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 GENERAL FEATURES Section Bottom Diameter Fittings Structure Finishing Color Ferrule: Working Temperature Max wind resistance 1 28 mm from dia 25 mm (1”W) to dia 50 mm (1”1/2G) Epoxy Fiberglass Polyurethane Paint White RAL 9000 Grey RAL 7001 (option) Steinless Steel Aisi 316 ‐35 / +80° C 150 Km /h vLenght: Wheight: Frequency: Antenna type Irradiation Elements Bandwith at s.w.r. <1,5 S.W.R. SWR
Impedance Gain Max Imput Polarization Horizontal Diagram Vertical Diagram Connector Lighting Protection 1,20 mt 1 kg 144 ‐ 163 Mhz 1/2 Wave dipole Brass Tubes Gold Plated 19 Mhz See Diagram S Di
50 ohm 0 db half wave dipole 3 db isotropic 100 Watt Vertical 360° 60° PL female DC Ground 
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