ADS Wines
ADS Wines
Walnut Creek, CA
Sweet Sunset – Red
Sweet Sunset – Golden
California table wine with rich dark chocolate
and a delicate hint of raspberry.
California table wine with peach and natural
vanilla flavors and aromas.
Heavyweight Red –
Cabernet Sauvignon
(76% Cabernet Sauvignon, 14% Syrah, 10%
If it’s a proven winner you’re after, look no
farther than this bold cabernet. The
combination of straight ahead, red and black
currant flavors and aromas are framed in
smooth tannins that set up a lingering finish.
Pink Umbrella Pink Pinot
This is a lighter bodied, very versatile wine to
serve well-chilled for cocktails and with meals.
The crisp acidity, berry flavors and clean finish
make it ideal with a wide variety of foods,
including those prepared with soy or salty
sauces, grilled vegetables and meats, salads
and sandwiches.
99 Vines
Lodi, CA
Cabernet Sauvignon
Pinot Grigio
Here’s a Cabernet with tamed tannins and
smooth berry flavors to enjoy with your
favorite meat and burgers.
This clean, crisp Pinot Grigio is ideal before
meals and with your favorite lighter foods,
snacks and appetizers.
Pinot Noir
Enjoy this crisp Chardonnay with snacks,
seafood and salads or just pull the cork at
sunset with a special friend.
Medium bodied with delicate raspberry and
cherry flavors and a clean finish. Enjoy
before dinner or with roast chicken, turkey
and salmon.
This smooth, richly flavored Merlot is a
perfect partner for your favorite foods and
snacks. Made to pour, not to store.
Aromas of sweet, candied hazelnuts are
followed by a honeyed palate with
grapefruit notes to the finish.
Cabernet Sauvignon
This medium bodied Cabernet offers currant and
black cherry flavors and aromas complimented by
accessible tannins that make it ready to drink
upon release from the winery. A touch of
Cabernet Franc and Petite Sirah is blended with
premium Cabernet Sauvignon and aged up to six
months in American oak. Serve with beef, game
and aged cheese.
Also known as Syrah, this medium bodied
red is a fine companion for grilled meats
and vegetables, hearty stews, burgers and
spicy foods (think pizza!). Enjoy the deep,
rich colors, fruit aromas and a smooth,
satisfying finish. This blend of Shiraz,
Cabernet Franc and Petite Sirah was barrel
aged for at least three months.
Pinot Grigio
Here’s a refreshingly different white wine to serve
before meals and with lighter fare. The off dry
style makes it unusually versatile, so you can
enjoy it with spicy Thai, Latin,Chinese and smoked
or grilled foods. Two Muscat clones with a touch
of Viognier and Symphony give it a full fruit
profile and a pleasingly crisp finish.
When you’re ready for something a little
lighter, here’s a crisp white wine that offers
citrus flavors and a clean, smooth finish.
This Pinot Grigio is harvested a little later
than most and is accented with dry Chenin
Blanc and Sauvignon Blanc. It’s perfect for
cocktails and with soups, light pastas, turkey
and chicken sandwiches.
White Zinfandel
America’s favorite white wine is made with care
at Brownstone, where our winemaker focuses on
extended, low temperature fermentation to
enhance the delicate pineapple, pear and citrus
flavors and aromas. Partially barrel fermented
and blended with dry Chenin Blanc; perfect with
seafood, salads and appetizers.
Finally, a blush wine with crisp acidity that
highlights the bright strawberry and cherry
flavors and aromas! This early harvest
Zinfandel was fermented with the skins for
two days and is nicely balanced, making it a
pleasant cocktail and good companion for
lighter foods or something with spicy or salt
based seasonings.
Pinot Noir
One sip and you’ll know why Merlot is America’s
favorite red wine. Smooth and medium bodied,
it’s great with chicken, turkey, pasta and cheese.
This red wine is also nice to sip before your
favorite foods hit the table. Merlot blended with
Pinot Noir and Sangiovese, then barrel aged for
six months.
This medium bodied red wine features
classic cherry and raspberry flavors and
aromas followed by a smooth, satisfying
finish. It’s also one of the best red wines for
sipping before meals and is perfect for
pouring with roasted chicken, turkey,
salmon and ham.
Silver Peak Vineyards
Pinot Noir
(From Carneros)
This temperamental varietal flourishes in the
cool climate that includes the southern regions
of both Napa and Sonoma Counties. The
complex fruit aromas are followed by delicate
cherry and raspberry flavors. Serve with
roasts, chicken and grilled or baked salmon.
(From Sonoma County)
An elegant, unoaked style typical of Sonoma’s
finest white wines. Low temperature, stainless
steel fermentation enhances the crisp fruit
flavors and aromas. Enjoy before dinner and
sip with your favorite chicken, seafood, risotto
or light pasta.
(From Napa)
Cherry and raspberry flavors are accented by
hints of spice and oak hiding in the background.
A smooth, food friendly Zin for pork chops,
backyard burgers, hearty stews and grilled
meats, sausages or vegetables.
Cabernet Sauvignon
(From Sonoma County)
This is a classically styled Sonoma
Cabernet with complex flavors of
blackberries and black currants.
Tannins tamed by six months in oak lead
to a smooth, satisfying finish. Enjoy
with beef, pork, game, stews and pasta.
Sauvignon Blanc
(From Sonoma County)
A fresh, floral wine with fruity body
and a silky palate of great elegance.
It shows intriguing notes of exotic
fruit (passion fruit, grapefruit).
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