail Press Envelope Key
number Dial Passcode press #.
Dial Passcode press #: To pick up group Voicemails, Press Envelope
Press* Dial Group extension
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