2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee Owner`s Manual
The adjustable upper shoulder belt anchorage is equipped with an Easy Up feature.
This feature allows the shoulder belt anchorage to be adjusted in the upward position without pressing the release button. To
verify the shoulder belt anchorage is
latched, pull downward on the shoulder belt
anchorage until it is locked into position.
In the rear seat, move toward the center of the
seat to position the belt away from your neck.
Lap/Shoulder Belt Untwisting
4. Continue to slide the latch plate up until it
clears the folded webbing.
Seat Belts In Passenger Seating
The seat belts in the passenger seating positions are equipped with Automatic Locking Retractors (ALR) which are used to secure a child
restraint system. For additional information, refer to “Installing Child Restraints Using The
Vehicle Seat Belt” under the “Child Restraints”
section. The chart below defines the type of
feature for each seating position.
First Row
Use the following procedure to untwist a twisted
lap/shoulder belt.
1. Position the latch plate as close as possible
to the anchor point.
2. At about 6 to 12 in (15 to 30 cm) above the
latch plate, grasp and twist the belt webbing
180 degrees to create a fold that begins immediately above the latch plate.
3. Slide the latch plate upward over the folded
webbing. The folded webbing must enter the
slot at the top of the latch plate.
• N/A — Not Applicable
• ALR — Automatic Locking Retractor
If the passenger seating position is equipped
with an ALR and is being used for normal
Only pull the belt webbing out far enough to
comfortably wrap around the occupant’s midsection so as to not activate the ALR. If the ALR
is activated, you will hear a ratcheting sound as
the belt retracts. Allow the webbing to retract
completely in this case and then carefully pull
out only the amount of webbing necessary to
comfortably wrap around the occupant’s midsection. Slide the latch plate into the buckle until
you hear a "click."
Automatic Locking Retractor Mode
(ALR) — If Equipped
In this mode, the shoulder belt is automatically
pre-locked. The belt will still retract to remove
any slack in the shoulder belt. The Automatic
Locking Mode is available on all rear
passenger-seating positions with a combination
lap/shoulder belt. Use the Automatic Locking
Mode anytime a child safety seat is installed in
a seating position that has a belt with this
feature. Children 12 years old and under should
always be properly restrained in the rear seat.
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